INTJ Personality Type: Architect (Introverted, Intuitive)

INTJ personality type is one of the 16 personality types that worldwide known personality assessment Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) identifies. 

INTJ Stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging, which are also their four core personality traits. 

The INTJs are also popularly recognized as the ‘Architect” or the “Strategist” kind of personalities. 

These types of personalities are known to be extremely analytical, logical, strategic, and creative as well. 

David Keirsey is a  credible psychologist known for developing the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. 

He stated that the INTJ personality type accounts for approximately 1 to 4% of the total population. 

MBTI is certainly one of the most popular psychological assessments of personalities. However, there has been criticism against it. 

Many critics have argued that this personality assessment lacks reliability and validity, especially at a deeper level. 

So that is important to understand how you are going to take the meaning of the result as it can be merely indicative or suggestive in nature. 

Key INTJ Characteristics

  • They seek alone time and prefer to avoid large social groups or gatherings of people.
  • INTJs are known to see the big picture rather than the extensive details of things. 
  • These personality types make logic-based decisions. 
  • INTJs tend to follow their intuitions instead of analyzing the details or going too analytical or operational about things. 
  • They are also quite known for setting ambitious goals. 
  • INTJ personality type people pursue a deeper understanding of complex concepts and complicated topics

What Others See In INTJ Personality Types 

INTJ personality type people are usually reserved and quite serious in nature. 

They prefer to spend a lot of time by themselves, alone and thinking about things or introspecting. 

INTJ individuals are also very curious people, and they have this unquenched thirst for exploring everything in the world. 

Also, as a result, they tend to learn faster than others. These individuals are through with everything they perceive. 

INTJs like to examine any piece of information that comes to them before accepting it or making an opinion about it.

If you ask them a question, they will be thorough and lengthy with the answer as they often present very carefully and prefer to give a complex answer. 

Also, they do not hesitate to be blunt with their approach or presentation. 

Not to mention, their communication will always be the service of some larger scheme leaving out the details. 

INTJ individuals are not usually warm or very fond of the company rather they are self-assured in the way they rely on their own intelligence. 

They prefer to place their security in their self-satisfaction. 

One would find a sense of true confidence when they speak of their ideas; it can be the confidence of the passion or the strategy, or both. 

Once they arrive at a conclusion, they are the kind of personality who wants others to witness and appreciate their wisdom. 

Also, INTJs are often perfectionists and appreciate intellectual people and challenges as well. 

They find their enjoyment in conversing about interesting ideas and topics. They never hesitate to point out someone’s illogical explanation or reasoning on anything. 

Lonely At The Top 

INTJs are certainly one of the rarest personalities, known as Architects as well. These personality types of people are amongst the most capable people in the world. 

So for them being at the top becomes quite lonely, also because of their nature of being quick-witted and highly rational. 

They seem to struggle to get along with people or find people to stay with them longer because of their consistent unstoppable analysis of things around them. 

INTJs are also quite bold as dreamers and bitterest as pessimists.

INTJ Motivation & Values

INTJ personality type individuals are highly perceptive about their strategies and the system they follow or adhere to. 

The best way to explain how they perceive the world is the chessboard. They see the world and understand it as a chessboard to navigate accordingly. 

They also have a unique ability to predict the logical outcomes of any situation they are being given. 

These personalities have a stronger understanding of how the system works and how they need to strategize in order to move further. 

They are the type of person who enjoys utilizing themselves for a particular idea, project in-depth, and extensively exclusive. 

You see them as extremely concentrated and dedicated toward a particular goal at a time. 

INTJ individuals have this wormhole level of hunger for absorbing knowledge and constantly striving to excel in their competence. 

Their values instill strongly in the work and intellectual hunger they invest in. INTJs are certainly lifelong learners and always growing. 

INTJ Cognitive Function

The personality or psychological assessment program known as MBTI identifies any personalities on the basis of four key dimensions : 

  • Introversion vs Extraversion 
  • Sensing vs. Intuition 
  • Thinking vs. Feeling 
  • Judging vs. Perceiving 

As you can clearly tell that INTJ stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Judging; these are four dimensions it is dialed into. 

The famous psychoanalyst Carl Jung has a theory of personality where MBTI as well as uses what is known as a functional stack to understand each personality. 

There are different cognitive functions for every dimension of every personality type stating core traits of the personality. 

Every particular personality type will have a different combination of these functionals interacting with each other. 

However, every personality type has a dominant function that primarily defines its personality type. 

Their four key cognitive functions that define their personalities are : 

Introverted Intuition ( Dominant) 

  • INTJ personality type utilizes introverted intuition to identify the patterns and apprehend the meanings, potentials, and possibilities. 
  •  Their introverted intuition also helps them to see through the values and meanings of the facts rather than just looking at concrete facts or figures.
  • These personality type individuals enjoy pondering about the future, predicting and exploring the possibilities.
  • When they recall any event, they are more likely to remember the impressions than the particular exact details of the events.
  • They are also extremely good at sensing things, figuring out what things truly mean, in a way “reading between the lines.” 

Extraverted Thinking (Auxiliary) 

  • Extraverted Thinking works as the secondary function in the INTJ personality where they are capable of leading people to make things in order.
  • Also, they are highly capable of installing structure, control, and management in any environment they inhabit.
  • This also makes them methodical and deliberate when they approach any particular problem.
  • Such individuals make decisions on the basis of logic and reasoning. They organize their thoughts to identify the patterns and clearly seek the cause-and-effect relationship of anything. 

Introverted Feeling (Tertiary) 

  • INTJs have introverted feelings, as that’s what their tertiary cognitive functions act on their personality.
  • INTJs who identify more with this particular trait and even develop it make them pay better attention to their feelings and values while they make decisions.
  • It is also why they feel more attracted to the people and the works that are aligned with their values. 

Extraverted Sensing ( Inferior)  

  • Extraverted sensing apparently is the most inferior cognitive function, the least developed in this personality type.
  • People are able to experience the process of information through this particular sense.
  • The personality may feel that they are living in the moment and feel energized in the world. 

Tips for Interacting With INTJs

INTJs tend to react in a certain way, and similarly the

Friends With INTJs 

INTJs mostly feel self-sufficient and comfortable in solitary. So approaching friendship with them and further establishing it can be really challenging. 

This is particularly because people from this personality type tend to ponder a lot about the future. 

They even mostly avoid meeting or making friends with people due to their belief that long-term friendships won’t work for them. 

However, even if INTJs do not have many friends, they do get very close and even committed with people who are consistent and persistent with them. 

INTJ personality type prefers the kind of friends who are rational in nature. They also look for friends who are a bit low in emotional drama and introverted like them. 

Parents To An INTJ 

Having an INTJ child gives you more work to do than general parental duties. It is very important to give extreme focus to your child at the beginning stage. 

You need to primarily focus on finding different ways to encourage your kid to enhance their intellectual abilities and strengths. 

At the same time, you also need to try to strike a balance between the excessive perfectionism in your child to keep him/her working and growing. 

As a parent of INTJ, you also need to help your kid to strengthen their emotional stability. 

Motivate them and help them to find new ways to express their emotions and feelings; the world can be easier for them. 

You’re An INTJ Parents

INTJ parents are quite attentive, caring, and thoughtful with their parenting and taking care of the child. 

However, they aren’t traditionally affectionate. It means you won’t see them using the traditional or usual ways to show affection to their kids. 

Certainly not good at expressing it or showing it in any other way than their actions and little gestures. These parents tend to have quite high expectations from their kids. 

Also, they show their affection by supporting their kids in helping them make the right and rational decisions. 

Parents with such a personality type help their kids think logically when they are faced with some dilemma in life. 

They mostly encourage their child to be self-sufficient in moving forward and becoming a critical thinker. 

They try to equip their kids with skills and learning so they, themselves, will be capable of solving their problems on their own. 

INTJ Relationship

Since INTJs aren’t really very expressive people when it comes to emotions and feelings, it becomes difficult to know them. 

Romantic relationships with INTJs can be challenging, especially if you yourself aren’t an INTJ personality or anywhere near to it. 

If you’ve got a partner who is INTJs, it becomes important that you truly understand the significance of loyalty and trust. 

You have to be really upfront about your feelings and tell them that you are dedicated to them. 

However, you cannot pressure them and should not express their emotions too. INTJs aren’t really good at picking up your subtle cues of you being loving to them, which can sometimes be challenging. 

It is critical to limit your expectations and help them to express their feelings in the way they prefer rather than being blunt about it them. 

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