35 Obvious Signs That You’re ENTP Personality Type

ENTP tends to have a personality that is outgoing and loves to mingle with people.

Also, they give importance to ideas and concepts instead of comparing the details as well as facts.

However, to understand if you are also an ENTP, you might also have some of the basic signs.

Here is what can help you in knowing if you are ENTP or not.

35 Signs You Are An ENTP

ENTP have some basic signs like they are more flexible and spontaneous instead of planned and organized.

It includes signs like –

Signs You Are An ENTP

You Are Charming And Confident

The personality is famous for being charismatic and confident.

You will hardly find anyone who can compete with their virtues.

They have the intelligence to be quick thinking coupled with having the charm which makes amazing results regardless of where they go.

They are informative, charismatic, and smart. Also, you have to understand how to influence people.

You Are Driven By Effervescent

The energy and enthusiasm which an ENTP has, it’s also unmatched and unparalleled.

When you put your mind and heart to something, you are willing to do everything in order to make it happen.

You Like To Brainstorm

The personality has the tendency to put their ideas into action. And because of this, you are a person with a lot of ideas and love to brainstorm.

This also gives you an endless number of possibilities which are interesting and you like to do it a lot.

You Have Amazing Comedic Mind

The personality has the knack for visual gags, also they are humorous without any effort.

This makes you a funny person with great humor when you are in your group or other people.

You Easily Distract

Instead of focusing on something, you can easily get distracted by things going around you.

Even though it’s not something you are extremely proud of if you find yourself having to focus and feeling directed in the middle of something important a lot, this might be the sign of you being an ENTP as well.

You Question Everything

The personalities are curious and they don’t understand the scared cow’s concepts, instead of that, they believe in questioning everything.

If you have the same habit, this might be another sign of being an ENTP.

You Are Great At Connecting Dots

Your mind is creative, also you are amazing when it comes to making the abstract association that might appear randomly for someone else.

But for you, it’s connected and you find it clever to do.

You Are Philosophical

Instead of accepting things as they are, it’s like pondering and analyze what the world and nature offer.

Also, you have the philosophical mind that wants to know the true meaning of everything and understand it in depth.

You Don’t Prefer To Be Alone For Long

The extrovert personality of yours likes to hang out with people. So when you have to be alone for too long, this makes you feel sad and lonely.

For you, you need to have a company that can stimulate conversion.

You’re Not Organized

Well, another sign that you can consider is you being slippery. Also, you don’t organize your space, especially the areas where you work, for example, your work desk hardly gets clean or in a properly organized way.

Also, you have sloppy handwriting.

You Are Bit Of Quirky And Nutjob Combination

Your personality can come off as a little eccentric and a little quirky sometimes.

Also, you have the combination of being scatterbrained and nutjob which makes you quite different as compared to others.

You Are Ambivert

Well even though you love spending time with others and having a conversation, you also like time alone for yourself.

The space you need so you can think alone and contemplate.

Because of this, you have the personality of an ambivert.

You Are Fun Company

People like to be with you as you have an enthusiastic and fun personality/

Also, you are someone who makes the group laugh, and people enjoy your company, that’s why they want to be around you.

You Can Be Impatient

When you don’t have someone who is not getting your point, it makes you feel impatient.

Also If someone undermines you or doesn’t respect the intelligence you have, it’s not something you can handle.

You Forget Numbers And Names

Since you have a mind which goes deeper into everything, it makes it hard for you to remember the details of things such as birthdays and numbers.

For you, it’s something you have to note down somewhere or you will end up forgetting for sure.

You Figure Out What Do While Doing it

Instead of following the planning, you are someone who is good at riffing and talking at length.

You don’t do much planning or do the forethought.

For you, it’s easy to figure out what you want to say while you are saying it.

You Find It Fun To Say Provocative Things

Well, you like to say something that can be provocative and contrarian, as you find it fun to challenge the conversation of others.

Also, you like to get the reactions and to do it more.

You Have The Mischievous Side

You like to make ten practical jokes and prank people.

As it’s one of the mischievous things that you have, also you have the whole side that is fun and love. Think about the next prank you can do.

You Are Brutally Honest

The tendency makes you honest, regardless of what it is and for whom you are saying it.

You are not someone who considers the impact that your words have on others.

And this makes you a lot of time-insensitive towards others.

You Often Hard To Make Decisions

Well, one more sign you have in you if you are an ENTP is that you find it difficult to make the decisions.

Also to understand what you should be committed about.

Because of this, you often seem to be a wishy-washy, indecisive, and non-committal person.

You Are Master Of Witty Words

Their personality is fun and loves to make other people laugh.

Because of this, you have mastery when it comes to witty word plays and puns.

And this is also a reason why people like to be around you and you have more friends.

You Can Make Preserve Argument About Anything

You tend to believe that you can make a persuasive argument about whatever thing or topic you wish to.

However, It depends on if you really want to do it or not.

You Can Come Up With Ideas, Instead of Following

Well, you have the creative side which makes it easier for you to come up with interesting and fun ideas.

However, you are not great when it comes to following through on the plan to make the idea come true.

You Are Impulsive With Fiances

Another sign is that you tend to be imprudent and impulsive when it comes to your finances.

Because of this, you find it difficult to make the savings and instead of that, you intend to buy things, sometimes you don’t even need it.

You Get Bored With Routine

You are not someone who likes to follow the routine, this is something that makes you bored to death.

Also, routines or work which are repetitive is no fun for you and you don’t find the examination of doing it.

The same goes for detail-oriented works.

You Prefer To Be Flexible

You have the reflexivity in you which you like and also expect from others while you work.

Also you like to keep your options open instead of sticking with one thing forever.

You Like The Role Of Devil’s Advocate

The personality has curiosity which makes them interested in knowing very unique angles.

You are not someone who is happy just to know what happened from one person’s side.

Also, you like to play the role of devil’s advocate and do the exploring from all sides and angles before you make your judgment.

You Are Rebellious When Being Controlled

You have a personality that makes you rebellious as you dislike being controlled by someone else.

You also hate the idea of resisting and limiting yourself.

Apart from this, you don’t want to have control of others.

You Are Deeply Curious

For you, knowing about things is what makes you happy and contained.

This makes you interested in everything and you want to know more about it. Not just the surface but to know from a deeper level.

Also, you like to learn new things, and instead of limiting yourself, you explore more, finding the new sides of everything.

You Believe Yourself the Smartest

Well, you tend to believe that in the room, there is no one smarter than you.

Also, you have the swag of a con person. However not always this goes on your positive side but it makes you appear confident in yourself.

You Hate Losing

The people who have the ENTP personality, they don’t like to lose and it is something that they hate doing.

Even when it happens, you are often a sore loser.

You Have Can Do Attitude

The personality has the tendency to have positive energy. As compared to others, you tend to have more positive thoughts and can have an attitude.

You Are Hyper Focus

Well even though you find it troublesome to focus and easily get distracted if there is something that is important for you, you tend to hyper-focus.

When you are in a situation like this, there is nothing that can distract you.

You Sometimes Fish For Compliments

You have the ego which moves when it gets stroked.

Also, you sometimes do the show of things you are good at. Not just that, It makes you fishing for getting more compliments from others.

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