“Self Love Workbook For Women” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Self Love Workbook For Women” is an exemplary piece of work by Megan Logan that focuses on women’s empowerment. This Book motivates women to strive hard to eliminate any or all weak points they have and to develop self-confidence and be independent.

Self Love Workbook For Women Quotes

-Self-love is imperative for proper mental health. To be loved by others, we should love ourselves first.

-Exploring ourselves is the first step towards self-development. A woman must concentrate on herself to achieve steady progress.

-Self-love cannot and should not be measured. It is not based on our success or failures. No, we should always love ourselves no matter what.

-It is natural to want to be better. We work hard for that, but being better should not be the reason for loving oneself.

-Self-love should be unconditional. It should not be based on success. If it is, then the moment we fail, we will loathe ourselves.

-Women are complex creatures. Due to their excessive thinking, sometimes they find it difficult to understand the exact meaning of self-love.

-Understanding is required prior to practice. If we do not understand self-love, we cannot practice it.

-Society hands the nurturing role over to women, where they have to prioritize the happiness and well-being of others over themselves.

-Women have been responsible for the role of nurturing for a long period of time. They have gradually stopped caring about themselves.

-Women tend to neglect themselves more often than not. It is easy to notice when they do so.

-Futile Comparison to popular social media figures, rage outbursts and the most common, eating disorders affect the development of women.

Self Love Workbook For Women

-Women tend to preach perfectionism. Wanting to become perfect in everyone’s eyes. This puts an unnecessary burden on them, hampering their growth.

-The need for approval takes root when a woman or girl has been neglected over a prolonged period of time.

-The journey of self-love can be tedious at the beginning, so it has to be done systematically. This makes it easier.

-Self-love and self-esteem take time to grow. One has to go through several exercises and experiences to truly love oneself.

-Determination and conviction are extremely necessary to overcome the challenges, distractions, and lack of time one can face.

-Regularly engaging in activities we like will give us the incentive to love ourselves. It will show us our worth and what we want.

-Certain exercises that guarantee mental stability and unwavering will should be practiced regularly.

-Yoga, Visualization, breathing, aerobics, or sometimes, simply listening to soothing music can help in stabilizing our mind.

-Once a woman loves herself she can move on to the next phase of development. She has to set goals she wants to achieve in her lifetime.

-Each day represents a new start. It symbolizes new opportunities and a chance to revitalize our love for ourselves. We should utilize this chance thoroughly.

-Humans are always affected by negative emotions. Women are the same. In their case, these emotions could be amplified due to various biological and psychological reasons.

-Allowing negative emotions to control ourselves is the recipe for self-destruction. We should have proper control over our emotions.

-Dissolving these emotions and disturbing thoughts will help us energize and to return stronger to persevere in our endeavors.

-It is good to believe in ourselves, but we should not let ourselves be limited by the views and beliefs of our society.

-Gaining freedom from these social constraints is more than enough for a woman to undergo a qualitative change.

-A  change that could end up defining who she is, what she is actually capable of, and what she ends up to be.

-It is a good trait to keep others happy, but we should not devote ourselves to please others.

-Devoting ourselves to others completely will hamper our growth. It will place various restraints on our minds and restrict our future actions.

-People may start taking us for granted and all efforts would amount to nothing. It is better to focus on individual development.

-Achievements help us gain respect. We need to prove our worth for people to take us seriously. Pleasing others is not a solution.

-Life is like a roller coaster ride. Unexpected trouble could pop up any time. We can only do our best and hope for the best.

-We will need a trustworthy partner or a friend to assist us. We do not need a person who can sympathize with us. No, we need somebody who can empathize with us.

-“We will need a person who will not simply take pity, but will actively help us in overcoming our problems. A person who is willing to shoulder our difficulties with us.”

-We will need someone who can make us realize our own worth in case we get lost and a person who can prevent us from overthinking as that is the bane of all women.

-The best way to love ourselves is to let others love us, respect us and heal us.

-Self-doubt is akin to cancer when we practice self-doubt.

-If the question, ‘what if’ arises frequently we need to take special measures to counter it.

-Self-doubt is an inhibitor to self-love. It should be eliminated while we can.

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