45 Useless Websites To Take Break From The Work

Sometimes you just need a break! Too much of the work and no play makes you dull and boring. 

It is okay to give yourself some break in the middle of the day after long working hours. 

Especially if you are not looking to go outside and do something, there is a lot of fun stuff you can do online. 

Fridays are actually quite the tiring day of the week. You might have a pile of emails to check, calls to attend, meetings or other tasks to do. 

But if you are too stressed about it, you are going to break or exhaust yourself before completing them. 

It is important to lighten up at work, have a smile on face and some enthusiasm to easily sail through the day. 

Well, there are numerous useless and but still fun websites to give you the perfect little break at work. 

These websites are quite weird, awkward and all fun to spend some time at. You need to see for yourself! 

Mondrian And Me 

top useless website to take break

Mondrian and Me is a quite fun and engaging website, useless but really relaxing to spend some time at. 

You will get this clear stretch of the screen where every time you click, makes a partition on the screen. 

The more you click, it creates partition creating sections colored differently. The fascination is how creatively you can click to make it look like an art piece! 

Hacker Typer

top useless website to take break

Hacker Typer is a really cool website, and you are definitely going to share this with your friends. 

The website features a black screen with green text coding that you often see in a hacking scene of  hollywood movies. 

You just have to pound on the keys acting like a pro hacker and the screen goes all crazy looking like something really serious going on. 

This can actually be a good prank to play on your coworkers or even your boss but at you own risk:) 


top useless website to take break

It is obvious how cats are the best way to procrastinate on the internet. These furball cuties can make people giggle and laugh on the web for hours. 

Procatinator is a website that takes this cat love up a notch. You will find plenty of cat gifs perfectly tuned in with a funny tone. All in one it is a great website to spend some spare time on. 

Long Doge Challenge 

top useless website to take break

As the name suggests, this website features a long un-ending dog picture which you can scroll to infinity. 

Along the way, you can collect wows to test how long you can go with this. And every specific milestone, you will collect large wows as well. 

This is a really useless but surely a fun challenge to kill some time or have a break. 

Pointer Pointer

top useless website to take break

Weird, useless but still very interesting! The website Pointer Pointer is literal to what it features. 

It basically allows you to move your cursor at any spot on the screen where it shows the photos of people pointing at the location of your pointer. 

Well, it looks cooler when you see it yourself. So, do try! 

Click To Remove 

top useless website to take break

The name of the website says quite much here. It is a pointless long game that just keeps you in the loop. 

This is most certainly one of the best time-killer websites on the web. All you have to do is click on any of the alphabets from the phrase “Click To Remove” on the screen. 

When you click on it, the alphabet gets removed from the phrase leaving the rest of the alphabets. 


top useless website to take break

The toilet paper placement is one of the most popular debates you might know apart from the chicken and egg one. 

Papertoilet is a fun little browser game where you can play with the toilet paper roll up and down. 

That’s all you do on the website and make yourself calm and relaxed if you’re just having too many thoughts. 

Pug In The Rug

top useless website to take break

If you really like dogs, and more specifically a pug, you would really love this website.

The website features a picture of a pug on the rug with a ripple effect in the background making you stare at the pug for a long time.

It has this hypnotizing yet funny effect to look at it with seconds counter and changing title given to you as a reward for looking at the pug. 

Staggering Beauty

top useless website to take break

Not sure what’s the point of this website! But it can be fun to move this worm on the screen and see what happens next! 

Just beware as there are flashing images on the screen! 

Falling Falling 

top useless website to take break

Optical illusions are always interesting to look at. Some of the puzzles you, some are funny but some can really make you feel uncomfortable. 

Well, these are some of them! However, that’s what makes them fun to try. This optical illusion makes you feel like you’re falling. 

Just make sure you don’t stare too long here to get dizzy. 


top useless website to take break

Sanger is the perfect website to go for if you are having a tough day or really feeling off. 

This website is about this pug who is licking the screen all day. That’s pretty much it! 

But it is really cute and adorable to see. Do give yourself a break and get some pug love. 


top useless website to take break

The website allows you to be creative for a while and let out yourself on the paper with the ink. 

You get a plane sheet on the website where moving the cursor will allow you to drop ink on the sheet. 

The slower you move, the larger the spot it will leave at the place. Now, you can try doing different things here. 

Not much creativity you can do here but surely have some relaxing time in the middle of the afternoon. 

Find The Invisible Cow 

top useless website to take break

There are more than 25,000,000 million animals found in the world and still the Find The Invisible Cow is the best and popular browser game known to captivate you for hours on the web. 

Well, it is not as popular as games like solitaire or chess but still is quite well known amongst the net surfers. 

In the game, you have this wide stretch of the white screen where you need to move the cursor in the browser. 

Your goal is to find the invisible cow on the screen. You just need to follow the voice of the shouting as it increases.  

By clicking on the invisible cow, you will reveal the next stage to play. Further in the game, you can also look for other animals as well. 

Corgi Orgy

top useless website to take break

Everyone loves corgis! They are cute and adorable creatures that just make you happy every time you see them. 

And if you are too fan of Corgis, this website takes it to another level. It features an entire army of cute corgis moving and grooving on the beat. 

This just might make your day and also you would love to share it with your colleagues and friends. 

Use it to beat your afternoon boredom! 


top useless website to take break

You might already be familiar with Reddit, known as “Front Page Of The Internet”. It is a great place to find people with similar hobbies and interests. 

There is a subreddit that you can spend some good time reading about original horror stories.  

But beware because these horror stories can keep you awake at night. People are sharing their disturbing horror experiences.  So make sure you’re not reading these stories at dark. 

Shady URL

top useless website to take break

This is as bad as the name sounds! But bad as in a really interesting way, making the URLs look shady and suspicious. 

This is real fun website to trick your coworkers or friends and send them some usual website link but looking shady. 

Patridge Gets Lucky 

top useless website to take break

Well, Partridge is a fun guy to learn some really cool dance moves from on the internet. 

He was really into Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky”. Do check out the website! This can really up your mood whenever you feel low. 

Eel Slap 

top useless website to take break

This is actually quite funny! When you feel agitated or restless, find this website to enjoy the slapping of the eel. 

I Am Awesome 

top useless website to take break

You want to know whether you are awesome or not? Well, sure you do! Just go to the website which gives you the answer you’re seeking.

Make Everything Okay 

top useless website to take break

Sometimes you feel low and looking for a magic button which you just click making everything okay. 

Well, there is! This website just features a button that shows “Make Everything Okay”. 

When you click on it, it just takes some time to progress, and then it shows that everything is okay. 

Dogs Are The Most Moe 

top useless website

Have you ever wanted to pet a dog? Well, now you can do that online. And there is even a counter to see how often you can do that. 

Plasma Globe

top useless website

Plasma Globe is basically the virtual version of the plasma that is touch-sensitive. You might even have seen it in the science museum when you’re a kid. 

It is really fun and relaxing to play with. Just mesmerized with this fascinating ball changing itself. 

Here you need to use the cursor instead of your fingers to change the colors and make it moving. 


top useless website

You cannot get a more useless website than this!  This is the epitome of uselessness where it just features a photo of a potato. 

Yes! That’s pretty much it. But surely a nice realistic detailed photo to look at, especially if you have never paid attention to a potato. 

Falling Guy

top useless website

Well, the website shows this falling guy from the sky where now all depends upon you. It goes upwards or downwards according to how you move your cursor. 

This is about how far you can drop this falling guy. It also shows you how much up or down he is going. 

Random Things To Do 

top useless website

This is a really good solution to your boredom!  You reach this website where you can find out tons of things to do when you are bored. 

It features plenty of generators that tell you things you can do in different situations such as “things to do at home” or funniest things to do”. 

You are most certainly going to find something really fun to do from here. Just go for the relevant random generator type. 

Just click on the generator and it will give only a single random answer removing all the conclusions with a fun challenge. 

For example, when we click on the “funniest things to do” generator, it says “ Be elected president, so you can learn the truth about aliens, and then resign.” 


top useless website

Fffidget spinner has been a huge trend and you might have seen everyone into these. 

And, they were really stress busters and Fffidget is an online version of these to try out. 

You can visit the website to spin the fidget by clicking around it. And, even you will find a link to buy a real-life fidget spinner as well. 


top useless website

If you need to relax your day from hassling schedule, this is a pretty good website to do so. 

This is especially fun for people who love to pop plastic bubble wrap or other relaxing and satisfying stuff. 

However, this is not as good as those satisfying things to do but still quite a fun way to ease yourself for a while. 

Try it out to see how much fun it is! 

Passive Aggressive Password Machine

top useless website

This is really a funny website to spend some time on and send your friends, siblings or coworkers for some giggle. 

The website says to enter a password for yourself where it reacts every time you enter a password with something that your in-laws would say. 

If you are too are a victim of in-laws judging or creating drama over everything, you know this happens for sure. 


top useless website

This website is to just relax and have fun on the web for some time. 

Whenever you look for a bit of encouragement, this website switches between a long Heeeey! To just long Hooo!. 

This might seem nuts but the website is really fun to spend time at. Do try visiting the

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes 

top useless website

As the name suggests, the website gives you a two-minute countdown on the screen to encourage you to do nothing for 2 minutes. 

And, the website is pretty accurate with the timer as it gets reset when you move the cursor. 

So, you really have to give your computer for 2 minutes and relax a bit. 

This is actually not much of a useless website rather than helpful in calming down for some time. 

It is kind of perfect for people who are continuously on their laptop screens. 

Pixels Fighting 

top useless website

Have you ever seen pixels getting into a fight? Sounds silly! Right? Well, Pixels Fighting is a really interesting website to spend your free time on. 

You would see pixels fighting on the website which seems really fun to watch. 

Is My Computer On 

top useless website

One of the most important questions the human race has been facing over centuries is its existence. 

Well, this website has a more creative take on the instance by asking the obvious but yet philosophical question ie. Is my computer on? 

Go to the website to get the answer. Have fun sharing this with your employees and working pals. 

Silly Twitter Bio

You might have guessed already! The website features tons of various short Twitter bio to put into your Twitter profile. 

These are really funny and can give a good laugh to anyone who visits your profile. You have a chance here to impress someone with your sense of humor. 

Everyday I’m

top useless website

This is another way to remember that you’re hustling every day and going well. Just cut yourself some slack and be easy on yourself. 

This website is a good way to make yourself sure of that! 

I Has A Bucket 

top useless website

These might be the cutest memes you would find on the internet. If not, at least it is the most useless website for sure for just featuring this one meme. 

Well, try to get a surprise by checking out this website. You may get a laugh.

Koalas To The Max 

top useless website

Koalas To The Max is a website featuring a game to play in your spare time. It is basically a digital version of coloring books or games. 

You just have to keep going with different colors until you feel satisfied. This surely feels good to do and calms you down as well. 

Find out everything needed to be colored. Do try this fun game!


top useless website

Are you getting any idea from the name “Scanwiches”? Well, let’s start with the fact that doesn’t go to this website when you’re hungry. 

The website features very detailed and high-quality close, clear, and crisp images of delicious and mouth-watering sandwiches. 

These images can make you drool like you can smell and taste these sandwiches. Better get ready to make a run for the nearest restaurant after this. 

What’s My Starbucks Name 

top useless website

We are pretty confident that you already know your name! But do you know your Starbucks name? 

Well, now you can find out your Starbucks name through this website. 

Omfg Dogs 

top useless website

It’s not only corgis that are adorable but these bunch of dogs is cuteness overload. 

The website features a bunch of pugs running around all over your screen making it really fun and cute to watch. 

Endless Horse 

top useless website

Can you guess how long a horse’s legs can be! Well, this website tells you they can be pretty long. 

Where Is The Sloth

top useless website

Where Is The Sloth is a fun little game to play just to kill some time. This is more like a browser game to give yourself a break from the work. 

You will get a peephole to see through and move the cursor to find out where the sloth is. 

When you find the sloth, something really cute happens for which you need to try out this game yourself. 


top useless website

This website is quite fun to spend time between the breaks at your work. You can create your own tune on this website. 

The website plays different types of sounds when you move your cursor over each of the giant letters “RGB”. 

So moving the cursor will create a completely unique sound which is really fun to make. 

The Last Page On The Internet

top useless website

The last page on the internet, the name itself surely increases the curiosity about the website to go for it. 

Well, this website is about giving you advice on what you can do this weekend. This website is definitely quite fun and actually might come useful. 

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