56+ Inspiring The Self Love Experiment Quotes

“The Self Love Experiment” by Shannon Kaiser encourages people to put themselves first and cultivate a love for the self. The author recounts her personal experiences with self-acceptance and one can achieve it.

Here are some quotes from “The Self Love Experiment”:

-Has it ever crossed your mind that people judge and shame other people because they themselves lack love? They don’t have a love so they try to make others loveless.

-Even if the world is breaking apart do not abandon yourself. Even if you are sad, crying, breaking down, or lonely do not leave your side, stand by yourself.

-Sometimes people’s words offend us because they point out something which is still raw in us. It has not healed so it hurts.

-When you pursue something so that you could lay your hands on something entirely different, remember that you have already lost the value of that thing.

-To make yourself happy, find things that bring you joy and happiness- things that don’t feel like a chore. 

-Make a living for yourself and showing up for yourself a lifestyle choice and not just a one-time thing that you do when there is a problem.

-Learn to identify and isolate your excuses. This way you can go back and check at which point you had been holding yourself back. Reassess and begin again.

-Our excuses exist because of our fears. Our fears are just invitations for more love. Take all your excuses, big and small, and feed them with love, then watch them disappear.

-If we put too much focus on our excuses then it starts to become our reality, we start to fully believe in the restrictions it places on us. We start to believe that we are not capable of doing things.

-When our excuses start to seem too real, we can either accept them as our weaknesses or we can see them for the fears they showcase and choose to move forward with love.

-First, admit to yourself what you want most in life. This might leave you feeling exposed, weak, and vulnerable but soon you will realize that this admission leaves you wide open to explore a number of different possibilities.

-The feeling of being off the track was actually a blessing in disguise for me. It made me open to more possibilities and made me live life more openly. I felt more connected to the best version of me.  

-Spend time exploring yourself and learning about yourself. You will discover a wonderful person.

-You are going to learn about patience, the magic of self-love, about how to let go of your need to be perfect, about how to cherish yourself the way you are, about being there for yourself no matter what.

-Stop trying to struggle against life, don’t push and tug at it. Instead, lean into what it gives you and you will realize that you have become more focused, more aware.

-You have to choose self-love, no one is going to give it to you.

– You cannot hate the way things are and expect them to change because of the hatred. Negative energy cannot stop the hate. Only sending love can remove negative things and bring forth change.

-Learn to let go of your anger, do not burn along with it. By letting go, you are taking a step towards your healing and are making a contribution towards the healing of the world.

-Desire changes with positive energy. Trust the change and it will be for your own good and will show you the way forward.

-Let yourself be immersed in the present moment fully. Your life experiences will be transformed and you will learn some valuable lessons.

-If you think that you are sabotaging yourself, just ask yourself one question: Is this thought restricting me and my view of others?

-Fears are nothing but pain and hurt which need more and more love to heal. Don’t focus on the anger, instead focus on healing the pain.

-Remember that no matter what circumstances you are in now, if you can see what you want your life to be like, your dream life, then you can definitely create it. 

-Don’t think that what you are going through is for nothing. All of these experiences have a reason behind them, they are part of a bigger plan.

-All your experiences are just the way they should have been.

-Learn to appreciate and not be fearful of the unknown and the gap between what is known.

-Your heart connects directly with your gut feeling whereas your head is connected with your fears.

-It might seem scary to leave a familiar but suffocating situation, one that is killing you but trusts me in the end it will be worth it.

-Make your desire to bring forth a change stronger than your desire to stay safe.

-Give your mind a thorough dusting. Clean up your own mind and thoughts and you will automatically clean up the world.

-If you worry then it becomes as if you asking for the things which you don’t want but can’t stop yourself.

-You bounce out when your energy and needs no longer fit with the people and places around you. You just slip out when your desires and needs have changed.

-Gather all your personal experiences, good and bad, and squeeze out all the knowledge from them. They will become your guide for reaching your full potential.

-The more I accept and become myself, the more my life will sing.

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