150+ Performance Appraisal Comments For Your Next Performance Review

When it comes to conducting performance reviews, it can be tricky especially when it’s for the managers. 

Sometimes, there can be vast differences between what you are saying and what you want to convey. 

To improve, it’s important to practice and understand the art of delivering constructive performance appraising comments. 

Here is what you need to give the effective performance appraisal comment so you can get the best outcomes from it. 

Why Is Performance Appraisal Comment Important? 

The business may use this for establishing the guidelines when it comes to increased compensation. 

Also to identify who is the best candidate for the promotion along with measuring the strength and weaknesses of the employee. 

It is an important part when it comes to boosting performance, encouraging and giving a better understanding of employees’ performance. 

To understand, some of the top importance of implementing the performance appraisals you should know, it includes : 

Measuring And Rewarding The Performance 

Businesses consider using performance appraisals for establishing the guidelines. 

This is for increasing the compensation, identifying the candidate for doing the promotion, and measuring strengths and weaknesses. 

This is important to offer constructive feedback for the employee’s improvement. 

Performance appraisals are often done for rewarding the employee who is recording the work hard and going beyond what call of duty.

Improving The Development 

Performance appraisals can also be used for developing and improving the employee. 

Appraisals can work as guidelines to help the employee in understanding what they are doing. Also to tell which section requires improvement. 

Businesses also use the PDPs or Personal Development Plans often as components for the performance appraisal for establishing development  

Also, it’s between the goals and helping in outlining the practical ways for enhancing the performance over the time period. 

The help of performance appraisal can help those staff who are underperforming as it identifies the needs they require in specific training. 

It also highlights the skill gaps where the focus is needed. 

With the right feedback, it can help in taking necessary training programs and classes to improve the performance and achieving productivity. 

Identifying The Potential In The Employees 

Performance appraisal can help in identifying the potential of an employee. 

During the process, the managers have opportunities where they can talk face to face and directly to the employees, determining where they are standing out and what they have.

While giving this information, the managers can also help those employed in mapping out their career path successfully which involves improving their performance and developing their skills. 

Managing The Changing Roles

Performance appraisal can help in understanding, also it’s a practical way for sharing the new information with the chances that employees need within the workplace.

It can be introducing new technology, developing new products or offering services. 

It is important that employees are aware of what changes are needed. 

A performance appraisal can help in providing the information which gives them a clear and concise manner. 

Improving The Performance Of Employees 

A performance appraisal can not just help in encouraging staff development. 

The appraisal can also help in using the challenge of the employee for improving the performance throughout their goal setting. 

Performance goals can help in aiming to encourage workers to boost their productivity and improve work efficiency. 

When setting your employees and their performance goals, it can help in understanding what practical goals can help in avoiding the feeling of discouragement. 

Allowing To Voice Concerns Or Ideas Of Employee 

Employees sometimes might feel like they are not properly heard by their managers or their upper management.

This can act as identifying as well as causing the employee to do the bare minimum instead of working much hard for achieving success. 

It’s important for ensuring that they are being listened to and have ideas that are worthwhile. 

Performance appraisal can be an excellent way for performing better communication and encouraging the employees to ask whatever questions they have.

As performance appraisal can be one on one, employees also feel comfortable which helps in understanding better. 

It also helps in understanding to voice the concerns or ideas that employees might have. 

This helps in developing a healthy and much happier working environment. 

Examples You Should Consider For The Performance Appraisal Comment 

Well, once you know the importance and the role of giving the performance appraisal comment. 

It becomes crucial to be smart and choose the right comments for evaluating the employees. 

Here are some of the best examples that you can consider : 

Attendance  Of Employees 

Punctuality is no doubt one of the strongest virtues that the employee possesses. 

It’s important that they arrive on time, taking the time breaks which are designated for ensuring their productivity and efficiency. 

Also, it’s one of the touchiest topics that you can’t avoid. Employees don’t like to talk about the reasons for coming late and exceeding the breaks.

However, if you are conducting this properly, this can be done in a useful way. 

Here are some of the positive ways to put it : 

  • You are always on time, following the schedule along with adhering to designated break time for lunch.
  • She meets all the standards that companies have for punctuality and attendance.
  • You schedule the time off in advance and rely upon getting the tasks done on time.
  • She replies to her calls and emails on time. 

With that, you can also give them the appraisal comment on where they have to improve.

  • He takes calls that are personal during a day
  • You exceed the lunch break time repeatedly even if it interferes with your work schedule. 
  • You often come late to your office which causes scheduled meetings to begin late.  it affects the schedule of others,  you need to keep up with the scheduled meetings so it won’t affect your coworkers.

Innovation and Creativity of Your Employee

 The next thing which should be focused on is creativity and the free exchange of ideas.  However, for this, it’s important that employees have a healthy work environment to create a natural flow.

 but having conflicts and hierarchical work culture not just Problem two employees and restrict them from expressing their feelings as well as ideas freely.

 Here are some appraisal comments that you can use for employee performance fostering Innovation and creativity.

  •  you find solutions  which new and innovative to the problem
  •  you often think outside of the box 
  • her creativity skills are the Asset to her team
  •  you have an imagination that is unique and you always come up with something creative ideas that we never have seen

 here are some points that you can mention for the improvement

  •  you have a tendency to avoid those projects which need the creative thinking
  •  he prefers to take the approach which I have mostly traditional and risks h instead of Thinking creative one.
  •  you are not encouraging your team for finding the creative solution
  •  you are afraid when it comes to taking this on creating a solution
  •  you are an approach to solving the problem is often conventional and rigid

Leadership Of Your Employees

Those employees who are in managerial positions tend to look after others such as their team members.

 They guide others and focus on improving progress as well as advancement.

 However, it’s important to get guidance for their own goals and how to achieve them.

 managers who receive feedback on their own strengths and weakness tend to be more productive also they are more effective and profitable post-intervention

 here are some critical appraisal comments that you can use for leaders and managers

  •  you manage your team effectively and conduct the specific exercise for straightening the team.
  •  you are fair and treat your employees equally and with respect
  •  you provide resources and training which is needed to your employees to fulfill the responsibility
  •  you are communicating is open and friendly with the team
  •  you acknowledge and appraise the employee’s accomplishments and treat them fairly.

 here are some comments that you can use for improvement

  • You are biased and show favors to some employees as compared to others in the team.
  • You get frustrated with the hires who are new and don’t coach them properly.
  • He provides no recognition to team members for their effort and hard work.
  • You fail when delegating the tasks much more effectively and fairly between your team. 
  • She often ends up creating a communication gap without giving the information to their subordinates.
  • You can’t explain the goals and objectives for the task in clarity to the employees. 

Problem Solving 

Well, one of the much-required skills is important and becomes prevalent among the employees from higher authority. 

This also means the skill of defining a problem for determining the cause, identifying, prioritizing, and selecting the alternative solution for implementing the solution. 

Here are the points to consider : 

  • You are articulate and explain the idea as well as opinions which is clearly leaving no chances of miscommunication.
  • He gathers all the needed facts and information before finding the solution’s problem.
  • She came up with a unique and practical solution.

Here are the points of the improvement : 

  • You need to be a little more decisive and assertive when you are giving out directions.
  • He is hurrying to make the decisions without taking the full details of the problems into account.
  • You should have collaborated with others more and to come up with something better solution 

Employee’s Work Ethics 

Well, it includes everything when it comes to employee work ethic such as coming in time, being honest, working with diligently, and respect towards the people in the workplace,

when you analyze the ethics of employees and morale assistance for preventing demotivating as well as inappropriate behavior in the workplace. 

Here are some of the positive appraisals that you can consider :

  • You are respectful as well as fair towards the people in the organization.
  • He is regarded as highly credible by those with whom he worked.
  • You are punctual and understand the value of others’ time.
  • You abide by the rules and policies of the company.

Here are some of the points that need improvement. 

  • When it comes to pursuing his goals, he keeps his integrity aside.
  • Your behavior towards your colleagues is not appropriate.
  • She is not that responsive to employee concerns when it comes to unfair treatment.
  • He plays favorites and is biased in his judgment. 
  • He doesn’t take other opinions into account when he is making some important decisions. 

Productivity Of Employees

Productivity is another important aspect when it comes to the performance of your employees. 

The work of their quality and quantity can show what expectations you should be putting and how they are working so far.

Here is the positive appraisal comment to consider : 

  • You have displayed a consistent level of your performance in work.
  • She seeks the opportunity to be more productive.
  • Your positive attitude towards the work encourages others to perform well.
  • He shares his knowledge of industry trends as well as best practices for achieving enhancing outcomes for his job.
  • You are a detail-oriented individual who is positive about the work. 

Here is the improvement that you might consider : 

  • Your work doesn’t comply with the output standard which is needed.
  • You should take more training as well as development courses for boosting your knowledge and skills.
  • Before handing over his project, He needs to focus on details and the nitty-gritty 

Collaboration And Teamwork For Your Employees

Collaboratives are helpful in improving driving results. When the team works with each other and together, it can help you to improve to get better results. 

Brainstorming ideas can help in the decision and generating the ideas to put together,  with appraisal comments, this can help in overcoming the personal conflicts and contributing to the team. 

Here are some of the positive comments to consider : 

  • He is a great team player, and he shows respect and appreciation.
  • You relied on team members.
  • You support each other in completing the tasks and are always ready to help.
  • You respect others and give everyone opportunities for expressing their opinion.

Here are the needs for improvement to consider.

  • You are being inconsiderate towards other ideas and opinions.
  • She tries to take credit for work done by someone else on the team.
  • He really comes with any concrete solutions for helping in completing the project.
  • You use the seniority for dominating the team members,
  • You are exceeding the expectation when you are working solo, but you have issues when you are in a team expressing opinions and ideas. 

Time Management 

In corporations regarding if it’s big or small where the pressure can be insurmountable.

Employees often have a hard time finishing work.

They are not able to delegate and prioritize the tasks.  With time management,  appraisal comments can help in appreciating those who are managing it perfectly. 

It also gives you encouragement for those who are not managing their time well.

Here are some of the positive ways that can help in performance appraisal comment, it includes : 

  • You deliver the works which are urgent without compromising any details.
  • You always meet the given deadlines and make the best use of the right time.
  • He prioritizes work without getting tangled with the details.
  • She exceeded the expectations by delivering the assigned work despite the tight schedule. 

Here are some of the comments that you can use for the improvement.

  • You push deadlines constantly and fail to deliver your work on a given time.
  • You are unable to calculate the time which is required for completing tasks.
  • You lack a sense of urgency.
  • She started to deliver her work but in low quality just to finish the work on time. 

Interpersonal Skills 

While interpersonal skills are something that come naturally to some people.  However, for some people, they have to cultivate experience and knowledge.

Investopedia defines this as an employee’s ability to work well with others while focusing on performing the job.

All of these skills can range from improving communication to basic etiquette for active listening. 

It is an important quality, as well as behavior people use for interacting with others. 

Here are some of the positive ones that you can consider: 

  • You have the skills for community and share your vision clearly with others. 
  • He does approach others’ effort that they put into achieving the target and also encourages them to perform better.
  • You can easily adapt to various situations and understand people.
  • You disagree with people but keep it in a graceful and respectful manner.
  • You treat everyone equally and communicate with respect to your peers. 

Here are some of the points when needed for doing the improvement 

  • He finds it difficult when it comes to express his feelings and emotions which leads to misunderstanding.
  • When you get any kind of feedback, you don’t take it in a positive way.
  • She doesn’t invest time in developing and sustaining positive relationships along with beneficial relationships.
  • You don’t listen to and take people’s opinions into consideration. 
  • He doesn’t contribute to his team activities that effectively. 

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