“Leadership A Brain-Friendly Guide” 70+ Inspiring Quotes

The book “Leadership: A Brain-Friendly Guide: 21 Leadership Tips for Up and Coming Leaders” is an inspiring book written by Stephen Moulton. It is perfect for those who can accept their mistakes, those who are ready to change.

Overconfident people probably won’t relate to it. But to make yourself better, you deserve to read this book.

Profound quotes from “Leadership A Brain-Friendly Guide”:

-If we don’t repair something, we keep repeating it every time.

-A human can have trust but still can doubt. A human can have breakups and still can love someone. A body can be tired and still can work. A mind can be in the dark and still can hope.

-Question yourself are you genuinely content or are you just sheltered and secure.

-You are in the wrong direction if you exaggerate your qualities and capabilities.

-Uncertainty and hesitation destroy more dreams than failure ever will.

-Build yourself silently so that no one will know what to attack.

-Being an efficient leader, you have to let go of some things which are holding you back and not giving you space to develop.

-Humans are going to speak behind your back no matter how much difference you try to make. Choose to do whatever makes you happy and live your life to the fullest.

-Influence people by showing some concern about them and asking them if they are doing well.

-Always be in a jolly mood and be enthusiastic to inspire others.

-If you take the lead and win some tasks, don’t be so overconfident. Oftentimes overconfidence leads you to drown in the sea.

-Accept the fact that you can’t be a supreme human being and an extraordinary human. So just try to be yourself.

-Don’t be a victim of arrogance and overconfidence. It might be tempting but don’t cross the limit.

-Your absence of self-awareness can cause a disconnection between you and your coworkers.

-Differentiate the thin line between being arrogant and being modest.

– Consistently consider other’s points of view before passing on the judgment.

 -Don’t look into your mistakes as ultimate failures. They guide you to take the good road and lead you to be successful.

-Choose to be aware all the time to gain ownership of your reality.

-Winning over some battles does not give you the power to control the lives of the lost people.

-If anyone behaves badly with you, consider that behavioral changes are caused by deep-rooted insecurities.

-In spite of all the knowledge you have, if you have no proper etiquette then everything goes in vain.

-Keep your eyes and ears active and be present in the conscious. Be present at the moment.

-Don’t think of yourself as a higher being if you have achieved something. Be humble and polite towards yourself and to others as well.

-Human beings are high-level beings having all the advantages. Be appreciative for what you have and don’t take anything for granted.

-To improve yourself you have to change, to make yourself perfect you have to change a million times over.

-To alter yourself according to the need to achieve your goal is a set of great intelligence.

-Your savings might not be enough, you might be in debt or your shoes might get dirty, but your mind is for sure a palace.

– Be emotionally mindful of what you aspire in life. Set down some weekly goals and try to accomplish them first.

-If you are not aware of your consciousness, you are not going to understand how and why the behavioral changes are happening.

-Get a job where your potential skills are exposed. It helps you truly grow and find a purpose in your life.

-Develop the required and skilled lifestyle if needed to change you. Lifestyle plays a vital role in attaining your goal of being a leader.

-The education of being a leader has evolved when compared to the past. People are positively addressing their issues nowadays.

-You need to accept your mistakes and failures to move ahead in your life.

-Engaging yourself in the required skills is the best kind of hobby you will ever have. It keeps you focused on your goal without any distractions.

-Interest and eagerness are like the compass which takes us nearer to our goals. Follow the compass blindly to become successful.

-You will be happy not when everything is good, but when you can see the good side in everything.

-Don’t engage yourself so much in proving yourself. You lose a pinch of character by doing so.

– Esteem and regard is not something you are born with. It is earned by the choices you take and by the actions you make.

-Achieve something out of today that your future and greater self will thank you for.

-Illusions may tempt you to take the wrong path. Think twice before taking any decision.

-Communication can produce bad results when you bring out the illusion in yourself.

-Every time you use your aura and influence a person which affects their emotions, you are using the skills of leadership.

-It is not about how damaged you are, it is also not about how bad your failure was. It is always about how you got up and fought after hitting rock bottom.

-Surround yourself with the individuals who lift your spirits higher, who keep you in uncomfortable positions for your good.

-Today, this second is the perfect way to start dreaming if you still haven’t yet.

-Normalize retraining your brain every time you want to expand your intelligence. 

-The human brain should always be spectacled by books. 

-Your words have the ability to fabricate the truth as well as the lie. Choose your words carefully and sensibly. 

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