30 Online Games To Play At Work

There has been enough research to prove how beneficial it is to encourage your employees to play online games during office break time. 

It is a part of larger involvement of online and offline games played in workspaces to promote team building, communication and reduce stress. 

Some browser games make the concept of playing games during a break in office really popular. 

Not to mention, how it makes your office look so cool where employees can play games at breaks. 

Then, the whole remote working and co-working space part is taking it even more graciously. 

When the giant corporate companies became more lenient about allowing their employers to play games in their office during breaks,  the culture escalated further. 

online games to play at work

Co-working spaces on the other hand have already been quite modernistic, creative and futuristic with new ideas like this . 

Like even in downtime, employees are free to use their computers to play games. 

Tons of  benefits have been seen by accepting this culture in offices.  

There is a boost in productivity of employers, keeping workers in the office during lunchtime, more bonding time between employees and promotes communication as well. 

Hulk Smash Up 

We all like Hulk, not because he is an Avenger but more on how he smash things. 

Sometimes when you feel agitated or just restless, it’s good to play games where you get engaged and feel relaxed and fun to play. 

We wouldn’t put Hulk Smash Up in a relaxing game category but it does feel good in a way. 

In the game, you will be this angry Hulk where you need to do maximum damage to the city. And you will be taken to the next level when you do the maximum damage.  

This is a really fun game to play in between the office hours, no strings attached. Just go in, smash a few things and peace out. Get to work! 

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Slither.io has to be one of the most popular and trendy browser games you can play in between a break. 

It seems like an adaptation of a famous snake game but with much more advanced design interface and gameplay. 

You have to control the movement of your snake through the mouse, and be able to “cut” your opponent’s snakes by running into you. 

Over the time, you will grow larger which only going to make the game tough to play. 

It is really a fun game to play as there are no strings attached, you can just go to your browser on their website, and start playing. 

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Helicopter is a fun little game that seeks you complete attention and focus. 

This is not just a perfect way to get a break from your work but do something productive with it. 

You have to hold the helicopter in the air to prevent it from crashing down and manuever it so it doesn’t hit the blocks inbetween this tunnel space. 

All you will do to keep the helicopter in the air is click on mouse. When you stop clicking the mouse, it will gravitate down. 

Very tricky game to play that needs so much focus! Also, this is quite addicting as you feel you’re just going to get through this obstacle. 

You can pick this game from anywhere as there is no stage or something or end to this game, so you can play anytime. 

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Ancient Blocks 

Ancient Blocks is a puzzle game but this only you would really like, even if you are not much into it. 

It is a puzzle where you have different size, shape and geometry of boxes with an empty space to fill in. 

You have to put these blocks into the right spaces made for them only then its overall design will be completed. 

This is a great exercise for your brain wrapped in a fun game to play in your office breaks. 

You can also rotate these boxes to find the right angle suited for the space. As you move along different levels, it becomes more and more tricky to solve it. 

Play this game everyday in your office and coffee breaks covering some levels every day. 

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The Floor Is Lava 

The Floor is Lava! Pretty self-explainatory game especially when you look at its game interface. 

You see at the bottom filled with lethal lava where you have to avoid falling in by launching yourself towards the mouse cursor. 

You would see others playing this game as well. When you hit other players, you will bounce back, pretty much like bumper cars. 

This game is really tought to stay put and not fall in the lava, so give yourself the challenge in this office break and try to survive lava. 

You would want to play this game again and again to see how long you last. 

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Bejewled is always going to that game popularly played amongst the crowd in the cities. 

You will see people playing bejeweled in the commute, while traveling from their homes to the office. 

Bejeweled is ultimate fun and easy to play due to its utter simplicity.  You have to swap the positions to make the similar pairs of the jewels to remove them. 

You have to create a sequence of four or five identical jewels together to make it disappear. 

It is extemely fun game to play in the office to bust your stress and have some relaxation. 

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Scrabble is an online game that has been timeless and contemporary of all time. It is consistent since the very inception of the very board games. 

When this transformed into online, it was blown to the internet all the way around. People were playing it at offices and amongst students so much more. 

Scrabble is really popular amongst office-going people. It is there to improve your vocabulary and practise your mind muscles. 

Scrabble is actually a great game to boost productivity and exercise more with the English language. 

There is even a tool called UnscrambleX to unscramble letters when it becomes too hard to play. 

This might seem like cheating but as long as you are learning from it and gaining words by competing with real-life people, it is fine. 

There can’t be a better game to play at home when it comes to reall enjoy your time but still bringing a great value from it. 

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Froggers takes you back to the Ninetendo era of gaming, even more specifically earlier as the arcade game. 

It is the classic 80s arcade game that had an immense number of adaptations and modern versions but this beats it all. 

We found this game on the internet to give you this nostalgic ride of fun gaming in your office break time. 

You can definitely find another modern version of the classic Frogger but it won’t give you the feel like this does, especially if you are a 90s kid. 

You know the game! It is the frog you have to make him cross the rod by hopping on logs avoiding the traffic in between. 

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Fireboy and Watergirl 

This puzzle platform game is highly engaging and fun to play and hook you for a long time. 

Fireboy and Watergirl offers you utter satisfaction when you can play it correctly. 

There are various missions you have to follow straight forward, however earlier stages are extremely easy and fun to play. 

The concept here is quite fun and you get these two protagonists in the game which you can control through two different keys . 

One is your Fireboy who hates water and Water who hates fire and both have to complete the challenges until the end. 

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As you get little breaks in your work, this time can be great fun where you might look forward to. 

The game players are supposed to renovate the house piece by piece, gaining points through the game. 

You get different landscapes that get changed with the seasons. The game is really fun and unique, and highly addictive. 

However, you do need patience with the game, and grow with regular gameplay over the time. 

It is one of the best ways to spend your free time, especially if you are not into much action or shooting like games. 

This is the game you can only play online through your Android phones. 

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Zombie Warrior Man

Well, this suits you if you like to play weird and gory games but still fun to play.  If you like zombie games, this is slightly on a different note. 

Instead of the usual man killing zombies, it is about zombies killing man. 

Zombie warrior man is set out to escape or make a mess in a hospital where he has this saw and cutting things into half whatever comes his way. 

There is a lot of bloodshed, but not really something serious or disturbing, merely cartoonish. 

You get to play different levels of the hospital and zombies have fun splicing people and things up. 

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Something really not just productive but also relaxing, that’s how you can define this perfect game called Entanglement to play from your work breaks. 

Lot of people do not prefer or like puzzle games but you would like this one for sure.  

Here your goal is to create the longest path possible throught the tiles towards the spot at the bottom. 

The titles here are just randomly generated but then comes with plenty of option to go for. 

The idea with the game is putting your mind to a work where it can focus completely without tiring it.  

And the music that comes in the background is so soothing helps in further relaxing your brain muscles. 

Totally worth it to give it a shot, even  between your coffee breaks at the office to bring yourself in the centre. 

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Space Invader 

Space Invader is a nostalgic ride to your 80s arcade gaming or 90s video gaming era, known to be one of the most popular games at thaat time. 

You can relive your gaming days again with Space Invaders that too online. 

In the game, you are this spaceship that needs to protect the space from space invaders. 

You have to avoid being hit and keep destroying the enemy’s army shooting at them with simultaneoulsy moving right or left. 

Give this game a try and you will know why this is still a legendary game that still too much fun to play, especially in your office breaks. 

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Chrome’s T-Rex Game

This is the game you might be already familiar with! The famous game that people can play on the browser Chrome when they are not connected with the internet. 

You guessed right! We are talking about the T-Rex Game you can play on Google Chrome. 

It is really easy to play this game, all you have to do is remove your internet connection for a while during the office break, open your browser and start playing. 

However, don’t worry, you don’t always have to not have the internet to play this game. There is an online link where you play the T-REX game online as well, added below. 

Fun part is you can play this game with different versions such as Batman version, Light color version, Mario version and even the joker version. 

If not anything, this game is highly engaging and keeps you hooked on, and makes you play again and again to stay longer. 

This is actually the perfect 5-minutes break game to play as well. You don’t even need like 15 minutes or half an hour for this. 

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Short Life 

If you are into bloodshed or games with a bit of a gory side, this one online is a real fun to play. 

However, make sure your co-workers won’t judge you for playing this 🙂 

The idea and hence, the title of the game is, short life! How there are death traps everywhere, one small mistake can lead you to a gruesome bloodshed death. 

Of course, that’s too much to prove the point but that’s the game. 

You have to walk this guy around in different settings where you have to protect him from death traps and any dangers around. 

But the fun is to see how many ways this person can end up dying till the end of the stage. 

It has a realistic feel to it, especially from phsyics point of view, so there is a fair amount of gore and blood you will see here. 

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QWOP is a real fun and quick game to play in short breaks. It has a very simple goal to successfully run for 100 meteres as you are this runner on the tracks. 

However, doing that is quite difficult as you are basically controlling the thighs and calves of the runner. 

The movement and pacing of the runner is determined by the combination of  Q, W , O, and P keys on the keyboard. 

Well, it can take some time initially to get used to learning the movement and then you can get going with the game. 

Also, tring run weirdly through keys and falling off is quite funny to do, giving your the chuckle of the day you need. 

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If you are one of those 8-bit gaming geeks, you would know about Simultenacious game. 

It is quite unique and fun to play. There is no rush but more of a strategy to use here, making it the perfect office break game to get yourself some light gameplay. 

It is a dual-protagonist game where you will be controlling two characters in a restricted two zones. 

Whether you move right or left, they both are going to move simultaneously, and with that in mind, you have to make them reach their dedicated homes. 

It is quite a mix of a strategy and puzzle game, and something fresh and out-of-the-box to engage with. 

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GeoGuessr is a great option for playing the game in the offices. You can play this game in just a couple of minutes. 

It is the simplest that you can play for hours too and for a few minutes as well depending upon your given time. 

The game shows you a picture of a place somewhere around the world on Google maps. 

You can play this game within the two minutes of your break in the office or even in the transit.  

One of the best parts about GeoGuessr is it being a social game that you can play with your friends. 

You can compare the scores to the other players all around the world 

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Chess is a popular classic board game played all around the world, and the people who are fond of chess are now clinging to its online counterpart. 

Since now you can play chess anytime, even the fact that you don’t need a partner to play chess and also play anytime you want. 

Now, with playing chess online, you can play during the breaks. It is easy to set up an account and play against your real opponents around the world. 

This game can be played during the 5 minutes break as well. 

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Gridland is a three consecutive-matches game but with little twist. 

The game has two phases where the day is where you have to match and gather resources to build things in your village. 

The night on the other side is where you match to protect your village from invading monsters. 

Whenever you make a move, time progresses further, so you have to do whatever you want to do, quickly. 

The game is extremely clever, and doesn’t only test your memory but your thoughtfulness, strategy and planning as well. 

More than that, it is just too much fun to play such smart games. And you can recommend it to your co-workers and friends as well. 

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Robber’s Town 

Robber’s Town requires a highly-responsive game depending upon your stimulations and coordination. 

This game is a real challenge to pull off for a long-time, sometimes takes at least 5 to 10 trials to get comfortable with the movements. 

However, once you get used to it, this can be played anytime, especially while you are in your office breaks and feeling a bit dull. 

It is a two-protagonist game where you will be controlling these two robbers running out of the city. 

You have to help them escape by making them jump the rooftops together but with different keys at the keyboard. 

If one falls, the game is over. So it tests your mind and hand coordination and how fast you can move as well. 

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Batman : Shadow Combat

If you are a Batman fan, you are going to love this game even more. If you are getting bored at work, and it’s a break time. 

You can be Batman for a while through this game, and beat up some bad guys with your bare hands. 

It is really interesting and engaging game, a short adventure where you can set yourself for where you have to face and fight criminals in your way. 

But beware! It is quite addictive, so leave the game as you are done with it and get on working. 

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This is another game of utter focus and stability making you more patient and careful with things. 

You are playing the role of your mouse cursor in the game trapped in the midst of endless torrents of red dots. 

You have to touch the green dot to gain invulnerablity or immunity from these red dots and then you can move. 

The game is to see how long you can last before you reach the next green dot to be immune again. 

This is another perfect 5 to 10 minutes game that you can play over and over agin for all the breaks in your office. 

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