61+ Crucial Conversations Quotes

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Ron McMillan, Joseph Granny, and Al Switzer is non-fiction that focuses on learning how to engage in dialogues efficiently during political and emotional situations.

Crucial Conversations Quotes

“Humans are, by nature, social creatures. Therefore it is always good for people to be skilled in dialogues and group interactions.”

“Skilled people never flinch during group interactions. They control the flow and make sure they include every participant.”

“Skilled people ensure the ideas of all participants are respected even if they turn out to be controversial.”

“They may disagree with all the suggestions, but they won’t outright deny them. They will skillfully mold them into how they see fit.”

“It is always the most talented who try to keep polishing their skills. Interaction is a skill that requires regular practice, or you lose the desired fluency.”

“We can inspire others, teach them and guide them. But we cannot change them.”

“Inspiration, teachings, and guidelines promote a change but won’t bring about a change. The only one who can bring change in oneself.”

“Achieving synergy is ideal for all conversations, but to achieve synergy, all the participants must be in one page.”

“There are two components that combine to result in a successful conversation.”

“First component is the information. Every conversation needs information to be successful.”

“The second component is the free flow. We need a continuous flow of information to keep the conversation going.”

 “Continuous disruptions will end the conversation earlier than necessary.”

“For someone to acknowledge that you are knowledgeable, you have to put that knowledge to use. If not it is equal to not being knowledgeable at all.”

“Conversations are extremely important for relationships, especially between couples. If one partner isn’t able to open up to another, misunderstandings will arise.”

“These misunderstandings will create more questions. Those questions, when left unanswered, will give rise to more misunderstandings.”

“This starts an unending loop where the relationship goes downhill and ends up at a place you would never have imagined.”

“Changes are necessary. Every author will emphasize that. Change is the only constant in our world.”

“Now, for a change to be implemented, we don’t need calculated steps planned beforehand. No, we need people ready to take responsibility for the change.”

“Everybody has a goal. Some may have plans to reach the goal. But before plans, what we need is a deadline. Goals set without a deadline are merely directions.”

“Truth is bitter, is another proverb we hear a lot. Most of the time, we have two options, tell the truth or make a friend.”

“Society sets certain norms and expected behavior patterns. First and foremost, we are expected to control our temper.”

“Now I say, we shouldn’t hold back our anger. We should express it, let it out, every single bit of it, and at the end, we’ll see, we perhaps made the best speech we may regret making.”

“Most relationships fade over the years because the people don’t tend to or simply refuse to talk.”

“You know what, try taking once. You’ll save the relationship and prevent your loved one from leaving you.”

Crucial Conversations Quotes

“We should never be silent regarding things that matter. Once we become silent even regarding things that matter to us, we are as good as dead.”

“The world has set distinct rules or perhaps regulations for deciding what is good and what is bad.”

“But Good and bad is a relative concept. Something is bad only if we feel or think that is bad. It is that simple.”

“An apology is the best way to mend relationships. At least it provides the much-required start.”

 “An apology is a way of expressing our sorrow for another’s a misfortune, not pity. To apologize, we need to empathize, not sympathize.”

“Many willingly suppress their emotions for various reasons. Some may conceal or conveniently forget the pat while others do that just to look tough.”

  “But always remember, our suppressed emotions will flare during crucial moments, and sometime they may go far beyond our control.”

“Success and failure are pretty much similar if you ask me. We can enjoy the success all we want but raise the difficulty a little bit and see we are no longer successful.”

“Simply practice won’t make you perfect. The practice has to be perfect for the result to be perfect.”

“For a relationship to be perfect, we need to be clear about what we want and what we expect from the relationship. There should be no confusion or second thoughts.”

“And the first step to do that is to achieve clarity. We need to be clear about what we do not want at the beginning itself, or it will bite us later.”

 “Listening is the most effective way to achieve good communication. We need to be patient listeners.

“Patiently listening not only proves we respect other’s views, but it will indirectly increase our persuasion power also.”

For a dialogue to happen, both parties should need to give their consent. One interested party could initiate but not prolong a conversation.

“Mild persistence could attract the uninterested party, provided the approach is polite and conveyed in a manner they feel comfortable.”

“Skilled people always have a method to get the information they need, even if the related matter is emotional or confidential.”

“Once you learn to talk properly, you’ll find it is easier to share personal and emotional topics in a way in which you’ll get the desired reply.”

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