Sundar Pichai’s Rise as a Global Leader: Personality Traits & Qualities

Sundar Pichai’s leadership style

An Indian who redefined success,  Sundar Pichai became one of the leaders that the entire world looked up to.

He also proved that success and stress don’t actually have to go hand in hand. Sundar Pichai is a simple, calm, and inspirational leader.

He is the CEO of Alphabet and Google, also leading the company whose customer base is larger than the population of a country.

There will be 1 out of 4 people who are using Google. And also crossed the 2 billion users.

Born on 10 June 1972, Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai. He was announced as Google‘s CEO on August 10, 2015. 

Sundar Pichai is a thoughtful and highly interesting personality who did hard work that made him what he is today.  

To learn more about the leader’s personality style, qualities, and traits that the new entrepreneur should know.

leadership qualities of Sundar Pichai

To become a leader of google like Sundar Pichai, there are different leadership qualities that you should know. 

These qualities made him a successful and inspirational businessman who has an understanding of team building and is visionary towards the company. 

Being Human 

Clay Bavor, who runs the virtual reality efforts of Google, commented on the approach that  Sundar Pichai has towards digital technology. 

Not just is he someone who is deeply thoughtful, caring, and thinking about what the company should do to solve the issues out there; Sundar manifests humanity which itself is an understanding, compassion, and wiliness that makes him put the benefits of people over the profit. 

However, Google has been a human company for a long time, and having a CEO like Sundar Pichai makes its mission more valuable and achievable. 

Unchanged & Understated 

Even after becoming the CEO of a Google-like company, Sundar Pichai remains unfazed and unchanged. 

This became one of the reasons why people felt drawn toward him. Also, being a leader, it’s an important quality to remain the same in any situation, so the focus should be on things that actually matter. 

Also, he is not into being the center of attention. Instead, he is more focused on getting the results.

Connecting People

Hearing any interviews or talk, one thing that always stays clear is Sundar Pichai’s trust in building relationships and connecting people. 

He commented that he wants to create a community that describes how Sundar Pichai values the relationship.

His style is to create a connection with their people, and instead of relying on developing personality charisma, it focuses on connecting emotionally. 

He has the banality of attracting talented people, mainly because Sundar actually values the people.

Mastery & Talent 

During his early times, Pichia had the talent of memorizing any kind of number. According to his parents, he had the memory of every number that he dialed on his rotary phone.

He also shows off his skills to the colleges, which leaves everyone in awe. 

Well. Sundar Pichai mastered every single detail that Google has in its vision. Also, he explains everything in clarity,  simplicity, and purity. 

Also, even though he has mastery and in-depth knowledge, Sundar Pichai doesn’t believe in micromanaging.  

But he is also grateful to acknowledge the competitors and their breakthroughs as he named those things exciting new categories. 

Leadership Lessons That You Should Learn From Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai has lots of leadership lessons that can be helpful in understanding how he planned his success and became the CEO of Google.  

Here is some of the pointers for you to know.

Consider Others Success Too

Sundar is not just a good leader of google, but he is down-to-earth and a great mentor. He is known for his team-building skills and for keeping their success above themselves. He nurtures a great team and goes beyond what he can do to get his team’s efforts  well recognized 

Taking Moon Shots

At google, moon shots are called to the ambition approach that the people take to do things. 

And Sundar Pichai fits perfectly, he was offered the CEO of Microsoft in 2011, but he didn’t let it sway his roots. 

So when in 2015,  the foundation of Alapaha Inc was introduced, the name for the CEO of Google was on top. 

In 2019.  Page stepped down from his role as CEO, and Sundar became the young mind of Google. 

Wear Failure As a Badge Of Honor

Sundar Pichai says that it is important to find what excites you the most. Follow your dream and what your heart says. 

But it is important that you learn from your mistakes. The CEO says that when he pushes people to take a leap of faith, he also wants them to take tough calls and break the cocoon. 

And if you don’t fail enough, it means you are not ambitious enough.   

Feeling Insecure Helps In Growing

Well, it’s not the general or most discussed topic that makes the site more interesting. Sundar says that the leaders should wear their inquiries on their sleeves. And it’s not something they should feel ashamed of. 

According to him,  insecurities will be the reason why you push yourself and grow.

So sometimes feeling insecure is also helpful to grow yourself better. There is no shortcut that makes anyone successful, so no matter when you start and how you do, you have to decide your own journal. 

What Are The Qualities Of Sundar Pichai You Should Know?

When Google announced the next CEO, it became the pride of India.  Co-founder of Google,  Larry Page, appointed Sundar Pichai as the next CEO.

Here are some of the qualities that Sundar Pichai has that every new leader might require. To know that, here are some of the listed qualities that you know.

Avoid Damages & Enemies

Google is one of the big organizations and has its own internal politics too. Sundar Pichai makes sure to navigate those policies to make his team successful.

Also, he makes sure that inflicting the damage at least it can be possible. 

Developed The Success Team

Sundar focuses on recruiting, mentoring, and retaining a great team so they can develop great products too.

Also, his team is known amongst Google’s employees. According to the former Googler, they stated that he promotes good people. He opposes the opportunist and political people.

Work Hard And Grow

To reach where he is today, Sundar worked extremely hard. One of the qualities that a leader should have is not to ignore hard work. It’s a way that makes you grow,  just like it did with Sundar.

Be Empathic Towards People

According to Sundar, caring about people is most important. Especially those who worked with you and had any interaction earlier.

Because of this, he was one of the liked seniors during his time at Google. According to Google VP, it’s a challenge to find anyone who doesn’t like him as it’s impossible.

Help People Understanding Hard Things

Well, when Larry Pages used to do the meetings,  he used to talk and leave without asking any questions or clarifying what he meant.

During that time, Sundar used to help the attendees understand what he said and clarify if anyone had any doubts regarding Larry’s thoughts.

Not just this makes him an easy-to-approach leader, but also, this team feels more connected and confident since they have proper understanding.

Be A Good Listener

The CEO is not just an encouraging leader but also a good listener. He sits quietly when the meetings are going on and lets everyone talk. He waits until everyone is done. And then he shares his thoughts.

Being a good listener helps him to understand more and get the perspective before he puts his foot forward.

Also, it helps in having more data to work on, and he presents his ideas better than anyone. 

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