“Dare to Lead” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

Brene Brown in her book “Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts” discusses leadership styles and how a person can break down his or her style of leadership.

The book also teaches various things about leading a team, and this is one of the best sellers in the country.

Dare to Lead Quotes

Brene Brown has mentioned some of the quotes from her book named “Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts”:

– A person who can take responsibility for finding potential in progress and people is considered as a leader and he also needs the courage to develop that potential.

– It is not about winning or losing when it comes to being courageous and to be vulnerable.

– When you can’t predict or control the outcomes in life, then there comes the time when you need to show your courage.

– When you are kind, then you will always be clear in life and when you are unclear you might be unkind.

-People fear about looking wrong, saying something wrong, and even being wrong and that is the reason they are opting out of the vital conversations about diversity and inclusivity.

-The epitome of privilege is done by choosing our comfort over hard conversations and sometimes corrodes the trust and tries to move us from the lasting and meaningful change.

-Sometimes people are not interested in taking your feedback if you are not in the arena of getting kicked on occasion and this mostly happens in multinational organizations.

-There are millions of seats that are very cheap and are filled in the world today and these people will never be brave with their lives and will always spend every ounce of energy they have hurling at the time of judgment.

-Sometimes there are people who can only contribute things that are considered as criticisms, cynicism, and fear-mongering.

-People will not give interest to what you say when you criticize things but by not putting yourself in the place or the line before criticizing.

-Never look away or get rid of people who are in pain and always try to help them.

-Sometimes we allow others to define something for us and we become lazy at that moment so we cannot get success after the thing gets over and we thus fail.

-We start to get a complete picture of the world only when diverse perspectives are respected, included and valued.

-Everyone in this world can do everything and if you have the dare then no one can stop you from doing it.

-You will know failures, disappointments and setbacks, and even some heartbreak if you choose to be courageous in your life.

-It is necessary to be vigilant so that we can create a culture by which people feel; hard, safe, and also respected.

-Sometimes there are people who think that they are being pointed out as being strong and weak but they are sometimes wrong because it is only criticism.

-The persons who are present in the arena are the persons deserving to be given credits.

Dare to Lead Quotes

-It is better to fail while daring greatly rather than not trying anything in life.

-By rehashing your badass comebacks do not try to play with others.

– Always try not to pull the hatefulness close to your heart whatever you do in life.

-Sometimes things drop at the feet of your unarmored self when it is unproductive.

-It doesn’t matter how much your self-doubts want to be scolded by criticism; it can always confirm the worst fears.

-The easiest and chikenshit thing is cruelty and every person should try to avoid it in life.

-When the leaders can make people believe that they can feel a sense of belongingness, then those leaders are considered daring leaders.

-Sometimes in the small moments, we gain big trust in life over some people. 

-Trust is sometimes earned by paying attention to others rather than some heroic deeds and some visible stunts or actions in life.

-Some people say that they have more than four priorities in life but it is considered that if you have a certain number of priorities in life, then you have no priorities at all.

-Sometimes we are just present in some situation without even being completely fitting in inside it.

-All humans are present to be more intended and become more ourselves and this is intended by God.

-It is unkind when you are finding people with half-truths and make them feel better with that.

-We need to spend an unreasonable amount of time managing problems in our life rather than spending much of our time acknowledging and addressing fears and feelings. 

-Sometimes we humans are the feeling machines in our life instead of being thinking machines. 

-Sometimes we believe that we can take the lenses off and that is one of the signature mistakes that we make in life.

-When you are raised in a culture having the majority in the society, then you will be facing many challenges in life.

-Sometimes you have nothing to do but you become the center of attraction in the situation.

-Everyone in their life wants comfort in their life and hence they usually forget to be courageous which is better than being comfortable.

-Sometimes we minimize the pain by thinking that our job is to make things better. 

-When it is the end of the day or the end of the year at the end of your life, all you want is to say that you have contributed more than criticizing others. 

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