20+ The Traits of a Sigma Male Personality

The social hierarchy of dominance for men categorizes them into different sections depending on their traits, characteristics, and behavioral tendencies.

Alpha males are the one that rules this dominant hierarchy, and then there are Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Omegas as well.

But there is another one who, even being part of the theory, doesn’t actually is part of the social dominance hierarchy.

And these are Sigma males! This kind of man chooses to walk away from the dominant hierarchy and societal structure that Alphas tend to dominate and enjoy.

Sigmas are apparently as powerful as an Alpha. They are at the same level as Alphas but choose not to lead, rule, dominate or cherish their positioning.

It comes from the fact that they do not value the power of an Alpha and the structure of the dominant hierarchy. It is meaningless for them as it doesn’t compensate for what it asks in return.

Sigmas do not obey the rules, regulations, and traditions of a structure, society, or administration.

They are more than the archetypical Sigma, or their relative personas are often seen around.

But to really know them, identify them or even find out whether you’re one or not, you really need to look at the traits and characteristics of a Sigma. Here are some primary ones to check out.

Traits of a Sigma Male

The Traits of a Sigma Male

They Do Not Conform

The most defining characteristic, the most highlighted trait, the one if you have to choose to address a Sigma, has to be – a nonconformist. 

A true sigma male does not conform to the norms of society. Sigmas are seen to follow a different path where everyone is going one way. 

If the crown follows the right, you would Sigma find out his own way and go left. They even tend to create their own path, even if there seems to be none. 

This happens primarily because of the different value systems of the Sigma males as compared to Alphas. 

They just value different things in their life as compared to other men.

 Every other archetype you see in the social dominance hierarchy gives priority to how their actions affect their status in society but not Sigma. 

They are indifferent to their powerplay and status hunger. They tend to remain the outlines of these societal structures. 

Also, they are smart about how they systematically rule out every pressure, force structure, and expectation as unnecessary and useless. 

Sigma tends to make decisions purely on the basis of their intrinsic value they pursue rather than just the extrinsic value enforced by society on them. 

They Are Mysterious 

The life or personality of a Sigma male emits mystery and novelty. They hardly speak and open up about things in their life whenever they enter the social world. 

Anyone new to meeting them is just caught up in their mysterious vibe, and the charm comes from their free-spirited personality.

Since they do not open up, a lot of things remain in the wind. Their mysterious quotient apparently becomes a huge propeller in their dating life. 

Women or men, for that matter, are attracted to them and want to know them. 

Their ability to just remain separate from things and walk away when they want makes them invulnerable, confident, and strong in the eyes of the opposite gender. 

They Are Self-Sufficient 

Self-sufficiency is the core characteristic of a Sigma male, and it lays the very foundation on which their personality is built. 

They are indeed the most self-sufficient of all the male archetypes in the social dominance hierarchy. 

Sigma males like to travel, wander or thrive at different places over their life span. Chances are, they may not even own an apartment or house. 

These males are capable of living a simple life. Sigma can have hobbies and preferences with things, but they are mostly non-materialistic. 

Some Sigma males can even be comfortable with nothing but just a backpack as people get comfortable at their homes. 

It is also the reason they are known to be natural survivors. Not to mention how famously they are known as ‘lone wolves. 

They are completely adaptable to the situation where they take care of themselves. 

They earn money for themselves, feed themselves, pay their own bills, and do everything by themselves. 

They are the kind of people who, when or if want something, they just go and get it for themselves and never rely on people.  

They Are A Good Listener 

Since Sigma males do not talk a lot or just don’t care enough to put their opinion out there in everything, they prefer to listen. 

Listening is, in fact, one of their superpowers; it makes other people comply with them easily and convincingly tell their stories. 

Sigma males do not jump on people to tell their sob stories or just brag about things. They choose to be silent and listen to people. 

They have this desire to study people, know about them and learn as much as they can. 

Sigmas do share their opinion and talk when they are in their close circle, probably one or two friends, their love one,s or someone specifically close. 

They Are Highly Capable To Assimilate With Others Without Getting Dependent On Them 

What is truly admirable about Sigmas isn’t their dissociative-ness towards the social dominance hierarchy but their ability to get along but still, be dissociated to be independent. 

Archetype Sigmas often sound like they never meet people or just simply stay out of public gatherings, but that isn’t true. 

They are part of society, definitely loners but capable of mingling with people. However, they are more likely to get in environments that are filtered by their BS meter. 

It is more likely to get along with its close friend circle or place with a common interest group. 

Even modern-day Sigmas tend to have standard jobs. They do spend time with their friends and family. 

But even being in it, they do not fully immerse themselves or give in. They do not get dependent on their families, friends, love partners, or even spouses. 

They are not even dependent on people who generally get done such as bosses or co-workers, especially when it comes to their peace of mind and happiness. 

Sigmas are perfectly okay with just walking out from the job or situation where they feel tired of or become too much of a burden. 

Even if when they are well-respected and liked by people or in an environment, they try to avoid involving themselves in a way that walking out won’t be a problem for them. 

The nature of sigma has this door where they are always ready, willing, and able to walk away and proceed on their own. 

They Seek More Personal Space 

Sigma males are demanding when it comes to their personal space. They are unapologetic in asking for it whether in a social circle, to their loved ones, or even to their spouse. 

They need more personal space to breathe, study, grow and succeed in their life, the ‘success’ they want, and the way they want to live their life. 

In fact, they will go to extreme measures to achieve this personal space when or if they feel suffocated. 

They might just go disappear from their place too, let’s say, pursue their dream or fulfill their project or something. 

They are the kind of people that do not take anything let gets in their way. 

They Are Adaptable 

Another characteristic of the Sigma males is their being highly adaptable, and that comes to them very naturally. 

In fact, one can be so convinced with their adaptability that their affiliation towards a heirarchy started to wear off. 

For example, Sigma males who start going Catholic Church serves may adapt to their role and start wearing a crucifix, reading Bible, carrying a rosary, and much more. 

They go to a great extent to establish their adaptability and resemble to their environment as much as they can. 

However, people shouldn’t mistake their adaptability for their assimilation because no matter how deep they are, they are always ready and willing to pull out. 

That is still temporary social participation that they can easily turn out or even if it becomes difficult for them, they have the courage and will to walk away anyway. 

Being adaptable is a unique trait that separates them far away from the Alpha males. 

Alpha males, on another side, will be consistently aware of their actions and how they will impact their position in the hierarchy of the church and how they can be more valuable and step up. 

Sigma males, in this case, will simply reject any notion of climbing up to the given hierarchy just for the reason that it isn’t worth it. 

Any further assimilation or involvement only will be to gain some personal value from it. This is because he wants to spend his energy or share his experience for his own gain, advantage or enjoyment. 

They Are The Rulebreakers 

Not surprising at all! Sigma males are against the tides of the time and traditions of the society. 

They live to break rules that mean little to them or feel insensible.  They certainly completely disrespect or disregard the social dominance hierarchy. 

And so, any rules of this social dominance hierarchy are meaningless to them. They do not want to be Alphas because it is not just worth it. 

They don’t want to be beta, gamma, or any other from the social hierarchy because that’s not how they choose to live their life. 

While Alpha wields the dominant power in the social dominance hierarchy 

They Give Themselves The Utmost Priority 

Sigma is the kind of personality who gives himself the utmost priority as compared to anyone around him. 

He gives utter importance to his own happiness and dreams over everything and everyone. 

Now, this is a point where one could simply find the ideology of Sigma similar to an Alpha that is also driven to its mission or goal. 

However, there is a huge difference to highlight. In the case of Alpha males, they will always prioritize the most highly valued member of their tribe, even over themselves. 

But with Sigma, they just simply put themselves above others. And tribe investments are clearly a waste of time for them. 

On the other hand, an Alpha gives everything to the tribe and chooses what’s the benefit to the tribe over his own happiness, desires, and needs. 

So, that’s the sacrifice of being an Alpha which doesn’t come with Sigma personalities. 

Sigma won’t want anything to do with tribes unless they can get a practical and rational purpose for themselves or some benefit in the short term. 

Sigma males give their time, and their space and needs the most priority. You would mostly find them alone in their apartment, working with their own set of goals. 

They are more goal-oriented rather than people-oriented in their life.  Even when a Sigma dates, they don’t do it to take care of the women. 

In fact, they do not really go for the typical relationship. They are free spirits and don’t like to be held back or bound. 

They date to enjoy, try new experiences, experiment, novelty, and for their sexual desires. The archetype Sigma is perfectly okay to walk away from the relationship if it seems not to benefit him in any way. 

Companionship Slows Them Down 

Sigma males often find out that companionship hinders their long journey or simply to the next level in their life. 

They forsake such treatment of a relationship or companionship as it becomes something that slows them down in the journey. 

Relationships often become tiresome, meaningless, and a burden for them. That also stems from the fact that little do they care about how others perceive them. 

The companionship comes with huge baggage, and for Sigma’s personality, it seems like a thousandfold for them. 

The traditional relationship and its traditions bore them and seemed meaningless.  It is not that they won’t be having a relationship. 

In fact, Sigma males tend to find intimate relationships and companionship in their life, probably freer and more non-traditional. 

They are certainly going to be very few and might be over a long period of time but then for almost forever. 

But then most of the other people simply won’t go to be cut for their time and effort. 

Also, since traveling will be the core part of Sigma’s lifestyle, traveling with a partner will be more expensive, less efficient, and take more effort. 

Sigmas who are couples, are found to be fast-moving, and people can’t keep up with them. They utilize their social energy with extreme care and almost use it as a currency. 

They Try To Be Invisible 

Sigma males always and really strive to be invisible. Also, this is one of the most misunderstood traits of a Sigma male. 

They are the kind of people who do not desire or need recognition for their performance or effort in work. 

They simply want to be left alone to keep doing what they want in utter peace. Sigma males do not incline to become in the limelight. 

They also do not want people to look at them and have an opinion, whether high or low. 

Sigma males also do not need their good works to be known or be out there. They certainly do not look to create a public image. 

They are not driven by the validation or praise of other people. Sigmas are loners who like to be left with their own thoughts and work. 

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