51+ Self Love Inspiring Quotes

“Self Love: A Spiritual Guide to find the Inner You” by Kate. A. Bailey is a book that guides one about how loving oneself is important.

If you do not have a love for yourself, you really cannot live with mental peace and it is one of the most vital factors to stay happy. 

Here are some inspiring quotes from “Self Love”:

-Sometimes you might find yourself filled with negative thoughts, uneasy feelings. This is mainly because of our feelings like fear, guilt, hurt getting the better of us. 

-It seems very fancy when we hear someone is a perfectionist. But, being a perfectionist is the most harmful we can be to ourselves for real. 

-There will be times when you might not find yourself attractive enough in front of the mirror. There are many flaws, but you have to accept them slowly and steadily. 

-Accepting oneself is the most important thing, because if you do not accept yourself first, no one else will. You have to learn that standing up for yourself is one of the most vital factors of character development. 

-There are victims who have suffered from abuse, be it of any kind, and that slowly turns them towards self-destruction, depression. A healthy life demands you to accept that you were not at fault in any way. 

-You need to be happy and fulfilled with what you are. People might be better than you, yes. But you should know that you are trying your best and you are your only competition.

-Do not be scared of trying something new. You might fail, you might succeed, but what really matters is your efforts. 

-Always try to see the bright side. You may have failed in something, but definitely, you learn something from your mistakes, so that is always a plus point.

-Sometimes you might be too cautious about yourself. You need to let go of your inner voice to try new things, to find your real versions.

-Always remember, happiness is a success. Nothing else matters if you are truly happy, in an unadulterated way. Always give your best to something which makes you happy from the core. 

-People’s opinions do not matter at all. It’s you who has to accept yourself and not others. 

-Feeling embarrassed or guilty or ridiculed is a very common thing. But it is you who knows how much effort you have put into it and if you are wrong, there is no harm in accepting and learning from it. 

-Injuring yourself or cutting yourself is never the solution. Inflict pain on your body does no good, instead, channelize the anger and pain in a productive way. 

-Having low self-esteem is a big factor that is a hindrance to your personal development. You should respect yourself and learn to accept that you are worthy enough of being respected. 

-You have to identify your real cause of negative self-image. In most cases, it develops from childhood, but it is only you who can rectify that. 

-Emotional abuse is a cause of negative self-esteem in many cases. And this really takes time for a person but, knowing yourself is the key to believing that you deserve way better. 

-Oral harassment has a huge impact on the mental health of most children. It is to be noted that it is strictly a NO for any way of parenting. 

-You might have been blamed for doing something wrong time and again and that has an effect on your mental health. It is you who has to take time and understand that you are bound to make mistakes and that is the only way to learn. 

-The feeling of not being good enough is a real cause of self-doubt and it is one of the biggest problems any human can face. You have to introspect and ask yourself whether you gave your 100% to it or not. 

-Always that you have to work every day to be a better shade of what you had of yourself, yesterday. There is no other valid comparison whatsoever. 

-Jokes can also turn into insults many times and it affects mental health a lot. You need to take a stand and be vocal about it. You need to communicate to let them know how you are feeling. 

-There will be people who would not value whatever you do, but that never means that you are not up to the mark. In your heart, believe that you are being better every day. 

-Having emotional discomfort with someone is quite natural, and it is okay. There is nothing to feel guilty about. You need to cut the people off whom you find being a pressure for your mental health in any way possible. 

-Isolation is a way of coping for many people who have suffered from mental abuse in their past. This surely takes time, but you need to gather your courage to trust people again. 

-Know that not everyone’s the same. There will be people who care for you and you will be accepted exactly the way you are, by them. And for that, you have to prioritize yourself in the first place. 

-It is very important to be empathetic to yourself. Being harsh on oneself is never a solution to any problem, or can never give one peace of mind.

-You are an individual and you should have your own opinion and choices. You have to respect your choices first and then only you can expect others to respect them.

-Stick to your point when you know that you’re correct. Peer pressure or the feeling of “What are people going to say” is a very harmful factor for one’s individuality.

-Unless you feel comfortable with yourself, you cannot be comfortable in the world too. You need to understand who you are, what you love, and then only you can expect people to make an effort to know you.

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