Conflict Management Types: Master The Art Of Peaceful Negotiation Now

Conflict is natural among employees and managers in any workplace or organization. In the workplace, conflict is essential if it is charming and optimistic. But sometimes, this conflict can be a messy and significant issue.

In an organization, the leader needs to understand what conflict management is so that they have some planning to solve it. There can be many reasons for conflict. Conflict can be created as often the opinions of the leader and employees need to match each other.

As an effective leader, you need to act positively so that at the initial stage, you can find a way to solve the conflict at the workplace. Sometimes conflict can also be controversial. Also, many researchers have stated different meanings.

What Are Conflict Management?

Conflict management refers to the process of identifying, addressing, and resolving conflicts that arise within individuals, groups, or organizations.

It involves strategies and techniques to minimize the negative impact of conflicts and promote peaceful and constructive outcomes.

Effective conflict management typically involves active communication, negotiation, compromise, problem-solving, and mediation. The goal is to find mutually acceptable solutions and maintain positive relationships while addressing and managing differences and disagreements.

Characteristics Of Conflict Management

Today one should know What conflict management is and how to solve it innovatively. If an organization is having conflict, they need a leader who can solve it very soon.

Otherwise, it can create a hostile atmosphere. In an organization, there should be positive conflict among the employees as it gives different opinions and points of view.

Conflict is a process.

Conflict always comes in layers. The first layer of conflict is the misunderstanding between two people.

The second layer of conflict is the differences among people, such as opinions, points of view, interests, and interpersonal differences.

If a conflict occurs in an organization, it can also affect employees’ relationships with each other.

To avoid conflict in the workplace, all employees should be treated equally, as their points of view should also be considered while making a plan.

Conflict is a normal part of Life.

Before understanding Conflict Management, one needs to know how to overcome this situation if you are working in a professional workplace.

Today having conflict at home or the office is a normal part of Life as often our perspective may not match other people.

This incompatibility can lead to severe conflicts if your employees do not have a strong relationship.

Conflict in an organization is not a problem, but if it is not treated correctly, it can become a big problem for employees and management.

Conflict affects the environment.

No one likes working in a hostile environment, as everyone wants peace.

If your employees have conflicts regularly, it’s evident that it will directly affect the environment of the workplace, even if you will not be able to focus on your task or project.
Having positive conflict is good as it can give different opinions from different people in achieving the company’s goal.

Conflict usually occurs when two people’s thoughts and perspectives don’t match as they think their team is right and another thinks they are right.

Concept of Conflict Management.

Conflict management can be referred to as the principle that all conflicts cannot be solved quickly, but learning how to manage conflicts can help decrease the odds created among employees and leaders.

Conflict management includes many skills related to conflict resolution, self-awareness related to conflict, conflict communication skills, and managing conflict in your organization. Every organization has a minor conflict, but they should know how to solve it effectively.

Types Of Conflict Management

To understand conflict management, here are listed types that you should be aware of. It includes:

Based on the environment.

Conflicts can be of many types, such as conflict with self, between two persons, and between employees and leaders, which means organizational.

These organizational conflicts are of two types such as inter-organizational and inter-organizational both can be real and recognized.

Generally, inter-organizational conflicts mean conflict between two or more organizations, whereas inter-organizational conflicts mean competition between companies.

Also, interpersonal conflict is divided mainly into intergroup and intragroup conflict.
Conflict in an organization is not new, as more than two people working there will have different views, opinions, and perspectives.

Different views and perspectives clash, so conflict is created in an environment that should be positive despite the negative.

Based on the scope.

Here conflict can be both essential and effective. An actual conflict is related to the workplace, not to a particular person, whereas affective conflict is filled with different emotions.

Also, an actual conflict can depend upon a particular situation, method, or way of getting a solution to the problem and goals.

In general, it can involve work-related and process-related conflicts based on scope.
Some conflicts are created by disagreements related to meeting schedules and dates, interpersonal work assignments, and how to solve disagreements.

Compelling conflict can quickly solve the problem between employees and leaders more effectively as it deals with interpersonal relationships.

Based on Results.

What is Conflict Management? To understand this concept, you need to know about the nature of conflict, how it occurs in an organization, and how it impacts it.

Conflict can have many different results, such as positive or negative, creative or limited, and constructive or destructive.

Altheseis conflicts have a huge impact on an organization as positive conflict is OK but negative conflict can make the environment negatively. If you have a leader in solving it, it can turn into a big problem.

The result of conflict is always seen as bad because if it is handled poorly, more and more misunderstandings can take place among the people, which can’t be solved easily.

Every conflict needs to be constructive so that it can bring clarification towards problems and issues, bring solutions for the problem, results in effective communication, removes stress and anxiety, solve the conflict, and helps the person to build understanding among each other.

If workplace conflict has happened, try to solve it instead of blaming each other, as it will not work and more misunderstanding will be created between persons.

Based on strategy

Most conflicts are based on strategy as it becomes very important to solve the conflict at the workplace.

Conflict can happen to anyone, so there should be a responsible person present to bring a solution to it and resolve it peacefully.

However, according to the planned strategy, conflict can be cooperative and competitive.
Here competitive conflict can be directly related to a person’s desire to win in an argument as they want to be superior to the opposite person.

So it becomes very important to solve the conflict with a planned strategy as it shows a sink and swim situation in which everyone wants to win a fight as they want to swim rather than sink.

Based on Rights and interests.

Here conflict of rights means some people have permission from the law to establish the practice.
And if the law rejects this right, it will surely lead to conflict, and such conflicts are solved by the decision, not by settlements.

Similarly, conflict of interest means a group of people can demand some advantage, but unfortunately, there is no such law, and negotiations can solve such conflicts.

Types And Characteristics Of Conflict Management

FAQs of Conflict Management.

How to avoid conflict in the workplace?

If one wants to avoid conflict in the workplace, one must give equal importance to their co-workers. Also, they should try to listen to their employee’s perspectives and what they are trying to say. However, different people will have different views and opinions, so you need to listen to create a positive environment.

Is conflict management effective for an organization?

Yes, if one can solve the conflict on time before it becomes a big problem. Conflicts in an organization are natural where more than two people work together, and there will be high chances of clashing each other’s thoughts and views.

How to solve the conflict in an organization?

If someone wants to solve the conflict in an organization effectively, they need to understand their employee’s point of view. Also, you can involve them in important projects so they can feel they are also crucial to the organization.

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