“Untamed” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle is a highly inspirational book that showcases the need for the empowerment of women.

It depicted the life of a hard-working mother who tries every possible way to teach her children to live their lives to the fullest. It has shown the hardships that a mother went through during raising her kids.

Untamed Book Quotes

-A woman will slowly learn to please herself when she gets the idea that pleasing others is not possible.

-Never ask people to make your life decisions; your life is your own.

-People will advise us of a place that they have not visited on their own.

-A world will eventually lose its way by the time when a woman loses herself.

-The need is not for selfless ladies but the ones who do not live up to the world’s expectations.

-The need is particularly for the women who could take a stand for themselves.

-A woman who has an idea of her true self will certainly know the right thing to do.

-The woman would be so strong that she would let the rest of the world burn.

-Women should never stay in any kind of relationship or scenario where they cannot express themselves.

-We have all witnessed the history where the mother would sacrifice their lives for their children without a care.

-Mothers have continued to prove their care and love until their last breath.

-Martyr can be conceptualized as the purest form of love.

-To know the unlived part of the life of their parent is like the greatest burden on a child.

-People say being a human is difficult; it is not because we are living it in the wrong way.

-Living a human life is difficult because we live it the right way.

-If you are sensitive it’s like you have a superpower.

-One cannot possibly preach that being brave is the antonym of being sensitive.

-Insensitive forms the antonym of sensitive, and it is like the worst quality one may ever possess.

-The brave ones are the ones who would end up making things awkward.

-Taming has become a part of our living now.

-We are not born fearing something or the feeling of disgusting someone.

-We are being taught by others to be afraid of certain things, to fear them.

-We are being taught something that we should hate or something that is dangerous.

-This is just the beginning of how we tend to lock our true nature, and we do not respect our own dreams or ambitions.

-In our society, women who would just forget themselves will gain the most praise.

-The main aim of every patriarchal society is to consider a woman who would be so selfless.

-In a way, society is controlling each and every woman as they are teaching her to restrict their own selves.

-A woman must have the liberty to choose her own lifestyle and relations.

-She has the right to have an account of how true and real her relations are.

-She has the right to decide and judge whether this stereotypical society is good enough for her or not.

-One must never simply agree to something if deep inside they know this does not hold true.

-A woman must know that she can burn the entire world, which is not beautiful enough for her.

-She can always begin by building up her own beautiful and happy small world.

-The world where she would feel happy and satisfied.

-A woman should be aware of expressing her stories to somebody else.

-One will not amend the fact that human life is hard, but we can think that it was never meant to be easy.

“Untamed” Quotes

-All of us have the ultimate power to do the hard things.

-The purest and most beautiful life will never give an easygoing life.

-The concept of something wrong with ourselves is the only wrong thing with us.

-A member of a whole family is one who can express themselves fully as they know they are both controlled and free.

-A member of a broken family is the one who will restrict themselves to life with them.

-Sometimes, pain acts like the fuel of revolution.

-One may not know, but emotions are what makes us turn into gold.

-When a daughter stops being obedient, she marks the beginning of a responsible mother.

-It is totally okay to feel some random stuff. After all, we are living a human life.

-The act of feeling every emotion is hard, but they are because we have to feel them,

-Sometimes, when you are doing everything right, there is a chance you will face hardships on your way.

-No one is supposed to feel just happy. One can feel almost everything because that is what they are, feelings.

-Imagination is not actually where there is no reality but the phase where we actually feel real.

-The braver you become, the luckier you get to be.

-Nonproductivity and play are equally significant as hard work.

-You can never be able to live in the moment if you always worry about the things you are going to face later.

-Once you know about yourself, you will crave to learn even more and more.

-A woman has to decide between two certain things, uncomfortable truth or comfortable lies.

-Life is always like an unequaled experiment.

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