30+ Best Time Management Apps And Tools

In the year 2022, there is nothing more precious than time. To save your precious time, use the time management apps as it’s one of the simplest and easiest ways to get the productivity you want. 

While such apps and tools are not new, the level of accessibility and technology it provides depends on who you are and what you do. 

There is an app and tool for doing time management, functionality built on what you require. Here is the list of rounded up best apps and tools available for 2022.

Why Do You Need A Good Time Management App & Tools?

Before you dive in, it’s important to understand that the need for good apps and tools will increase in 2022. 

A time management app or tool is a solution for helping the user better prioritize, to-do lists, time tracking, memos, calendars, etc. 

With additional features, you get the task and calendar sharing, analytics, and project tracking to see the time and prioritizing you have done so far. 

However, does time management need apps and tools? Not exactly a way you can be productive without using any special apps and tools. 

Even a lot of businesses start without anything, but as you grow and get more people, adding tasks to your list, it can turn difficult to handle without any extra help.

So what an app or tools can help : 

  • With the help of specialized time management apps and tools, you can rack the work from a distance. 
  • It also helps you communicate better. 
  • As you grow, it works in favor of making the whole process for you. 
role apps and tools for life

Apart from this, there are some of the key ways that it can be profitable. 

Measuring Time And Productivity 

Such apps and tools offer you the features such as built-in automation, time tracking, detailed reporting, etc. This helps you in gaining insight into how you are working and finding out the time-wasters. 

Especially good when you are leading or working with a team.  It also helps in fixing the bottlenecks and helps in being more productive. 

Better Collaborations 

With good tools and apps can help you in prioritizing the tasks and help in working much smarter. 

Features including Kanban Style workflow can make it easier to coordinate with tasks and teams. 

With this, it gives everyone a clear idea of what they should be doing and helps in getting work done easier. 

Better Cost Estimate Of Project 

Time tracking helps you in understanding the potential of your actual cost of a project. You can see that everyone has billable hours that went into doing the project and finding areas to do improvement. 

This helps in creating the estimate for understanding the future project and is helpful in saving the money. 

Understanding The Capacity 

This helps you in understanding what your team is capable of, and helps in understanding what different projects can be done at once. 

You can grow, so you need to better understand the capacity and long to complete certain tasks. 

When you are working with people on different projects, it can be 

If you show that you are overworking and where the manager can balance the team for improving the future work. 

List Of Best Time Management Apps And Tools 

There is no doubt that technology is evolving every day, and all thanks to that, it helped in connecting, performing, improving, and leveraging resources. 

And one of the biggest examples is the apps and tools that you get for time management. With the help of technology, you can manage your time much better and track even more efficiently. 

Here are different tools and apps which you can consider, it includes : 

best time management apps tools

Rescue Time 

Rescue Time can help you in understanding how to use time wisely. If you are in doubt that you are using the time in a sensible way or not, then you can use Rescue Time.

This planner app will send the weekly reports for indicating what are the activities that might be stealing the time. 

Aside from being an automatic time tracking feature, this can help you in blocking distractions and giving you the efficiency report tools.

Available On: Desktop, Android, and iOS 

My Hours 

You can track the time of your tasks and projects, with the help of My Hours you can add unlimited projects, unlimited team members, and tasks.

My hours which can help you in tracking the workflow, also you can set the custom billing rates and get insightful reports as well as invoicing. 

It’s ideally great for small teams and freelancers. 

Available on: Web, Android, and iOS


Track your working hours and report, this offers you the features for automating along with browser extensions. 

You can generate the invoices and send them to the clients. There are different options you get for monitoring and handy for the remote team. 

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, Desktop, Linux, Windows, and Mac. You get browser extensions such as Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Opera.

Remember The Milk 

Remember the milk can help you if you are struggling to manage everything that you require to do. Also, it’s ideal when you want to be on top of all the tasks. 

This can be a great free time management tool, it can be connected with different devices, including mobile, Gmail, computer, and outlook, also you can streamline the tasks. 

No longer do you have to remember to list, this is solid for the time management software. 

You can sync all things in one list, the app can help you in managing tasks for tasks and remind it 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS

Focus Keeper 

If you want to leverage the Pomodoro technique, you can consider using Focus Keeper

It also you can use for boosting your motivation for completing your tasks. 

The reason is quite simple, you can consider using it for the Pomodoro technique since it’s one of the famous ones and also helpful if you tend to procrastinate or feel overwhelmed by the tasks. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS. 


The next app you get is Pathable, this is great for the event planner. 

It allows you to create the schedule and agencies with complete ease. The app helps you in creating the events and communicating with attendees. 

You also set interactive polls and maps to get the maximum engagement. 

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android.


Toggl is highly considered for tracking your time spent on different tasks and projects. 

It’s an effective time management tool for being clear regarding how much time you are investing in tasks and projects. 

You can get the analysis and use it for managing it according to it. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS

BeeBole Timesheet 

Beebole Timesheet is an app that offers time management and budgeting for teams, departments, and medium companies. 

Here you get features such as multiple currencies, real-time timer, and up to 30 custom reports, KPIs, etc. With that, the app works offline too. 

Available on: Web, iOS, and Android 


Well, you get a lot of apps that can help you in transferring the content from one device to another one. 

However, Dropbox allows storing and sending large files much easier. 

On top of that, it’s free and much simpler to use.  You can share documents and files in order to improve productivity. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


Evernote helps you in keeping notes in one easy place.  It’s a free tool for boosting productivity to allow capturing all ideas, thoughts, and images in different ways including images, notes, or voice. 

You can record the meeting, ideas, speeches, interviews, create a list, add text or voice along with attachments and share the files with friends. 

It allows you to sync with other apps, too in order to optimize the time.

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS 

Focus Booster 

You can use the app for productivity with the use of the Pomodoro technique. 

The app is useful as you can be productive as it mixes with breaks and work sessions. 

So it’s ideal when you feel like there is not enough time for you. 

Available on: Web, Mac, and Windows 


To improve your time management and productivity technique, you can consider map mapping as it is one of the great tools. 

With help of MindNode, you can figure out what you actually want to do and where you want your life to turn. 

Available on: Desktop and iOS 


GoodSync is a great app for backups and syncs all the files with the least effort.  Also, you can restore and filter it depending on subfolders. 

You can even sync the files using your phone. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


Scrumie is a new teamwork overview tool that can help you to do team management as it offers the virtual daily, transparent team overview and daily stand-ups along with team availability. 

It’s especially recommended if you are handling the remote team. 

Available on: Web


To improve managing your daily, weekly, or monthly to-do list, you can also consider using the app. 

With the excellent technique, you get time management for entailing the to-do list and having a system that manages all the tasks. 

If you get overwhelmed with all the apps, you can use this as you get a better target and focus on what is your objective. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


It’s very easy to get distracted when you are surfing the web as there are tons of fascinating and attractive websites. 

However, with the help of Pocket, you can save all the finds. It will be in your access and you can read all of those finds when you have time. 

So you don’t have to worry about losing those articles and focus on what you are working on. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


To boost your productivity, Focus@will is a great option as it combines music and neuroscience altogether. 

According to developers, you can boost your attention span by more than 400% by using the app. 

It’s also a great tool if you have ADD,  not just that you can use it for better focusing during reading, studying, and working. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


With this app, it launches the document, folders, bookmarks, and project files with simple keystrokes. 

This can help you in time management techniques for removing the need to search through different folders. 

Available on: Desktop macos


You can use the app for sharing the calendar and iPhone, not, it can help in keeping your team up to date with all the upcoming events. 

This time management can help in merging the calendars of your teammate into one, every event you book will share and create room for chat for the team. 

Available on: iOS, Web, and Android


Forest is a unique reinvention when it comes to improving time management apps. This can help you in improving the unique and fun helps for better focus as well tracking things. 

With this concept, you focus and plant virtual trees.  So when you stay focused, the tree will grow. 

If you end up losing focus, the tree will end up dying. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


Quire can be an excellent and innovative time management app for boosting productivity,  also this app straightens the ease of sharing and collaborating well. 

Through techniques of time management, you can streamline and adjust workflow based on the preferences and needs of the team.

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS


Create notes and also useful chatting with the team, well taskade is a simple task manager with a to-do list, that comes with additional features for collaboration. 

You can create the projects, edit and chat in the same space, all things will be done in real-time. 

You can create the team calendar and roadmap for the projects.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Browser extensions such as firefox and Chrome. 


The app helps chat with the team and also get the work done. It helps you in connecting with users in a much more friendly way. 

You get the real-time chat feature along with unlimited message history. 

It can help you in offering task management such as kanban boards and to-do lists. 

You can also add the deadlines so you can make work much more organized. 

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, and Mac and Windows.

Loop Habit Tracker 

You can use the Loop Habit Tracker, which can help in android mobile apps which allows you to track the habit and sustain it. 

Just set your goals, and with the help, you can get the reminder to complete. 

This shows the track and progress as well as presents the neat graphs. 

This way, you can see if your habits are becoming much weaker and stronger. 

Available on: Android 

Microsoft To Do 

This is a successor to the Wunderlist , it’s an advanced to-do list and helps you in daily planning and making complicated tasks into much easier steps. 

You can share the list of to do with the team and set the reminder and due dates. 


You can use this app for allowing the families or team to share multiple calendars as well as make appointments with each other. 

So if you are planning a party or running a team, you can use the app for up to date with all current as well as upcoming activities and events. 

Available on: Android and iOS


You can use the todoist, you can capture and order the tasks and activities in a much easier way. It can help you in improving your time management. 

It’s available for browsers and apps, so you can schedule the activities and tasks. 

Available on: Desktop, Android, and iOS 

Any. Do 

Control the tasks and events with a single view, you get the best to-do list and it can help you in organizing tasks at work and prove better private tasks management.

It’s also compatible with different devices including google assistant and Alexa along with design.

Available on:  Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Browser extension including Firefox and Chrome, including Apple Watch, Google Assistant, and Alexa.


Freedom blocks the sites and applications causing you to lose focus and end up breaking concentration. 

It’s a simple time management app and helps you in tracking time and blocking the time so you are good to go.

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows along with Chrome


If you are looking for a to-do list that has much more depth,  with the help of OmniFocus can help you in certain projects and tasks, 

It can help you in setting reminders and being specific about tasks to stay on top of the work.

Available on: Web, iOS, and Mac


This one even though it’s not an obvious choice, but it helps in saving a lot of time on connecting the device, 

You can send texts, notifications, and chats that can help you in the device of your selections. 

Available on: Web, Android, Windows, Chrome, and Firefox

Tick Tick 

Another app that is useful for to-do lists but also connects all of the devices. Even though it’s basic, it can help in managing the time across different devices. 

You can consider a flexible calendar, plus you can chat with them via using the chat features. 

The premium version can offer better customizing options, reminders and task dividing, and reminders. 

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Apple Watch, and Outlook Extension.


You can use this for planning the day in a much better way, using Fantastical is considered the top best calendar app of iOS. 

You can import the events or meetings into a much more neatly organized list. 

It offers the daily, weekly, or monthly view of the user. 

Available On: iOS and Mac 


Harvest allows the standard time tracking and billing app, also, here you get the visual report on learning how you are spending time and money. 

It’s better suitable for business and larger teams for robust and expensive apps. 

Available on: Web, iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows


HoursStack is basically a calendar app that can help in tracking time on tasks for generating the reports and running across different numbers of apps. 

It includes the integration with other popular apps such as google calendar, Slack, Trello, todoist, along with 1500 integration via zapier. 

Available on: Web 


Timeneye is a time tracking app that helps you in offering a plethora of functions like reporting, time tracking, and team monitoring. 

The app allows you to set reminders for tasks, and it can also provide weekly emails summarizing and managing the calendar. 

Available on: Web, iOS, Android 

I Done This 

I Done This is a productivity app that can help you in an app that logs which tasks are done by the users. 

You get the app offering the list where you can see what still needs to be done and the list can be checked by others. 

The list is sorted based on team members so everyone knows what they should be doing and also improves the editing. 

Available on: Web 


The app is beautifully designed, it is also great for writing simple notes and you can create your to-do list. 

You can link the notes with each other and make it more organized. 

Bear also gives you the label and hashtags, organizing the tasks and notes to be better.

Available on: iOS, Mac,  Chrome, Safari, and Firefox


The notion is an app for taking notes, creating the knowledge base and setting up your tasks and creating spreadsheets. 

You can also combine the four apps into one that helps you save time and organize team and workload much easier. 

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