20 Ways To Take Breaks When Working From Home

Since the pandemic started, lots of people have had to leave the office environment and work from home.

Well, some of the people are enjoying the freedom and less stressful environment, lots of people going through challenges that they are facing after the change of environment.

According to a study conducted by the United Nations, more than 30% of people believe they are finding themselves highly stressed because of working from home, compared to 25% who work on site.

Dealing with the new changes can be hard but it’s necessary. However, to know how well you can work,  you need to understand the importance of breaks.

To know better how you can do that, here are some of the best ways.

Why Taking Breaks Are The Ultimate Solution?

According to countless studies,  there are lots of employees whose productivity is linked to their taking breaks capacity.

Well since the environment has been changed and there are a lot of stressing out external forces.

That’s why it is more than just important that you take breaks. It gives you room for taking a breath, refocusing, and decompressing from time to time.

reasons take breaks when working from home

It takes more creativity and force than working on site. It’s important that you need to clear some space inside your head and breathe to regain focus.

How You Should Take The Breaks?

Well taking the breaks is important, but it’s also crucial to know how to take the breaks. The right way can help you in efficiently using every minute and you know that the breaks are actually helping you.

Here are some of the points that can be useful for you :

Know About Company’s Break Policy

Every company has its break policy and before you start how to manage it, you should be knowing that.

Many people have no idea about their company break policy and they don’t take advantage of it. Well, this is one of the ways that can lead to work from home burnout.

This can help you in structuring when you should take the breaks without affecting your break.

Lots of companies have allotted breaks for the employees, so you know how much you can use.

Block The Scheduled With Predetermined Times

Once you get the employee break policy,  now you can make better schedules for your break.

This also allows you to create the events by blocking using your Google calendar. This reminds you to take breaks in case you are forgetting that. Also, others will know when not to overshadow your work.

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For example, if you have the breaks that are allowed for 30 minutes, you can speak it into 2, with each break for 10 minutes.

Schedule your breaks like 12 to 12: 30 for lunch,  2 to 2: 10 for a break, and then 4:30 to 4: 40 for another one.

Don’t Take Work When You Are On Break

There is a reason why it’s called a break. You don’t need to use those minutes focusing on the work or even worrying about it.

Keep sure that you are strictly on break when you are on break. Don’t take the work with you.

Talk To Your Coworkers

When you are taking a break, let your coworkers know that too. This will help them to know when not to communicate with you. Also, you don’t have to worry about their continuous distance when you are taking a break.

This will help you in taking complete advantage of your breaks. You can use the google calendar blocks, change your setting and you can put the little notice that you are not going to be in reach for certain minutes.

Take Break From Home

When you are working from home, the biggest drawback that you can face is you have to handle both sides.

Juggling between two can be exhausting. Not only do you have to make sure that you are doing your office work, but you also need to take care of the family or clean the area.

That makes your breaks stressful as you jump from one work to another. That’s why you need a break that can be distraction-free. It means, gets some time alone from home to compete and destress yourself.

What To Do When You Are On Breaks?

When you are working from home, there are lots of things you have to pay attention to. So when you are on break you need to distance yourself from both sides.

It also includes you physically distancing yourself from the workspace. So it can allow your brain to rest and rearrange the thoughts.

Also, it’s important to understand when you need to take breaks such as :

  • You need to focus better.
  • You are feeling tired especially your eyes
  • You completed your daily work
  • You are planning to eat
  • You feel like going outside

Understanding what you should be doing so you can maximize the breaks, here are some of the best ideas you can consider for your work from home breaks.

1.Make A Project For A Break

You can do whatever you feel like, just divide it into different breaks you have. For example, it can be knitting a sweater, doing an art project, or building something

Consider these things as your break, you can spend your 10 minutes on doing your project, and also it will make sure that your work is in progress.

It’s not just fun, but you are also competing sometimes side by side. You can use your time for building something and making your single time more productive.

2.Take Virtual Breaks With Your Coworker

If you miss your coworker, well you can share your break with them and enjoy the free time together. You can do virtual lunch breaks, and gossip when you are taking the breaks.

Make sure your coworker knows the exact time and schedule so they can follow that well.

3.Take Some Healthy Breaks

You can do the exercise on your breaks, it’s a healthy way to make sure that your body stays fit along with your active brain.

However for starters, the exercises might feel rushed, but you can schedule it slowly so you can get better as time passes.

You can also do short walks if you get bored, you can take your dog with you.

4. Get Some Pet Time

Even though you are working from home, you might find it hard to get some free time so you can bond with your pet.       

Maybe your laptop is consuming all your attention and energy, and that’s how you have much strength to play with your pets.

Well, you can use the break time for bonding with your time.  Take your dog with you when you go for a walk.  Or use the catnip from the cats to play.

5. Mediate To Train Mind

During such an environment when your brain is going through a lot of changes and finding a way to settle, it’s important that you train your attention and make your surroundings much more aware.

Doing meditation can help you in making your mind clear and emotional control as well as calm

6. Declutter Your Work Desk

Well if you want to utilize your break time without wasting it, you can use it for cleaning your work desk.

You can clean the area, declutter and make sure you remove things that you don’t want.

It does not just make your desk look clean and arranged, but also helps in boosting your energy flow.

7.Do Artistic Work

Use your creative side when you are on break. You can use your free time for creating something artsy. It can be trying something to paint or draw pictures of your surroundings.

If not, then click the photos, write a short story or poem. Make sure you know when to stop as this work can take too much attention.

8.  Stretch Your Stiff Body

Sitting for so long can make your body stiff and it can cause a lot of health problems in the future. That’s why you should take breaks and make sure to stretch from time to time.

Not only will it improve your flexibility but also it makes the body healthy and boost focus.

Well, you can follow this simple stretch when you want quick relaxation –

  • Plant your feet on the ground and keep them firm. Now lift the arms and focus on your palms.
  • Stretch it for like 30 to 40 seconds, now put more pressure as if you are trying to touch the ceiling using your fingers.
  • Now relax and lower your arms. You can feel the energy and relaxation in your spine

9. Pick Up Fast Pace

There are chances that you might feel drowsy or sleepy when you are at work.  To make sure you don’t go back with a groggy mind, you can do something and add more speed to it.

For example, if you are reading something, do it faster. The same goes for writing and decisions making.

Break your momentum by adding a fast pace so you can feel less sleepy.

10 . Read Something Funny

Pick up something interesting to read. However, make sure you are not reading something that can hold your attention too long.

That’s why to choose something funny and completely different from your work. When you are reading a book or magazine, allow your brain to relax. Don’t take any decision, think or stress.

11.  Eat Apple But Slowly

If an apple is not your favorite fruit or it’s not at your home, don’t stress out. You can pick any fruits of your liking and do this.

Well, here you just need to eat the fruit in 2 or 3 minutes. Do it slowly, notice how it tastes, feel the texture and freshness.

The sometimes slow pace can be annoying but when you are in the middle of a rushed and busy day, This can help you in claiming your brain and stress-free yourself.

12. Do Thumb And Pinky

If you are looking for something that can give you a quick distraction,  you can use this exercise.

Here you need to follow these steps :

  1. Take your left hand, keep your fingers close but thumbs up.
  2. Now take the right one, and keep fingers and thumbs in but let the pinkie one out. Here you have the thumb and pinky left.
  3. Now switch the roles, and keep doing it faster. Make sure your one hand has the thumbs out and one should have the thumbs out. Keep other fingers close.

13. Listen And Dance To Your Favorite Music

Music can be a great way to change your mood. In the case of your work from home, you can take a break from your working place and move to a different location.

Just feel the dance steps and hum on your favorite songs, it will uplift your mood and keep the blood moving.

14.  Add Small Luxuries To Enjoy

Since you are at home, you have the luxury to try different things. Your boss and employee don’t have their eyes on you, it’s free to do what you like.

You can learn something like playing your favorite instruments, try the new yoga app, add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy your bath.

These are good for de-stressing your body and calming your nerves.

15. Spend Some Minutes With Nature

To stimulate your senses, it’s the best way to connect with nature. You can take some time and walk in the garden. Take a fresh breath of air, observe your surroundings and feel the grass benefit your feet.

Make sure you don’t have your phone with you as it will distract you.

16.Make Yourself Something Healthy To Eat

You can take this time to your kitchen and make some healthy snacking for yourself.

Lots of people have the habit of munching on something when they are working. Well instead of depending on unhealthy junk foods and high sugar drinks. You can make something for yourself.

Also, cooking helps your mind to relax and it works like meditation.

healthy snacks recommendation

How To Maximize Your Brakes When You Are Doing Work From Home?

Taking breaks can help you in relation and improving your overall health along with boosting the productivity

However, to make sure you are not wasting your time, especially when you have limited minutes for your break,  here are a few tips that will improve and maximize your breaks.

Any Break Is Still Better Than No Breaks

Well, it can be overwhelming to handle your work and breaks, and maybe you have done the subversiveness that makes you work so much in a hurry that you forget to take breaks.

Here is one thing that you should know: It doesn’t matter what kind of break you are taking, it’s better than taking no breaks.

You can consider whatever type fits your type, choose a quiet place or do a loud concert at your home, do mindful mindlessness, anything will help until you are getting the relaxation out of it.

Make Your Breaks Unrelated To Your Work

Lots of people take breaks, however, when they complete their work, they jump to watch something. If not, scroll their social media or watch youtube.

Regardless of what you are doing, it’s still a screen. You are just jumping from one screen to another.

Instead of that, you need to take 180-degree activities that are unrelated to your world.

Move and get outside, cuddle with your pets, draw stuff, anything will be helpful.

Make Your Breaks Micro

Well, it’s not important that you must have to take longer breaks. It can be hard to take breaks when you create momentum.

Here you need microbreaks that can help you. You can do small and tedious tasks that can get your mind off the stress.

Use Your Morning Break To Avoid Afternoon Slumps

Most of people feel the mid-afternoon slump where productivity takes a major dip. Here you don’t want to work as you lose your focus and feel sleepy.

However, a study done by the Journal of Applied Psychology says that taking breaks in the morning is much more productive.

Well, the reason is simple, by the time your clock hits 3 pm, you already have drained the energy and here you just do the brainless tasks. Also, it’s too late to regain your energy.

However in the morning, even after taking a break, you can still get your focus and energy back.

So you can trade your afternoon slump with your morning break. You can focus more and boost productivity. Well, you can take a break around 10 or maybe 11.

Don’t Break Your Flow

Well, greats are good, however, you don’t need to take the Pomodoro timer so slavishly.

If you feel like your adrenaline is going fast, and seems to be doing itself, then it’s obvious to lose time.

Don’t take breaks because there is some kind of rule. Well, the negative side of breaks is that it can be hard for you to get back your mojo.

If you are following the flow, you don’t need the break right away. Take breaks when you need to, no when you feel it should be one of the things you need to do.

Rest When It’s Time For Rest

Once you are done with your work, you need to rest properly so you can be fresh for tomorrow.

So when it’s time for the rest, make sure you are resting as you mean it. Do not do anything different or related to your work when you are on rest mode.

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