15 Online Games To Play With Your Coworkers

One of the best ways to develop a higher level of interaction and engagement amongst your employees is to inhabit a game and activity culture in the office. 

Online games prove to be highly effective in bonding, especially amongst groups of three to five members. 

Especially, if you are looking to develop a more engaging relationship with coworkers in the office, online games are the best alternative. 

If you are an employee, then online games with your coworkers can develop long-term relationships with them. 

For either case, here are the best online games to play with your co-workers. 

Online Games To Play With Your Coworkers 


Skribble.io is a fun multiplayer game to play with your co-workers online. 

It is a drawing game quite similar to Pictionary, if you are familiar with it but still quite better. 

In each round, 3 words are given to choose from to draw where the rest of the colleagues have to guess. 

Whoever makes the right guess fastest by typing the answer in the chat will win the point. 

This is such a highly interactive game where all of your co-workers or office friends can have fun together.

You can play this game online where you don’t need to download the game to play it. 2 to 8 participants can be playing this game together  

Dead by Daylight 

Well, if you like a slasher movie and multiplayer gaming, well this is the right fusion to go with it. 

Some developers wondered how to create this asymmetrical game recreating the slasher films where a team of defenseless teens is chased by an unstoppable killer. 

Dead by Daylight is pretty much how it felt to watch Friday the 13th or if you remember its game. 

This game has a wide variety of murderers ranging from original killers to all the pop-culture psychopaths such as Free Krueger, Michale Myers, Jigsaw killers, and others. 

Dead by Daylight is a kind of game that is going to make your team have such a crazy fun time together. 

But do remember, that this game is not for the faint of hearts, so if you all are into such kind of stuff, only then enter. 


Gamefly is everything that classic gamers from the world of Star Wars and Zelda can expect. 

This becomes more fun when you and your friends have a gaming console where you can play the games remotely. 

They have all kinds of popular games that you played in your earlier times that now you can enjoy with your office pals. 

Don’t forget to try out the Super Mario Party with your friends on Zoom. 


Krunker.io is a first-person shooting game with the style of Minecraft to follow. It offers a variety of challenges to deal with where you can play as a team only. 

All you have to do is run and shoot the opponent players. This is a quite fun way to team up with your colleagues and have some fun gaming time. 

There are 1 to 10 players who can play the game together online through thier online portal as you don’t have to download anything. 

Secret Hitler 

Quite a dramatic and history-driven game to play with your colleagues online where it is set in the 1930s of Germany. 

In this game, all the players will be secretly divided into two teams – liberals and fascists only known amongst each other. 

Fascists are supposed to create distrust in the liberals and place their cold-blooded leader. 

The liberals in the game are supposed to find and stop Secret Hitler before it’s too late for them. 

This is the best game to play in large groups. It does take time to get hang of it but it’s really intriguing and addictive once you start playing. 

Moriarity’s Game:  a Killer in the Hive

This game was recently launched and gained popularity amongst multiplayer gamers around the world. 

It was launched by HiddenCity where it allows you and your colleagues to immerse yourself into this modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes stories.

It is a time set duration game of 90 minutes where the game puts the players into the private investigator’s shoes. 

There are all kinds of missions to pull off such as undercover operations, hacking computer systems, tracking suspects, and whatnot. 

You get the guidance of the PI Kayla Watson. This game is so much fun to play with colleagues and friends, especially if you are a team of five people. 

Among Us 

You will play this game as a crew member of the spaceship that is set out for a mission. 

The departure is already in motion but there is an imposter lurking out to kill everyone. 

The game is to be played by the groups where they act as crewmates and are supposed to find this imposter and vote off from the ship. 

The longer the imposter stays in the ship, the more damage and sabotaging it can cause. 

Among us are a fun and highly engaging game that allows 4 to 10 people to play online. For this, you have to download the app from their Apple store or Google play store. 


Player Unknown’s Battleground or as the popularly known PUBG is a huge sensation in the gaming world. 

Gamers are hooked on the game like nothing. It is also because the gameplay here offers multiple players and high-level interactions with others. 

You and your colleagues can enjoy this game online playing as a team against others will make a fun evening together.  

PUBG is a diverse game where you can do tons of things with escalating levels and more and more challenges, so the scope here is immense. 

You cannot get enough of it, so it can be your office colleague’s thing to hang out every weekend and play games or even every once in a while. 

Sims 4 Multiplayer 

Playing with such an innovative and extraordinary technology, SIM4 is a highly addictive game to play, especially with a team online. 

Their multiplayer version is as good as their earlier versions where you need to create this city from scratch. You can meet with your team virtually and hang out in the SIM world. 

Spreadsheet Battleship

If you are the 80s or 90s kid, this co-worker game is going to be even more fun and exciting as you may have remembered yourself saying “ you sunk my battleship”. 

Battleship game is a classic arcade game that will give you total nostalgia. Now, there are multiple versions of the game available to play online. 

The spreadsheet battleship version game is perfect for online group games. It allows you to play multiplayer games with 3 to 10 players. 

You need two things to play the game, a game board that will be the spreadsheet and the other thing will be the placement of the ship. 

Online Office Games 

Online office games are usually the facilitated game series that you can play with your co-workers or with the entire team as well. 

These are the virtual games played online with your co-workers, often into smaller groups of two or three co-workers. 

Such games are specifically designed to cater to the office friends group or office-based co-workers and teams. 

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