“Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors” by Reagan North is the first book ever created to give a training experience to the school counselors to learn MI also referred to as Motivational Interviewing.

Filled with many examples and techniques, this book is created to help counselors learn these tricks and methods in a very fast and easy way.

Here are some inspiring quotes from “Motivational Interviewing For School Counselors”:

-We took this job because we are concerned about the children and their lives. We do not care about the money. We never do that.

-Try to understand with respect to someone else’s perspective.

-Everyone is concerned with your results, not efforts and hard work.

-Getting separated from something or someone is the hardest feeling ever. But life must move on.

-Did you get any explanation for the thing that was promised but not executed?

-People grow when they learn to give answers.

-That teacher has a personal grudge on me I guess. Maybe I am better than her at her work. People are jealous of success.

-Why do the guys you don’t prefer, want to talk to you continuously? Respect the importance and privacy of others.

-Adults are always right since they are elder than us.

-The beauty in a student’s success is that you, as a teacher helped him achieve it.

-You don’t have to invent new words. Just collect the pre-known words and complete a sentence.

-It makes them happy if you get what they are trying to say, speak or infer.

-Whenever in doubt, talk to your mother. She might be wrong but her intent is never.

-If you did your homework, your grades would not have gone that down.

-This method is better than the previous one and the next method is definitely going to be better than the immediate one too.

-Teach the children how to coordinate with different kinds of people. That is how they will learn to trust the adults.

-Extra credit is loved by everyone.

-Smoking weed plays with your mental development. Because life comes first.

-Learning new skills is important because it tells you what to do as well as what not to do.

-The sudden difference from an adolescent stage to a fully grown man or a woman is the toughest part but yet interesting one.

-Judge people due to your concern. Not for your sick mentality.

-The most dangerous response in a conversation is always the last one.

-Get ready for an F if you do not submit your project before this quarter ends. Grades are achieved after you put in hard work.

-The problem will be solved as soon as the threat is resolved.

-For a student, all that matters is his/her getting an A or a B. They don’t have much to worry about in their lives.

-Ever thought about how your successful version will look in the future? Start imagining. You’ll love it.

-Do not get nervous even when your grades are poor.

-If your sister is really against your smoking habit, you should quit it.

-Heard about a mishap in your family. You must pay tribute and move on with life.

-I am not fine. But it is alright.

-“I will do anything but not get divorced in my life” is all the dedication that you need.

-My student should feel that as a counselor I am able to understand his/her feelings and give a solution to their problems if at all any.

-You need to make some good friends in life.

-Talking to adults is good. But have you tried talking to a person who is not an adult?

-I considered her my friend. But she exposed all my secrets behind my back.

-The ache was pretty harsh. Yet there was a smile on my face.

-You have to score nice marks in school to get into a famous college. Else the society is never going to accept you.

-If you won’t trust your best friends, then whom would you trust?

-Students come to a counselor when they do not know what to do next. People are meant to help each other in life.

-One knows how irritating and annoying an alcoholic is when it is their dad themselves.

-No child wants to be an alcoholic or a drug addict like their father. It is very painful to watch.

-You should make this year one of your best and that should start with less smoking.

-I would not tell you anything. I am here to guide you if you tend to make any mistakes. But the final step has to be grabbed by you.

-There are people who arrive at conclusions in a hurry and then repent it. I do not want you to do the same mistakes that they made.

-A student does not want much. He just wants a life with zero parental pressure and exam pressure.

-Consult a counselor. That is the only way the relationship between you and your mother can be saved.

-People generally hesitate to consult a counselor first. But once they do, they start enjoying it and try to make till at least two sessions per week.

-You want your school to teach you a lot of stuff other than just making you mug up facts for your exam.

-Make your stand when someone tries to bully you.

-Confront the one bullying you and show them their wrong attitude then and there.

-In a class of students who want to get an A, you are the only one who is aiming for a B.

-Nobody loves to be embarrassed or get embarrassed.

-It is good to know that you are not much concerned about your grades but it is high time that you should be.

-Get your grades up for yourself not because you have parents to make proud or friends to impress.

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