75+ Good to Great Quotes

“Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…, and Others Don’t” by James C. Collins is a book about being a great leader with both professional desire and personal modesty.

It talks about how to become a great leader from a good one by being the right person and by being with the right people. 

Good to Great Quotes

-Your life moves towards eminence along with your work when what you really care about comes together. 

-Your work will proceed, as well as the life you are living, but only then when your ability is driving your economic engine in something that you are the best at. 

-When your life becomes meaningful, it becomes possible for you to have a great life ahead.

-If you want to add significance to your life, always attempt to find purpose in your work.

-You may have a brief sense of serenity as a result of realizing that you played a part in generating something useful.

-You will get the deepest and best of all satisfaction by realizing that your time spent on this earth has been great and it matters a lot.

-The enemy of great is good and it is the main reason why we have so little that actually turns out great.

-Never settle for a good life when you can have a great life, unlike so many people who end up with just good and not great.

-Do not lack discipline or have incompetence. 

-Try to achieve greatness as a matter of discipline and conscious choice, not because of circumstance. 

-Great people come with great vision. A great vision without a good execution is worth nothing.

-You should try to have the ability to attract people that are right for your requirements. 

-Always hang around people who you think are right for you or else it would make you feel the need to compensate for the wrong people’s behaviour. 

-Mixing up with the wrong people can drive you away from the great ones.

-Always look for strong performers because they put extra effort into everything. 

-Do not become frustrated with people when they do not put in the effort. 

-Always work hard and give your best because not everyone can be above average, but you can be the best version of yourself. 

-If you want to become a great leader then quietly give out outcomes. You don’t have to be a great hero to be successful. 

-Great leaders never want to become personalities that are not approachable. 

-When you feel the urge to closely supervise someone, own your recruiting blunders. 

Good to Great Quotes

-You can do anything in life if you don’t care who gets the credit. 

-People are not divided by the presence or absence of challenges. The way they deal with the difficulties is the matter. 

-Management failure has first resulted from mediocrity, not a failure from technology.

-Never ask the question, “Why should we try to make it great? Isn’t success enough?”

-Great leaders usually begin by setting new strategies and visions. 

-The way to do things right is by taking wrong people off the bus, right people back on the bus, and then given the right seats to the people who deserve the seats. 

-Remember people are not the biggest assets, right people are. 

-Your team’s most valuable asset is the right people.

-Be ambitious for your company, not for your own self. 

-Good leaders pave way for their upcoming successors for even more glory in the upcoming generation. 

-Always be effacing yourself and understand to display compelling modesty. 

-A great leader takes full responsibility when things go south and he blames himself.

-You need to let other’s take credit while you take the fall. 

-Always be a leader who allows himself to become the reality in need.

-Mediocrity is when a leader lets the people around him worry about him, instead of making them feel at ease. 

-Always focus on producing long-term results. 

-There is no other way to achieve greatness, other than growth which could be bought with money.

-Freedom is never the full truth. It is only part of the story and partially true. 

-Always remember it becomes a liability when you depend totally on thoughtless reliance. 

-Find your quest to be a part of something amazing and big even if it does not go with your career choice. 

-Work in a nonprofit organization or a community organization. Maybe teach a class. But do something that benefits others totally. 

-Always be involved in something that you actually care about a lot, because it can be done and made possible easily. 

-Never underestimate your capacity to attract and retain the appropriate individuals. 

-You cannot make a collection of right decisions without confronting the brutal rough facts. 

-Keep these three things in mind: disciplined thought, disciplined behaviour, and disciplined people. 

-Never blame others for mistakes and then you can achieve any heights in your life. 

-Always try to have a habit of giving the best opportunities, not the greatest problem, to the best of people around you. 

-Do not always give the biggest problem to your best people. 

-Managing your problems with your best people will make you good, but to become great as a leader, you have to build opportunities for them as well.

-You can find the best answers when you are engaged in the process. 

-Always pay attention to what other people have to say. Make sure it isn’t a hoax. Have a genuine debate.

-The whole world is dynamic, for sure, but always try to find and stick to principles that are not timebound. 

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