80+ john wooden quotes on leadership

“Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization” by John Wooden is an inspiring book about his acclaimed Pyramid of Success.

The book outlines the emotional, mental, and physical qualities that are necessary for building winning organizations and talks to you about skills to develop, like confidence and competitive fire. 

John wooden quotes on leadership

-Never blame others for your mistakes.

-When you stop blaming others for your mistakes, you stop being a failure. 

-Always remember that a big thing is made out of the accumulation of smaller things. 

-Be a strong leader and learn to give credits to others and take the blame on yourself. 

-Never be a weak leader by blaming others and pushing everyone around. 

-You have to remember to treat everyone the way he/she deserves to be treated. 

-When you treat everyone the same, it is very unfair and partial. Not everyone has earned the same level of respect.

-You must remember that there are no big things. There is only a logical buildup of smaller things that are done at a high level of performance. 

-Never work on something that does not bring you joy. 

-Working without enjoying it does not produce leaders. It does not produce great organizations either. 

-Always remember that drudgery is not the right way to work. 

-Be a lifelong learner. Do not stop learning as it stops your growth. 

-Good leaders always foster and inspire everyone around them. 

-In a drastically dynamic world, a learner always keeps adapting and getting better. 

-The first step to becoming a leader is to perceive the context for what it is and acknowledge your independence.

-The best leaders are the ones who know that it is what you learn after you know is all that counts most.

-Never compare your own self to others and always try to be someone that you actually are. 

-Always try and become the best version of yourself instead of focusing on who is better than you. 

-Always have control over your need to compare yourself to others. Remember to compete with yourself. 

-Respect and camaraderie are very important qualities for a good leader to possess. 

-Always try to instill good qualities into yourself and others around you.

-Remember to never steal, lie and cheat. These people do not make good leaders. 

-True leaders do not complain, whine or make excuses. 

-True leaders stand up for what is right and own up to their mistakes. 

-Never stick to who is right but to what is right. This will turn you into a sincere leader. 

John wooden quotes on leadership

-When you give your best with every effort you have, the result will never make you a loser. And when you do less than required, it is obvious that you will not be turning into a winner magically somehow.

-You have to higher the morale of people around you with lesser jobs than you and make them feel equally important. 

-Always make individuals feel valued because that will be the reason why they would perform better than before. 

-Do not make anyone feel less because of their jobs, and help them see why they and their jobs are important. 

-Always stand up for your principles. 

-Lead yourself first, before trying to help and lead others.

-Always explain to your teammates their importance. Talk to them about how their contributions are important to the success and welfare of the whole organization. 

-Never forget that the star of the team is the whole team combined. It is everyone’s collective effort that makes the team the best.

-Remember to make your members understand the importance of sharing ideas, information, and more. 

-Make the best of what you are given with now and play the cards you are dealt. 

-Always believe in yourself that you are tough enough to get over any adversity that comes your way instead of letting the adversity get to you. 

-Do not pick the best players. Always focus on picking the members that will work hard enough to make your team the best. 

-Always try to perform all the parts of your job, not just some aspects. 

-Do not become a partial performer because that will make you replaceable, as your skills will remain incomplete. 

-Success is peace of mind which is an outcome of satisfaction that you find in yourself by knowing you made an effort to become the best of something you can.

-Do what is the absolute best for you and which you are skilled enough to do. But remember to set your standards higher because it will push you to become better. 

-Stay focused on participating and being a part of the running instead of stressing about winning the race. 

-Do not worry and lose sleep over thinking about the competition. Just work on yourself.

-Always work hard to bring out your best and do the necessary things. 

-Let your competition worry about you being a strong contender and lose sleep over it. 

-Always teach your whole team to do the right thing. 

-Always define success as making the complete effort to maximize your skills, potential, and ability in whatever circumstances may exist.

-Teach your whole team to appreciate and accept the struggle happily. 

-Success will take forever to be achieved, but it can be turned around in a few minutes by a few reckless actions in no time. 

-The real deal for any leader is to think of efficient ways to put up with the team and bring them together to work as a good team. 

-The team will not achieve success unless you, the leader, are able to achieve critical goals. 

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