“That’s what she said” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Joanne Lipmann is an American journalist and author of the book “That’s what she said: what men need to know (and women need to tell them) about working together.”

This book specifically claims that men should muster to reduce gender differences in the workplace.

That’s what she said Quotes

-Research has shown that we will also be prejudiced if we believe everyone is biased.

-Millions of people want to fight against national stereotypes but cannot do so.

-Women are thought to be socially and physically weak, whereas the real weaker ones are the ones who live with this above mentality.

-Women with fairer skin are more likely to get jobs in this generation because there is a rare measurement of skills and aptitude.

-Men are usually promoted based on their efficiency, whereas women usually get promoted based on their skin tone and communication skills.

-There are a lot of fields where there is a need to break the stereotypes that women cannot work there.

-“The prime minister of New Zealand is a woman “clearly shows that women can also compete in the political field.

-Women are the best financial planners of the house.

-It is believed that if a group of women talks among themselves, there are 50 % chance that they can solve any task.-

-Practically, women can handle more stress than men if only they are allowed to share those with someone.

-It is observed that men frequently become frightened to speak out in favor of women in the open public.

-Men often think their IQ level is better than women’s and are way smarter than women.

-Women receive extremely low esteem when they get angry about some stuff.

-Women must view all the possibilities of fierceness and dignity in any work that is done for the progress of the nation.

-It’s so disheartening to see the ugly side of certain people involved in the acts like women trafficking, sexual assault, abduction, and maltreatment for dowry-related cases.

-Women are the greatest creations of God.

-The rise of women’s empowerment has given rise to so-called fake feminism over the attitude of women.

-It took a long period for women to raise their voices for their rights.

-Women were always considered to be the hidden figures of society.

-Social freedom indicates women’s freedom.

-Many men believe that women make decisions based on emotions and feelings, but the reality is that they create a balance between relationships and work.

-Women are believed to be the symbol of love and are both strong and fragile simultaneously.

-Many scholars and higher professionals have figured out that after the 20th century, women started to gain immense interest in the fields of science, engineering, and technology.

-Men have to eradicate the stereotype that women are the only caretakers of their children, whereas both father and mother are the caretakers of their children.

-The basic thing that helps a girl to become both socially and financially independent is education.

-Today, the start-ups created by many women around the world are pioneering examples of what women can do for their pride, survival, and success.

That’s what she said Quotes

-Women empowerment helps in lowering the crimes against women.

-A country is said to be a healthy and prosperous country if its citizens are safe.

-Women have been on the duty to sacrifice their personal desire for the sake of their families for ages.

-The actual administrator of any house is the woman itself.

-SOCIO-economic development is incomplete without the participation of women.

-Living in a new generation with old stereotypes often attracts sensible problems.

-Today’s generation of women is smarter because they know how to create value for their work through various social media sites.

-Woman’s words are often trusted easily and gently because of their sweet and generous attitude.

-Women should never be disrespected based on anything.

-Women empowerment is the display of self-importance and intellectual minds to discover various paths that lead to the nation’s progress.

-Now-a-days the most useful and complex fundamental human right is woman empowerment.

-There are various principles to attain woman empowerment, such as promoting women in various fields of life, such as training in the agricultural sector and training in the army sector.

-Woman empowerment should not be misunderstood with fake feminism because many women take advantage of feminism in evil ways to justify their unrealistic and un-social ideas.

-Women empowerment not only helps in the progress of the country but helps to intensify the quantity and grade of manpower.

-Nowadays, the availability of e-education helps promote education to women who cannot afford to go to institutions and are bound to home duties.

-Government has also taken various steps to promote women’s progress in Indian society as it has initiated various skills development programs, mainly in rural areas.

-Women’s skills, ideas, and attributes should be refined in a better way to help them progress in various fields of life.

-A woman is the one who uplifts his man in difficult situations maintaining a perfect and healthy relationship.

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