15 Best Books For Small Business Owners

For a businessmen knowledge is everything. The greater knowledge he has, greater his chance of finding and utilizing new opportunities. And as we all know, Books are a great source of knowledge. As they are prepared by scholars and experts of the various field they provide insights on various matter beneficial to a businessman. Any person whether he is doing any business or not, books can be beneficial for psychological growth also.

Here, we will discuss a set of books that every small business owner should read –  

1. Conscious Capitalism

-by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is full of thoughts and awareness as it is as much about management as about philosophy.  According to the authors, a business can be lucrative, acceptable and liable for its action. They provide a theory that is a clear contrast to the businessmen who doesn’t consider themselves responsible for the negative effect of their business activity. As time passes and people are raising awareness, accountability of business practices are becoming more strict.

2. As a Man Thinketh

– By James Allen    

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book has its philosophy as it discusses how our reality is based on the thoughts of others and ourselves. It a literal essay by the author which was published in 1903. This hundred-year-old book is still applicable in our daily life. The author kept the contents of this book simply so that the majority of people can grasp it can be benefitted from it.

3. The Lean Startup

-by Eric Ries

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book highlights that in order to survive in this rapid and dynamic world, the businesses need to be swift and flexible. The author provides a scientific approach in this book as a business strategy that can help startup businesses from collapsing. This book has received its popularity from both entrepreneurs and technological types. This book is perfect for all those who are planning to start a business and those who already have one.  This is a must read the book for all businessmen.

4. Blink: The power of thinking without thinking

-by Malcolm Gladwell

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

In this book, the author provides insights into the concept of intuitive thinking. This concept discusses how is the ability to make a decision is influenced by our ability to filter out unnecessary information to concentrate only on essential matters. The author explained this concept using different stories regarding decision making. This is a book not only good for businessmen but also for the general public. As many people face the situation where they are unable to make a decision.

5. The four steps of epiphany

-by Steve Blank

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is quite similar to the Lean Startup. As it also discusses how to open a business. According to Steve startups business that is successful are actually based on new business models rather than old models. Steve provides a step by step guide on opening a new business.

This book will provide a great benefit all kind of businessmen. New entrepreneurs will receive insight and old entrepreneurs will gain new knowledge.

6. Lucky or Smart

-by No Peabody

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

The author of this is a successful multi millionaire and business founder himself. According to him when a person knows that they are getting lucky success often follows with that luck. He also suggests that for a businessman to be indulged in work is to be innovative at the basic level, having high moral stature and having a positive viewpoint. The contents of the book are concise and easy to read. The author did not bother with complex models or management theories but simply stated what he thinks is required to become successful and the necessity of understanding people of different personality and skills.

7. Influence- Science and Practice

-by Robert Cialdini

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is a classic that focuses on persuasion. The author of this book is known as a professional specialized in persuasion. This book is the result of his thirty-five years of extensive research and a three-year program of experiments to realize the factors influence peoples to change their behavior. In order to provide a better comprehension of persuasion, the author has discussed this subject to a greater extent that is not bounded by a world of business and is applicable in every aspect of our lives.   

8. Peak: How great companies get their mojo from Maslow

-by Chip Conley

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is based on a  real-life story of the author. It tells the story of the author about how his business had almost collapsed and out of desperation he turned to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, from which he made a life-changing finding and created a doctrine that instantly changed his business and achieved success. The author of this book describes how Maslow’s theory can be applied to operate a company and how anyone and everyone can use this to their advantage to further develop themselves.

9. Switch: How to change things when change is hard

-by chip heath and Dan Heath

This book discusses how to maintain strategies and tactics for a long period of time. The authors of this book have accumulated research of over a decade in psychology, sociology and other sectors get a new understanding of how to influence transformative change. This book demonstrates that there is a pattern to successful changes. Whoever can figure out this pattern can use it to their advantage.

10. The Obstacle is the way

-by Ryan Holiday

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is a thesis on the significance of facing difficulties with flexibility and persistence. The author gained his inspiration from Stoicism by the Greek mythology. The author suggests one should always maintain a clear head in the midst of confusion and figure out what can be done. This book can provide support to those who are feeling depressed as it can turn their problem into an advantage. This book also contains several stories that can inspire his readers.  

11. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

-by Stephen R. Covey

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book was first published in 1990. The seven habits described in the book has not lost its effectiveness even after a century of time. The seven habits have brought success to millions of people in their daily life and business life. This book is a must read for those who want to get a greater accomplishment with their minds. This book can educate a person on how to live life effectively and attain the success they want to achieve.   

12. Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity

-by David Allen

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

The author focuses on how to increase productivity in this book. The Word that caught the attention of the majority of the readers is ‘Stree-Free’. With this one word, the author was able to capture the attention of millions. As he discusses the relationship between relaxation and productivity. The more relaxed a person is, the greater will be his productivity. This concept is simple in contrast to how most people work. However, due to its effectiveness, it has transformed the lives of countless people.    

13. Delivering Happiness: A path to profits, Passion, and purpose

-by Tony Hsieh    

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

In this book, Zappos CEO shares the hurdles he has faced during his life and in business. This book tells the story of the author from the very beginning to the days of his success. This real-life story can be the source of inspiration and motivation for many readers.  

14. The Tipping point

-by Malcolm Gladwell

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

The author explains the tipping points or the instant when a scheme, proposal or intention can spread everywhere and effect everything. The author provides a detailed explanation of how a single idea targeted toward a specific set of customers can create a whole new trend and dominate the entire market. This viewpoint has simply changed the way people sell products and circulating ideas.   

15.The E-Myth Revisited

-by Michael Gerber

must read books for small business Entrepreneur

This book is very helpful for those who want to start a business. During the starting of a business, there are many people who give free advice, many articles talking about shortcuts to success. But it is not easy to determine which one is effective and which one is a hoax from seemingly countless free advises and tips. This book was published simply to debunk all the myths regarding business and presents a step by step procedure to become a businessman. By using this book, a businessman can increase his business in an expected and productive way.

“There is a great deal of difference between an eager man who wants to read a book and the tired man who wants a book to read” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

Although a businessperson should read books he shouldn’t read it in order to gain profit. The sole purpose should be gaining insight or some sort of enlightenment that can help him to grow. A person who forces himself to read a book because successful people read it too. He will definitely read the same book but he won’t receive the same kind of benefit from it.

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