What Is Japanese Blood Type Personality? A Guide

Over the years, Japan evolved as it became an ultramodern country from being a traditional one.

With the advancement in technology, they make others believe that they are not a country that dwells in old-fashioned and non-scientific beliefs.

However, there are some beliefs that have their own theories. One of them is the blood type personality in japan.

In Japan, people tend to ask about the blood type of someone they met. It’s to know what will be the compatibility and temperament based on their blood type. To know better, here Is the guide for you.

What Is Japanese Blood Type Personality?

The chances of encountering such a question while you are in Japan are high; people can ask what your blood type is.

It’s the most common question regardless of whether you are in urban or rural areas.

Even though it’s weird for other countries, it’s normal in Japan to ask about a person’s blood type.

In Japanese culture, it’s believed that a person’s blood type is essential to understand their personality.

Also, it determines whether they will be compatible or how they will work.

Even the theory is used for making friends and conversing when they meet someone new.

The Origin Of Blood Type Theory

To understand better, here is a history behind where the blood personality is generated.

  • In 1916, Kimata Hara, a Japanese doctor, published his research paper claiming that blood groups are linked to a person’s temperament.

  • Around 1925, the military started to believe that soldier blood could be identified to know their weakness and strength.

  • However, Takeji Furukawa, a psychologist, opened their eyes for others when he mentioned his thesis called “The Study Of Temperament Through Blood Type”.

  • In his thesis, he mentioned the idea of basing the school entrance exam on the arcades’ abilities and personalities.

  • However, some academies in 1933 did his work. Afterward, the decision regarding the theory died down.

  • But in 1970, Masahiko Nomi brought back the theory of Takeji Furukawa to life.

  • Influenced by Frujuakwa’s theory, Masahikp published a book on blood types and the relationship between personalities.

  • The book became a hit and was rewarded as a bestseller, bringing the theory into the mainstream.

  • 1980’s, the theory was used in different mediums like film, music, and tv. And since then, it has been used by people in today’s time too.

Why Is Blood Type Personality Important In Japanese Culture?

It’s a good idea to have knowledge about your blood type

However, in Japan, everyone knows about theirs, but it’s not that common in many foreign countries.  

Many Japanese people believe that different blood types have their own affinities and personality.

So it has become common for them to ask about their blood type to guess their personality.

Even women in their 20s and 30 also use this to select their partners.

Different books have mentioned and talked about blood type personality.

Well, one of the bestsellers is A, B, O, AB gata jibun no setusmeisho, also known as A Guide to A, B, O, AB blood type.

An unknown author writes the book; however, the pen name is Jamais Jamais.

What Are Blood Type A?

Well, if you have Blood type A, the person is described as a kitchen or someone who is well organized.

Most Japanese have blood type A.

Personality Traits As Blood Type A

You Are Sensitive Toward The Feelings

People with Type A blood are most sensitive and also keying emotional needs.

  • This makes you kind and considerate; however, you are foreign to the wishes to please the cooks and friends.

  • The personalities also seek to please and also make them feel accepted and loved.

  • They are thought of as great listeners.

  • If you have blood type A, you are reliable and can be counted on to have emotional support and help.

  • You Prefer To Be Professionals

  • The personality who has type A blood is focused on details and pays attention to every minute detail.

  • You are someone who can be trusted diligently; you can work on something with complete focus.

  • You also tend to be perfect rather than sacrifice quality. They prefer to sacrifice time to make sure work is perfect as it should be.

You Tend To Be introverted.

People who have type A Blood tend to be introverted by nature.

  • They keep themselves private and not so comfortable when it comes to sharing with others

  • They are not exactly antisocial, but they rather do not waste the time of others.

  • If you have the blood type, you might come across as shy and reserved.

  • Also, you need time to decompress the emotion and feelings you had in a day.

  • You don’t feel energetic when you are in a group or in social interaction.

You Get Anxious Easily

Well if you have blood type A, you might have extremes which make you look calm and quiet, however, you can easily get into anxiety as compared to other blood types.

Maybe it’s because you have the nature of putting others’ emotions and needs before your own.

Also, there are high chances due to bottling up what you feel inside you.

You need the time and prefer to be alone so you can relieve stress.

If you can easily get stressed if things are not going your way.

You Can Be Stubborn

Since the blood type tends to be the perfectionist in what they do, they can only look at the facts they agree on.

Also, you are stubborn which makes you presume that you are always right and others are not.

You cling to the position until you are given the evidence.

You Can Be A Perfect Economist, Accountant, or Librarian

Blood type A has the personality and behavior which makes them suited for work that needs a strong sense of order, focus, and discipline.

For you, anything that is related to the financial world is perfect since you believe numbers don’t lie.

Also, you have the mathematical solution for the problems.

You are good with large volumes of data like jobs economists and librarians would need.

You can be a strong artist and designer if you put the details in your art.

You Prefer To Go Slow In Relationship

People with type A who are in love or in a relationship would prefer to be slow when they are new.

It might be because you have general social anxiety or introverted nature.

You tend to be self-conscious and have anxiety when you’re around people who are new.

So you need someone who can have to understand and be patient when interacting with you.

Once you are comfortable, you can become the most loyal and closest person.

However, it takes time to form that level of relationship.

Famous People With Blood Type A

What Is Blood Type B?

You are generally described as Jikochu or selfish if you have blood type B.

Well, the blood type is known for being creative and having a sense of curiosity but loses interest quickly and easily too.

Personality Traits Of Blood Type B

You Are All About Yourself

For people with blood type B, it’s one of Japan’s next most common types.

  • Well, it’s someone who has focused on themselves; the most associated trait is being self-centered.

  • If you have the Blood type B, you tend to believe that the world revolves around you.

  • Also, you have a sense of honesty and directness, making you answer without any files and input.

  • You have truthfulness which can be your positive trait.

  • Also, it comes from a sense of road that prevents you from hiding what you truly feel and lying.

You Are Highly Creative

Since the blood type is independent thinkers, they tend to have extremely creative.

  • Also, you are someone who sees the salutation in a sensible way that no one else can think.

  • You don’t feel afraid if things are risky as it’s not what you really once about.

  • You have a passion for everything, and if you direct the energy properly, you can be an amazing problem solver.

  • The blood type is someone who constantly looks for outlets to use their energy.

  • Because of this, you have several hobbies that make you express more about yourself in different ways.

You Are Someone Who Makes Everyone Comfortable

Even though you have blunt honesty, you make everyone feel comfortable.

  • You have the personality of being easygoing.

  • Since you are direct and open, you can know what others are going through.

  • Also, you can provide a sense of comfort, and little setbacks don’t make you feel upset.

  • Instead of letting it affect you, you find ways to make it work.

  • You can easily craft up backup plans when things go wrong,

  • This makes you someone who can be realized when it up delivering at last minute

You Have The Free Spirit

People with Type B blood have their independence expressed in their way of living and overall personality.

  • You have a personality that dances on your beat and drums.

  • This makes your radical life change on a whim but also has the revision way to express hostility towards the established system.

  • Sometimes it brings negativity, but the deep root is to forge the real path.

  • Just as you want to be creative to express yourself.

  • This also lets schedules or systems hamper the ability to change your mind or be ready for spontaneous decisions.

You Might Be Impulsive

Since the blood type has free personalities, this makes you prone to impulsive thoughts.

  • If you feel that you are holding back or bound to something or someone, you don’t hesitate to cast it aside.

  • Also, the blood type is self-centered and has the focus on making themselves satisfied as they have it as the primary motivator.

  • If there is something that is not making you satisfied, it is not important or has any worth.

  • You have the mind and misguided optimism which assumes to find the best out of everything.

  • For you, downloading is not something that occurs.

You Can Be Perfect For a Business Owner, Artist, And Journalist

The blood type B is someone who needs to have the high egress of being flexible and making decisions quickly.

Another field that you can think of is something that involves freedom and creativity.

People with type B blood enjoy the thrill they get in being entrepreneurs.

Also, throw everything they have into what they do and make sure to be the best.

This can be a successful musician or artist with the center of attention and the ability to express what you feel.

The possessions which have confrontation are also good, like being a consultant and journalist.

Your Ideal Romantic Reaction Is About You

Since blood type B is someone who enjoys being in the center of attention. So when you are in a romantic relationship, it might be a struggle.

  • For you, it’s hard to consider the feelings of others as you do it for your own feelings.

  • Feeling good or slighted when you receive a response after you share your feelings makes you upset.

  • When you give gifts, you want to receive the thank you profusely.

  • Also, you want to be recognized and appreciated when you  put your mind to something.

  • Well, if you have the blood type, you need to be more considerate towards wanting at least to keep the relationship healthy.
Famous People With Blood Type B

What Are The Blood Type O?

If you have blood type O, you are rakkanshungi or optimistic.

Those who have the blood type o, they have leadership abilities, are outgoing, and are able to set the mood for everyone.

Also, you don’t really care about the little things, and sometimes you can freak out people, especially those who have blood type A

Personality Trait Of Blood Type O

You Are A Natural Leader

Well, those who have blood type O are known as a natural leader

They are also universal donors, similar to someone who has the  AB type.  You have easy success in any setting.

  • This makes you a natural leader, and you can always rush to be in front when it comes to taking charge.

  • Also, you have a strong sense of what should be done and can motivate others to act.

  • The blood type also helps others achieve goals, and they can do it by taking a leadership role.

You Prefer To Do Things But In Your Way

The blood type personality is often described as someone who is independent and highly conscious.

Regardless of what you wild or if it will be based on your own opinions as well as your experience,

You would never act in a creative way just because it is accepted by the social or industry standard.

You make the questions on decisions that others might be afraid of.

You have no interest in following someone’s path; instead of that, you would create your own.

You Tend To Be A Self Starter

Those who have Type O blood, they never told when they have to take actions.

You are someone who would be the first to volunteer. If there is some extra work or questions that need to be answered,

Also, you never feel shy to share your opinions and seek the conciseness of others.

If you see that there is a need for something, you do your best to do it on your own.

You Can Be Arrogant

For someone who has self-confidence at a high peak, It can be a stumbling block for you.

This can make you look too prideful and arrogant because you believe what you do is right.

Also, you decide to take the roles when others don’t; it makes you believe that you have more worth to be successful.

This also offends someone. Also, being uncertain and defiant is a sign of betrayal and disloyalty.

You Can Be Ruthless

The blood type is someone who carves for success, and to achieve it, they can be ruthless.

Also, you tend to do whatever in order to win, sometimes, if it needs to step on and over orders, you are willing to do it.

As for you, what others feel and think doesn’t hold importance.

You are quick to a disciple of others’ opinions which you might perceive as a threat.

This tendency can turn dangerous if not properly treated; understanding others is important.

You Can Be a Great Political or CEO

For you, being on top of the food chain is your dream.

You thrive for the position which makes you the leader; because of this, you can be a great CEO and elected officer.

Also, you like to win, which makes you strongly desire to be number one.

You Tend To Be a Hopeless Romantic

Despite focusing most on Yourself, you long to have deep interpersonal connections.

This makes you extremely hopeless when it comes to romance.

For you, the ideal thing is where everything goes according to the way you want.

You might also be forceful when it comes to dialing the relationship that you have in your mind.

When things don’t work in your way, you can be highly disappointed and disillusioned.

Famous People With Type O Blood

What Are The Blood Type AB?

If you have the blood type AB, well, it means you have the mixed personalities of both blood types A and B.

Since AB is a hybrid, you are often seen as someone who has a complicated and dual nature.

You can be shy like Blood type A but outgoing like Blood type B.

In Japan as well as other parts of the world. Blood type AB is considered the rarest and hard to find.

If you have the AB blood type, it means you are Kawamoto Or eccentric.

Personality Traits Of Blood Type AB

You Are a Rational Thinker

If you have the blood type AB, not only are you the rarest in Japan and worldwide, but also it makes you a highly rational individual.

Also, you organize everything and every piece of information that makes the scenes.

You have the quest to find something that you can learn.

Not just that, you have a thirst for growth and experience so you can fuel your passion and ability to perform better.

You look for ways through methodology in order to learn before you take the next step.

You Are Someone Who Prefers to Organize Everything

To you, the optimal system site is the most important thing.

Your home never gets cluttered, and you put all of your belongings and items in their place and in order.

 You have self-control and never let anything go unkempt or unruly.

Not just that, but you are serious when it’s about sticking to your plans and schedules.

When something gets thrown off balance, it makes you feel upset.

Even though you have the highly orange trait, you are still reliable and have a backup plan ready.

You are someone who wants to do things in a way, but it doesn’t mean that you are not ready to try something new if it works.

You Can Be Cool Or Distant To Others

The person with the AB blood time can be introverted and spend time on things they like instead of wasting it on social settings.

Because of this, you can seem distant from your coworkers and friends.

Also, you might be harsh or unfeeling towards others.

However, you do not have the same level of sensitivity and predisposition.

You also prefer to be more objective and focus on facts. The feeling or opinion does not hold much weight for you.

Something makes sense to you but doesn’t mean what others think.

You Can Be Highly critical.

Individuals who have AB-type blood can be the first when it comes to being crucial about someone.

They don’t have a filter when they are sharing the opening with others.

This makes you more focused on the wrong things instead of focusing on the hard work and effort that others put in.

While you might believe that working towards the goal is what brings the best outcomes of providing the assessment, which should be honest.

You will be quick to dismiss if something is not right, even though it’s mostly corrected.

You aren’t just critical of others but of yourself too; as for others, you have high standards which you put on yourself too.

You Are Not Easily Forget Things

If someone offended you, you are not someone who will forget and forgive.

Instead of that, you hold the grudge, and it might go on for a long period until you find it’s not reasonable to carry it more.

If you feel that someone did wrong to you, you will maintain your innocence and need justice no matter what it costs.

For you, right holds more importance than any relationship or connection.

This also makes you quick to judge, and you can avoid people if you have a bad experience with them, even if it’s just one time.

You Can Be a Great Social Worker, Lawyer, And Teacher

People who have Type AB blood have a strong sense of what is right and what Is wrong.

Because of this, you can be excellent when it comes to giving the direction of debating.

You can consider being an ideal teacher or instructor as it includes the high address of the organization.

Apart from this, you are good at roles where clarity in communication and attention to detail is required.

You can do the job well as a counselor or lawyer.

You are also good if you need a direct and tough supplement that needs a strong will.

You Need Space When You Are In a Relationship

When you are dating someone, you prefer to have distance.

Also, when you are friends with someone, you like to wait and assess if they are worthy of your time and effort.

For you have some understanding which is important, and if they are not living up to your standards, then you don’t find to be open up.

You also feel smothered by those who are constantly inserting themselves Into the life of others.

And because of this, you would like to have freedom when you are in a relationship or friendship with others.

Famous People With AB Blood Type

What Are The Compatibility Between The Blood Type?

Well, this also raises the question of which blood type goes well with each other.

However, compatibility can be different based on how you interpret it.

As for the Japanese blood type personality theory, it says –

Blood Type A and A

People who have A and A are similar in affection and empathy. They can also create irritation because they can be extremely intense.

Blood type A and O

They can be different personalities, as A is sensitive, whereas O is not. If they discover their weaknesses, this can be stressful.

Blood types A and B

well, type A envies B’s ability to enjoy the pace.  Whereas B feels unc with the doting of A.

Blood Type A And AB

The combination depends on person to person; AB is a hybrid of type A and B, so A would go along with AB because they have the strong side of B, which is being self-centered.

Whereas they can be strong and resilient, with AB having the strong side of A.

Blood Type O and O

Well, both have the same personality, which means they can build something frank and open.

But they can collide if they are competing with each other.

Blood Type O and B

Type O has the patience to enjoy and support type B‘s freewheeling. It means they are a good pairing.

Blood O and AB

Type O has a straightforward and honest personality, so they might have difficulty understanding A’s compressibility.

But O has resilient, which can be supportive if AB has adversity

Type B and B

One of the best combinations that can be considered is B and B, as they have preferences and pace matching with each other.

But at the same time, they can be the worst too.

Blood Type B and AB

Type B likes to take their time doing things, whereas AB likes privacy.

Both respect each other and can form a good relationship until they don’t get in their way.

They both are perfect for each other if they know how to handle it.

Blood Type AB and AB

Well, the pairing is rare. However, two Abs can build strong affection and connections.

As they understand the complexity and enjoy the genie personality they have.

But it can be intense if they don’t know how to handle it well. 

They are also rare, which makes them pretty special and hard to find. 


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