“You Are The Best Wife” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“You Are The Best Wife: A True Love Story” by Ajay K Pandey is based on the true story of the author and his wife. It’s a very emotional and inspiring love story.

It is an accurate love tale amidst all hardships, written in open and plain words with a liberal dose of humor.

World Best Wife Quotes

-We can’t love anyone if we can’t sacrifice anything for our family.

-Basically, there are two kinds of people; one who may have many accomplishments yet complains of having nothing, and one who has nothing yet is always grateful for little things.

-Every person has their ideology, which gives them hope.

-Happiness can’t be bought with money. Real happiness always lies in the little efforts that you put into your loved one’s life.

-Life can never be evaluated based on passing years. The beautiful memories and quality of life you lived matters in the end.

-No matter how good you do or how hard you try, some people will always criticize you. It’s on you how you channelize that negativity.

-Happiness and sadness both play a part in each individuals life.

-A true friend will always be there on both of your good and bad days. And will do anything for your happiness.

-Always try to forgive others not just because they deserve it but for your mental peace.

-One can learn the actual value of a relationship and how to manage in a relationship.

-Wounds get severely hurt when death occurs. Life and death, wounds and hurt all are related as they leave behind only empty spaces.

-From persuading their parents to consent for the marriage to be with her until the end to losing her at a young age, the husband’s life would have been unhappy.

-Death of his wife does not change his feelings towards her. Even after his wife’s death, he adores her for all the virtues she possessed.

-Every family has high hopes from their children, that they are going to make them proud but at the same time, they should also try to understand what the child wants.

-Every relationship requires communication and it plays a vital part in each individuals life. 

-Parents always want the best for their kids, and they become even more protective when their kids grow older.

-We often neglect our parents’ advice, but we regret not listening to them when something goes wrong.

World Best Wife Quotes

-It’s rare when parents appreciate you for who you are, but the truth is they always knew the real you; they just let you find your true self.

-Friendship gives all the funny memories in one’s life.

-Love is magical; no one decides to fall in love. It just happens, and the moment you realize it’s unstoppable.

-Some may not believe in love at first sight, but it does happen when you get enchanted from the very first look of the person, and it feels surreal.

-Our perspective towards our life defines our present and future. If we hold onto painful moments, then we can never enjoy our life.

-We will never know what our future holds for us; all we can do is fully live in the present.

-Every ending does not need to be happy or sad; it can be hopeful and inspiring.

-Everyone is going to die one day or another. However, the journey to reach the destination matters in the end. How you lived your life matters, not how long.

-We lose our life fighting, arguing with our loved ones while we never know how much time we have in our lives. We should express our true feelings before we lose them.

-God is the ultimate who plans out everything for us.

-Love is a perfect combination of Trust, Care, and Respect.

-We should appreciate little moments in our life.

-Making others happy will give you much more happiness than being selfish.

-Try to give love and respect to people around you. Eventually, you will find more peace and content within yourself.

-Boys utilize friendship to ascend the love ladder, while girls enjoy the saga of company.

-It was preferable to die with clarity than to live on a ventilator with false hopes.

-A lover’s heart never gives up to cheer for his beloved.

-It’s simple to make friends, but it’s far more challenging to keep them.

-Every man has a father in him, and every girl has a kid.

-It’s always comforting to watch a loved one smile.

-We should always cherish good days in our life.

-It’s the little things in life that matter the most. You will cherish those memories in your life.

-Marriage is all about partnership and how you complete each other’s lives.

-A great marriage is not about being a perfect couple. It’s when an imperfect couple comes together even with many differences.

-Never hurt your parents’ feelings in the path of a new life with your beloved ones.

-Blessings of your parents are far more superior than the blessings of God.

-Patience is the key to lead a happy life.

-When there is no happiness in living your life for yourself, start living for another important person in your life because it will give you immense pleasure.

-Never underestimate the love of a father; they might not show their emotions so often as they always try to stay vital for their children.

-We all have this one precious life; no one knows what will happen after we die, so better live this life spreading love, hope, and happiness.

-Time heals everything, have patience and live your life with no regrets.

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