“Learn to Stress Less ” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “Learn to Stress Less: 50 Simple and Effective Tips for a Stress-Free Life” is written by Dr. Vee Freir.

The book focuses on the tips that will give you a stress-free life, and the book will guide you to be a better individual in life.

Stress Less Quotes

-You should see your whole body lying in bed and observe it before waking up in the morning from the bed.

-Sometimes, you should not be overwhelmed by the reaction of others, and you always have the off button within you, and you can use it at any time you need.

-Always try to make your posture correct and balanced because your body and mind will always work together.

-Sometimes you are doing some work for long hours, you need to set some timer and take off or short breaks, and you should relax your body during this time.

-You should know what things are real and unrealistic, and you should check them at regular intervals.

-Often, people are recommended to exercise when they feel stressed, they might not visit the gym, but at least they can move their body and sometimes go for a walk.

-When you make a new list of things to be done, you should try to complete the first five things on the first day to reduce pressure on other days.

-It will not reduce the stress level when you make a rush of everything in the morning, so it is advised to wake ten minutes earlier than your waking time.

-There will be times when you may feel under-confident, and in those times, you should try to stand on your word with a relaxed brain.

-Even if you make some small changes including changes of one percent in your life, it will have a big impact on your future.

-Every person should focus on the things they have in life instead of what they don’t have.

-You should try to follow a step where you take a few breaths and let go of the day before entering the house from work.

-Sometimes, you need to pause and try to open yourself to the present things for you.

-You should first try to focus on relaxing the hands and then focus on the rest of the body.

-Sometimes, when you do some act of kindness, it can bring some joy to both the giver and the receiver. 

-Sometimes, you need to get away from the blame, and you need to focus on your needs

-You should start taking deep breaths when your jaw feels tight because it is believed that we take a lot of stress on your jaw.

-Sometimes, thank yourself for the things you have achieved and be grateful for the things you have.

-Every person has self-limiting beliefs in their mind. Try to remind yourself when you find yourself listening to others.

-We often feel our shoulders tighten when we feel stressed in life.

Stress Less Quotes

-Sometimes multitasking is good, and sometimes it doubles the number of mistakes as the task is being doubled.

-There is stress when someone starts thinking about the future without a proper plan.

-Sometimes, you need to clear the clutter.

-Sometimes, you need to wait, take a breath, relax and answer the phone call after being calm.

-The digestive tract of a human being is calmed by eating slowly, and it is advised to do so for a healthy lifestyle.

-The criticism is always wrapped in the negative package, and you should not pick that package.

-You should have a list of things that can make you feel relaxed, and you should try to do several things regularly in a week.

-Your focus should always be on one thing while you are at work.

-It is better to ask for help from others than stress yourself out when you are struggling with something.

-The apology you make never goes amiss.

-If you have made mistakes, apologizing will make you feel better for sure.

-Being good enough is always better than being perfect since there is nothing perfect.

-Sometimes, you need to take some time to look at what you have achieved and always focus on things you wish to do.

-Sometimes, ask yourself what should be said to others before saying them.

-Things will not build up in our minds if we leave things in the middle.

-If you want to get appreciated, you should learn to appreciate others too.

-Smiling can always change the state of your mind, and it can take all your stress from you.

-Sometimes, you just need to find out how things happened.

-Every person should notice the things that are going on in the world apart from the stress they have.

-First, you should be kind to yourself and then try to be kind to others.

-It is observed that people often try to do the difficult things first and easy things at the end.

-You can always choose the act of calm and relaxation when you notice stress arising.

-Sometimes, you need to realize that failure is the feedback of your work, and you need to work according to the feedback.

-Sometimes, we waste time thinking about the necessary things to do and end up not doing it.

-Every human should focus on being calm as it will develop you as a good human being in the future.

-People are distracted by their thoughts but they often blame others for their distraction.

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