Decoding Michael Bloomberg: Personality Style, Traits, Qualities & More

Michale Bloomberg is an American Businessman, Politician, Author, and Philanthropist. 

He is the co-founder and majority owner of the Bloomberg L.P.  He also ranked as the sixteenth richest person in the world in 2020 Forbes magazine. 

Bloomberg also was the Mayor of New York City from the year 2002 to 2013, first elected in 2001. 

He is also popularly known for his grand scheme of philanthropic activities around the world. 

Here to learn more about Michael Bloomberg, we will be decoding his personality style, traits, and his leadership qualities. 

Michael Bloomberg Personality Traits & Qualities

  •  One of the primary characteristics of Michale Bloomberg’s personality has to be freedom.
  • He loves to travel and set journeys to unknown adventures, prefer variety in his life, meet new people and seek to experience everything he can in life.
  • Another facet of his personality is his tendency to get involved in multiple things at once. He never ties himself to one thing.
  • His consistent hunger for change and adaptability is a critical part of his personality. It shows his courage and potential for great leadership.
  • Michael Bloomberg is quick on making friends as he is always magnetizing people with his upbeat and inspiring personality. 
  • He is extremely skilled in convincing and persuading people, as known for having a way with his words.
  • Michale is also a great motivator coming from his exceptional communication skill and experience of collaborating with others.
  • He has this fondness and feeling home with doing sales, advertising, promotion or any profession that includes communication and interacting with people.
  • Bloomberg is certainly multi-talented and owns a variety of abilities that played a crucial part in his successful life. 
  • The two very major qualities of Bloomberg’s personality, something that aid him to reach the heights of success, are  – focus and discipline.
  • Another participant in his success was his quality of hard work and perseverance to extreme limits.
  • Michael is more of a late-bloomer, he has taken his time, and experience to really understand what he truly wants and can commit too. 

Michael Bloomberg Leadership Qualities 

Leadership Qualities Of Michael Bloomberg

Dedication Towards Goal 

One of the extraordinary qualities of his personality and business leadership is achieving success in his early years. 

And, it wasn’t luck but the sheer hard work and dedication towards the goal that doesn’t settle for anything less than the success itself. 

He was willing to go all-in, take risks and really believe in himself as an entrepreneur. Such a level of dedication, to begin with, is rare. 

He started to run Bloomberg at an early stage and became a successful entrepreneur. He personally believes that entrepreneurship involves extreme hard work, risk, and luck. 

However, it is his modesty to call his extreme dedication and achievement luck. 

But he added that when someone believes in an idea, they need to work crazy to achieve it. And they need to take up all the frustrations, setbacks, and obstacles in the way. 

He says that one may not succeed but they definitely won’t regret it. And after that, you will be stronger and smarter for the next journey. 

Hardworking Leader 

Michael Bloomberg is one of the highly efficient and hardworking leaders. He is not someone who just administers or commands. 

He gets to the ground and gets his hand dirty along with other employees. In fact, when he started his career as an entrepreneur, he worked around 12 hours a day and six days a week. 

He is the kind of leader that sets his own example of hardwork and dedication for his substitutes. 

He also gave an example of how he used to visit people in their offices and offer them coffee in order to talk to them. 

Focus On The Execution 

Michael always focussed more on the execution rather than planning. His key characteristic of leadership has to be his willingness to act and execute. 

He always believed that execution is the key to good leadership. According to him, making the right decisions is always the criteria for becoming a good leader.

Decision-making makes a leader the game-changer when it comes to giving directions to the company towards growth and development. 

Michael Bloomberg leadership always finds its strength in his great capability to take instant decisions and particularly focus on execution. 

Always Push Yourself To Greater Limits 

One of the greatest qualities of Michael Bloomberg has to be his fierce nature towards achieving goals. 

He doesn’t back off from a challenge or to get to the next level. Aiming higher is always the quality of Bloomberg. 

That’s what he also propagated to his employees about never getting afraid of aiming high. 

He was brave enough to take big decisions about the company, risks to change the company’s plans, and shifting strategies. 

Michale believes that even if it seems impossible, one needs to find the courage to push themselves to greater limits. 

As per him, risking failure is part of moving towards success and the whole entrepreneurial journey. 


Adaptation has always been the key characteristic of the leadership style or his qualities of. 

Since he always strives to push further and take risks to achieve seemingly impossible goals, he tends to adapt to new things all the time. 

Evaluating the current situation and adapting accordingly is something Bloomberg is really good at. 

Michael Bloomberg Leadership Style & Traits 

He Worked Hard, More Than His Staff 

Micahel Bloomberg is a hard worker and he believes that a leader is supposed to work even more than his substitutes or staff members. 

It shouldn’t be otherwise where a leader can take advantage of his position and leverage his position to not push as many others, if not only more. 

And, it all goes back to the instance when a man named Bradley ran Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign. 

He worked for more than 70 hours a week and was writing emails and doing meetings at morning 5 am. 

But another person who was working even more as responding to him on his mails and meetings was the Mayor himself. 

Bloomberg always was ahead of everyone when it comes to hard work and putting all sweat and blood to the goal. 

He Shows Up No Matter What

Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t care which position he is or how capable a leader is but he always must show up. 

As per him, showing up becomes even more important when one is a public figure or leader who people look upto in the office. 

People want to know who they are working for. They want to invest their faith in a face and want to believe that the leader cares enough to show up. 

Even if Bloomberg’s schedule was lined up with meetings and conferences, he always meets people, comes to the office, and gives his concerns to other matters. 

He Build, Monetize And Defend His Legacy 

Michael talked about how he was able to build Bloomberg into such a giant successful enterprise. 

According to him, he believes there are three things to do in the business in order to get successful. 

The first one needs to build the product that people really need. Then, they are supposed to figure out a way to monetize it. 

And the third is to start defending the product one made. And that’s how he himself also created this giant empire and protected his legacy. 

He came to know that the people require immediate news and deep analysis about the business. 

So he came up with Bloomberg, then he monetized the content, made it exclusive for people with the subscription or advanced payment.  

Then he started protecting his legacy, his business. He started to build an installed base, the more they generated profit, the they invested back in the business. 

He Tends To Celebrate Small Victories 

This is something very peculiar about Michale Bloomberg and his leadership style where he tends to celebrate every small victory. 

He was really good at doing this.  This was first witnessed in the very third campaign of his Mayor elections. 

He has arranged a huge party at the Chelsea Piers on the West side of Manhattan. He gave the reason for the party that his party was in the election and they had a small lead over others. 

Michael wanted to make his team, his staff appreciated and motivated to work further. 

It is also his way to show his gratitude towards his dedicated team and staff working so hard. 

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