How To Be More Productive At Work? 20 Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

How To Be More Productive At Work?

The workplace, by definition, is not necessarily a fun place or enjoyable one. It is about working hard and dealing with all kinds of stressful decisions to make. 

But one of the lessons businesses have learned is that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees. 

And this is not just an observation but also research conducted by Oxford University Business school with Brith multinational telecoms. 

According to them, they found out that happy workers are 13% more productive, and workers, who are happy, they are 13% more productive. 

They found that when they are happy, they are faster in doing the tasks, as they are making more calls per hour and more conversions. 

It also impacts their other skills at work, such as problem-solving, decision-making, communication, leadership, and much more. 

The following 20 tips offer ways you can increase your work productivity

Ways To Increase Your Productivity At Work

Happiness Has Multiplying Effect 

Happiness is something that is contagious and has a multiplying effect. And when it encourages, it even spreads throughout the company. 

It truly impacts the working culture of the company. When employees take ultimate joy at working, they tend to spread happiness to their co-workers as well. 

Other people feel more encouraged to do their job with the same level of happiness, and this just keeps multiplying. 

Higher Level Of Engagement 

Happy employees tend to get more engaged in their work as compared to being unhappy or unhappy employees. 

Employees’ high level of engagement simply means bringing more energy, workforce, passion, and innovation to their job description. 

They are motivated to put everything in their work as compared to being passive or just entitled specifically to their job description. 

Most of companies can improve on this part as, statistically, most of the employees are putting a higher level of engagement and energy into their jobs. 

These employees usually do not take much ownership of their own professional growth. 

This is because they are not happy doing the job they are doing and lack the passion to excel at what they do. 

Optimistic Outlook 

An optimistic outlook or approach is essential for employees to put their effort in the right direction and keep moving. 

Happier employees are more likely to believe in themselves. They tend to jump on new opportunities as they have a positive approach towards everything. 

They are keener to take chances and never let any opportunity pass them. 

Such employees are motivated to push themselves further to new heights in their careers which increases their satisfaction and happiness even more.  

Boosts Sales 

One of the consequential benefits of happy employees at your workspace is it boosts the likelihood of increasing sales. 

Positive and happy employees are one of the main reasons behind the increased sales of businesses. 

When they are happy, they are more productive, dedicated, and hard-working. It is obvious that with increased efficiency and productivity, the sales get impacted too. 

Happy employees attract happy customers, especially in terms of customer service and product quality. 

Happy Employees Are More Successful 

This comes across as a general observation that anyone can see around them, no matter where they work. 

Happy employees tend to be more successful in their careers. It is also because they are sorted, confident, productive, and hence happier. 

So all those factors make them perform better and achieve higher success than any unhappy employee. 

More Loyal To Their Workplace

When your employees are happy in their workplace, they are excited to come every day and work for the company. 

They really enjoy giving their best to the organization. Not only do they stay longer with the company but they also become more loyal as well. 

All the good time they spend at work, they are more motivated to repay it with their loyalty and dedication. 

They are far more sincere than any other unhappy employee at work.  

They would even want to fulfill the expectation expected from them by their leaders or managers. 

Appreciating them and truly recognizing their effort is something that makes them even more loyal to the company.

They Support Each Other 

Since happy employees are highly engaged in their work, they believe in collaboration and working together. 

They are more willing to support their co-workers and offer positive support and encouragement to the people. 

Unhappy employees are full of themselves. They are too caught up with their own challenges and in fact, tend to get bitter rather than supportive. 

Happy employees on another hand, in fact, are more likely to even ask for support first from someone who needs it. 

Better In Handling Crisis 

Every company goes through some kind of adversity or crisis from time to time. The lows of any business are inevitably part of the game. 

In such tough times, the company needs dedicated, loyal and optimistic employees. 

Happy employees do not really care about failure or setback. They learn from their mistakes and move on. 

This also comes from the fact that happy employees are highly passionate and deeply connected with their work. 

More so, they are even emotionally invested in the company, feel more ownership. 

Happy employees move further in such situations by following their gut instincts and when they get out of it, they feel like heroes. 

Happy people are more capable of managing and controlling their reactions to such stressful situations and not giving in. 

Increased Employee Retention Rates 

The retention rates for happy employees dramatically increase. Such workers take pride in what they are doing and are ecstatic about it. 

Such employees are more likely to stay at the company for years to come giving their best at the job. 

Especially if the management keeps giving the person a chance to improve himself or herself and further add more responsibilities and rewards. 

These employees also have chances to become a huge asset for the company, even someone who can train or coach others. 

You only get such dramatic growth with a higher retention rate if the employee is happy and gets more rewards along with bigger responsibilities. 

Improved Health 

Happier employees feel better about working all the time. Both Physically and mentally, they feel fit and fulfilled to bring their A-game into the work. 

It can be also noticed that happier employees also take fewer sick days or for that matter, any other kind of vacation as well. 

If you have happier employees, they would have extreme clarity and untapped energy to pour out into their work. 

It is also highly crucial for them to be creative, innovative, and highly efficient to come up with solutions. 

More Honest 

Happy employees might be people who are more pleasing and very cordial with others. 

But they also happen to be more honest at the workplace. They are not afraid to express an opinion, especially if it is for the welfare of the company. 

Also, they do not align with giving too much to everything and more on the executing side. 

Even if their idea is contradictory to the boss or they disagree, they raise their opinion to be heard. 

It is just for their satisfaction that they are participating fully and being truthful to the company whatsoever. 

Honesty is one of the best traits a company can expect from their employees and is very helpful while interacting with other employees or customers. 

Everyone Like To Work With Happy People

One basic yet very effective benefit happy employees get over others is that everyone wants to work with them. 

They yield this enormous benefit of being magnetizing to people for collaboration and cooperation. 

No matter whether it is sales, marketing, customer service, or presentations, people want to listen to them and collaborate with them. 

It is also critical for building a team or leading. It also translates into the improved relationship they have with other employees, clients, customers, and employers as well. 

Developed Interpersonal Abilities 

The happier customer makes other people happy too. 

That’s about a general human behavior where people share happiness and positivity through their aura and personality. 

So if you get employees out there for customer service or any kind of customer interaction, they need to be pleasant to interact with. 

If they are happier, they are more likely to provide better customer service. 

They would be this cheerful positive-vibe people with exceptional, effective interpersonal abilities who everyone would like to listen to. 

Happier employees have a more optimistic approach toward things, and they feel more confident in communicating efficiently with customers. 

More importantly, they can take feedback well and utilize it as constructive criticism to improve. 

Boosts Creativity 

Happy people are more creative. It is a fact. Or you can say that you are more creative when you are happy. 

So, especially when the company is creative and requires creative employees to come up with fresh new ideas, their focus is to hire highly creative people. 

But even if creative people are not happy in the workspace, they won’t be able to give good results. 

Creativity frees up the space in mind and gives mental flexibility, helping to create something new. 

Happy customers are creative and more able to think and come up with solutions. 

They are also more willing to brainstorm with the team and fulfill more creative projects. 

Happy Employees Leads To Happy Boss 

When employees are happy, do their job sincerely and in the best direction possible, it also impacts the leaders in the office as well. 

The happiness of the employees is also reflected in their work. 

And when they work more efficiently and become more productive towards achieving company goals, that certainly makes the boss happy as well. 

The managers, team leaders, and the boss, all take pride and joy in working in a happy office environment. 

And a happier boss will be more generous to offer better to their employees through different means. 

They are also more likely to appreciate, and if this cycle continues, the company will only be profitable and grow more and more from there. 

Better Decision-Making Skill 

If you get full of unhappy employees working in your office, they are more likely to be in a state of constant tension and pressure. 

And what only it does is reduce productivity, focus, and ability to make the right decisions. 

They tend to make mistakes and bad decisions, whereas happy employees put their genuine effort into meeting the company goals. 

They are self-aware, focused, and dedicated, hence better at making thoughtful and rational decisions. 

Unlike unhappy employees, they are not overwhelmed or burdened to make decisions but more optimistic and planned. 

Happy Employees Also Means Happy Customers 

A lot of times, people do not see the connection here as to how happy employees impact so much to be happy customers. 

They may not be direct but certainly interdependent on each other.

If employees are happy and the company is growing in the right direction, you definitely will be getting more satisfied and happy customers too. 

Happy employees increase their morality and make them feel more valued and confident about their role in the office. 

And when employees give their best to creating the product, to managing customer service, delivery, or other various aspects of business,  it hugely impacts the whole customer experience. 

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