“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

In the year 2002, Patrick Lencioni published “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” which describes the difficulties in teamwork. The books basically focus on the failures in team management and how to deal with them and grow together.

This book is used as an inspiration for many people especially the coaches and teaches their students about teamwork.  

Here Are Some Important Quotes From “The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team”:

-When you are in a team and some critical situation, you are being pushed by the team members because they care about the team and this is where you start gaining trust in the members. 

-Unless you start trusting your teammates, you cannot work with the team and the performance will not be effective. 

-When a team accepts its mistakes without any hesitation and they also accept their weakness, then the team shows sign of a great team too. 

-People will not get on the board until they won’t unload their opinions and it is very simple to understand. 

-You choose actions and words based on how you want other people to react.

-The ultimate advantage is always teamwork instead of money, strategy, and technology.

-You may have everything in life but still couldn’t get a task done if you don’t have proper teamwork. 

-There is something which is a rarest and powerful tool and its teamwork. 

-A team always fails to achieve its success if the team isn’t focused on its results and hence the growth of the team is stopped.

-Some people are helpful and some people are defensive and hence it is very difficult on our part to make them accountable. 

-When you have a leg broken, it is very difficult to fix and the similar thing is like a fractured team and it is very painful when you want to connect the members in it.

-Sometimes when your team is broken you need to build it and it is very difficult when you will break and built again and it hurts a lot while doing this. 

-We cannot work together and follow the same path and same ideology if we don’t trust each other completely. 

-Sometimes some team members are very confident and they try to solve inner conflicts and force others to work upon it and this is a good thing and hence the conflicts are solved. 

-You may have your kids but you cannot be accountable always and the enemy is ambiguity. 

-Results show everything about a team’s performance and it is the test of many teams.

-Teams are considered great teams when they risk their lives and even lost for a purpose and saved others’ life. 

-There are many people who would prefer movies over meetings and they hardly care about the movie too but finds it interesting than meetings. 

-Consequences are sometimes painful and sometimes it is the opposite too. 

-There are quick results in a team performance when the teammate has the same thinking and agrees quickly on a decision. 

-Sometimes it is fake and seems to be real if is always comfortable and it is real when there is a bit of discomfort. 

-The secret key of team performance is to never pause and keep performing with the flow. 

-A team is measured by its results and the process of working sometimes is effective too. 

-Two things matter everywhere and those are clarity and buy-in and there comes an important role of commitment. 

-Decisions that are taken with clarity and in proper time play an important role in teamwork and bring you desired results too. 

-Sometimes teamwork can’t be theoretically explained and it can only be implemented by the members. 

-When there are no proper relationships between the team members, then there is no sense of unity in the team since there is no discussion between the members. 

-Sometimes decisions are made faster and sometimes it requires a couple of hours even to make a small decision. 

-Discussions are necessary and they are even slow sometimes so that every member could contribute to it. 

-A role of a leader is important in a team and he ensures that trust is built within every member of the team. 

-The risk of a leader is more as he has to follow many things and ensures everything is done properly in time. 

-Often it is noticed that members in a team try to seek attention in the teamwork and it affects the results too. 

-You may be the sincere person in the team and you might be giving your best in every team performance, but if the team losses, your performance doesn’t matter and you also lose. 

-Some teams show excellent outputs even after having imperfect members in them. 

-Ken’s job was to create the best team always and not to make the career perfect of individual members of the team. 

-You cannot expect every member to have the same opinion because not everyone is on the same page of the book. 

-The person who can sacrifice his ego for the sake of the team is regarded as the best in the team.

-There is a wrong concept that only sports teach teamwork because there are many other things too.

-Sometimes it is better to avoid conflicts and sometimes it’s effective and helps in the team growth. 

-The relationships that last over time are real.

-Not every movie is great but still, people waste time on it. 

-Never hesitate to rise in a conflict situation just to show your efficiency.

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