Educate Yourself About Business Intelligence With Theses 20 BI Books

Definition of BI

Business intelligence is a way to see the hidden meaning of the data. As we live in the age of data, data is very powerful to us if we try to realize it. We use data to take the better decision about our unpredictable future. Many authors define business data as their own thought. But some authors define business intelligence as the essential, timely and accurate proper insights and data and technologies needed to gain them in a proper way.

There are many books about business intelligence. But we will suggest you these following books that can give you proper insights about business intelligence and guide you in the right way by giving proper guidelines.

Best books on the Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence with Micro Strategy Cookbook

This book is written by Davide Moraschi and published by Packt Publishing Limited. This book is one of the best books in technical experience. This book shows a great taste of the writer by giving tasteful humor and some point to the order answer. He also provided some short videos on the related topics of the book and some pictures which are more influential than the actual book. The topic of this book is filled with experimental thoughts with the theory.

Predictive Analytics: The book on The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die

This book is written jointly by author Eric Siegel and Thomas H. Davenport and published by John Wiley & Sons. This book is written on some weighted topics and this book can teach you how you can easily explain predictive analysis. This book will help you to find out those whom we can influence through contact.

Too Big to Ignore: Book on the Business Case for Big Data

This book is written by Phil Simon and published by Wiley. This book is written on big data which’s existence is not acknowledged by many people. She showed how big data can be used to ensure the company’s growth by using technology by an example of the government.

Data Science for Business: The book on what you need to know about data mining and data-analytic thinking

This book is written jointly by author Foster Provost and Tom Fawcett and published by O’Reilly. This book is written on data science which is a balanced book about getting a detailed concept and complicated mathematics which is highly recommended for the business and technical teams.

Show Me the Numbers: Book on Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten

This book is written by Stephen Few and published by Analytics Press. This is a very solid book which clearly tells you what you do or hope to do in your job and how you can properly present your information to your customers. This is a very much helpful book for those who need to analyze and present data to others.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

This book is written by Laura Madsen and published by Wiley. This book will give you guidelines about business intelligence information and data about software for the healthcare industry. It a useful book to the healthcare executives as it provides guidelines with full of appendix and analytics with it.

The New Science of Winning: Competing on Analytics

This book is written jointly by Davenport, Jeanne G. Harris, and Gary Loveman and published by Harvard Business Review Press. This book focuses on trends in analytics and the way the organization should improve the analytical abilities. It gives just analytics not detailed info about trends. This book will give you a roadmap and show you’re lacking to improve it.

Now You See It: Book on Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis

This book is written by Stephen Few and published by Analytics Press. This book is written on the ways of visually analyzing data. The requirements of the good product and the requirement of data and what kind of graph you need to use in the software is mentioned here.

The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit

This book is written jointly by Ralph Kimball, Joe Caserta and published by Wiley. This book will give you a good building block in the ETL designs procedures and technical documentation and different ETL tools in a database management system which is a better starter to the beginners of ETL developers. This book focuses on better ETL development and in fewer data warehousing cost. This book is relevant to most kind of data loads.

The CIO Paradox: Book on Battling the Contradictions of IT Leadership

This book is written jointly by author Martha Heller and Maryfran Johnson and published by Bibliomotion.

This book will teach you the true matter’s depth of corporate behavior if they want to develop their career. An individual cant single handed have all the potential, but their success depends on this matter very much. This book will give you insights about the success you wants.

Mondrian in Action

This book is written by William D. Back and published by Manning Publications. This book is a perfect book to the beginners in the data analytics. This book clarifies the data analytics and data structure. The reader can use the book as its best by relating them to the books. This book helps the readers to make the solutions to the problems in details.

Business Intelligence Roadmap

This book is written jointly by Larissa T. Moss, Shaku Atr and published by Addison-Wesley. This book is a mix of project management, software development life cycle and business intelligence techniques. The topics are mentioned at a good number but they are not in full details here.

Successful Business Intelligence

This book is written by Cindi Howson and published by McGraw-Hill Osborne Media. This book is a help to the user and the reader to understand and implement the business intelligence properly. This is not a pure theoretical book, rather it uses a various example to make the book and the topics more realistic. This book is an experimental based on products and cases. This book is for business users and the technology user full with proper examples.

Business Intelligence for Dummies

This book is written by Swain Scheps and published by Dummies. This is an awesome book on business intelligence and business analytics. This book will give insights about business needs and planning whether you are in or not in the business intelligence unit. If you need to Kwon the relation between business intelligence and business warehousing, this book will be of great help.

The Case for Big Data: Too Big to Ignore

This book is written by Phil Simon and published by Wiley. This book is based on some article appeared in the print media or online media in any time. It’s like a collection of that article but it does not like an ordinary collection, rather more than it. This book provides insights about that article and there are several practical tips about those articles writings.

It’s a great advantage to have all the information in a single book and with analytics in the book. This book gives various practical tips to solve any problems in data warehouse projects. Other things mentioned in these books are project management dimensional design and performance optimization.

The Performance Management Revolution

This book is written by Howard Dresner and published by Wiley. This book is a perfect creation by this writer to give you proper teaching in business’s performance management. He is assumed as the father of the business intelligence and the performance management for his revolutions by his writing for this century. This book is written in that way that any part of the executive body can understand and practice those in real life case. It is an analytical book that encourages the user to understand and implement some simple techniques to achieve the way to the success of the business.

Business Intelligence Competency Centers

This book is written by Gloria J. Miller and published by John Wiley & Sons. This book gives basic fundamentals on business intelligence. This is highly recommended for those who don’t have enough basics on the BI. There are many books for the experienced but this is good for the beginners.

Information Dashboard Design

This book is written by Stephen Few and published by O’Reilly Media. This book shows some common problems in dashboard design and the best practices that a business should follow to increase the performance of the business. It includes not only theoretical tips and suggestion but also some real-life examples of the given topics. This book is a must for those who need to get expertize on information dashboard.

Relentlessly Practical Tools for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

This book is written by Ralph Kimball and published by John Wiley & Sons. He is one of the leading writers in data warehousing and he discussed some effective tools to provide an advantage to the business. This book consists of project planning and requirements and dimensional modeling and ETL and business analytics and intelligence. This book is a detailed and technical guideline to its reader to get some great insights and use them perfectly.

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