27+ Top Free Online Education Sites in 2023

If you are looking to learn a new skill, maybe it’s for a hobby or for starting something new.  Whatever your reasons,  there are different websites online which make it easy and accessible to learn skills online.

Since the future of learning is online, you can learn whatever you desire without worrying about where you are and what time it is.

Well, learning something new can be exciting, and fun, and you add one more thing to your skillset. However, to know where you can learn and how you can start, here are some of the best websites which you can try.

1. SkillShare

website to learn new skill

Skillshare started in 2010 as an American online learning community. The main purpose was to make interactive learning with the goal of learning something new by completing the projects.

Skillshare offers different videos and courses that have an overall estimated time of 20 or 30 minutes. They cover different topics based on cooking, photography, marketing, drawing, software tools designs, etc.

You can get a subscription to the course that you want to learn. Also, they have on-demand courses taught by the experts like Roxana Gay and Gary Vaynerchuk.

2. Coursera

website to learn new skill

Coursera offers more than 15000 courses which include practically any university offers, such as social science,  math, life sciences, businesses,   and humanities.

With around 140 education institutions across the world, Coursera is providing video lectures and quizzes which are interactive as well as engaging.

You can get peer-graded assessments along with social support from other learners.

However you can pay for the classes which have a cost of up to $400, and you also get the official certificate of completion. If not, then there are free courses too that you can try.

3. Cody

website to learn new skill

Cody aims to combine the power of technology, physical movement, and community together to help others to become their best self.

Cody emphasizes weight training and yoga. But here, you can also get weightlifting and meditation along with the high-quality videos

Here you can get the plans for different levels, like Power Of Ceremony, Fitflow, and Gymnastics Core Virtuosity.

Well, here you can buy the discounted bundles or get the single plans for you. Most of the classes have a price of around $39.99.

4. GMB Fitness

website to learn new skill

GMB has one mission, and that is to make you better in the activities that you enjoy doing. They have a curriculum of training programs that helps in building flexibility, body control, and strength.

Here they focus on physical autonomy and movement re-education.

GMB plans start at the foundation moment, move to flexibility, and then strength. The final is specific skills which can be parallels or gymnastics.

However, you can find the extensive library at GMB which offers science-based articles and tutorials for free.

Well, the price depends on whether you are buying the training plans individually or going for bundles. However, unlimited access of GMB can cost around $995.

5.  Udacity

website to learn new skill

Udacity is developed with industrial giants such as Salesforce, Facebook,  Google, AT & T.

Well, the platform offers a hands-on nano degree program as well as credentials for helping people to create web developers, mobile developers, and data analysts.

Each course on Udacity has different units along with quizzes and closed caption video lectures. This is helpful in understanding the reinforced ideas and concepts.

The overall program charge that you get on Udacity is $200 per month. However, the duration can vary.

6. Udemy

website to learn new skill

Udemy offers more than 35000 courses along with 19000 instructors. The platform is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to the online learning space.

There is a wide range of categories which includes academics, arts,  language, technology,  music, business, and internship.

Here you can get both free and paid courses. However, it depends on the instructor.

So you can take the online free classes, but if you want to pay the price here is between $29 and $299.

7. Treehouse

website to learn new skill

A treehouse is a place where the beginner and intermediate coders can expand or learn more about design skills, and development.

Here you get the different tracks which depend on what interests you. Treehouse offers more than 1000 videos of high quality, and it’s a great investment if you are a beginner.

Also, the price of the courses here starts at $25 per month.

8. Curious

website to learn new skill

The Curious is bite-sized sections, exercise, and attachments are based on the premise of people who stretched their brains to become more successful, happier, and living longer.

Here you get more than 20, 000 lessons. And there are different things you can learn, especially if you are looking for some practical based skills. It includes tying camping knots, training a dog, and mastering card tricks.

9. Creative Live

website to learn new skill

Creative Live is a live workshop that has creative and knowledge experts from all over the world. They have different topics that you can learn from, including video, business, audio, music,  photography, crafting, software development, etc.

You can find more than 600 classes that cost around between $100 to $200 each. Or you can try the live broadcast which is free of cost and unlimited.

Each class offers bonus reading materials and lessons.

10. Code.Org

website to learn new skill

Code.org is a non-profit organization and website which focuses on interested children or adults to learn coding as well as computer science.

The site has classes for free, so the interested candidate can learn coding. Also, it focuses on beginners.

If you want to learn deeply in subjects like iPad development and javascript, here you get curated collections of the learning sources from the best, and they are partnered with Khan Academy and Grok Learning.

11. Duolingo

website to learn new skill

Duolingo is a site that can help you in learning the language. If you understand the languages, but you don’t know how to speak or stumble when you do it.  You can learn it with Duolingo as they have 15 different languages.

The lessons are divided into bite-sized pieces which are fun to practice that take just 5 to 20 minutes a day.

Well, If you are not a beginner, you can take their placement test to determine the starting point.

The app is ad-free and free of charge, of course. You can test for the official Duolingo certificate of English fluency. However, it charges $20. Duolingo is planning to add more languages as well as certificates in the future.

12. Highbrow

website to learn new skill

Highbrow aims to help people to gain knowledge within the less amount that takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Well, you get the emails for the 5-minute lessons for ten days. You can pick your favorites from the 56 free courses. Here pick one and then the next. You can easily create the email on Highbrow.

13. Rouxbe Cooking School

website to learn new skill

Only for the culinary community members, it’s for motivating the professional and home cooks.

Rouxbe Cooking School offers courses that are instructor-guided certifications for different levels.

Well, online school believes that the best way to learn cooking is to know the techniques behind the recipes.

Here you can pay a $299.95 initiation fee, and you can get access to the site. Along with that, you need to pay $4.95 monthly, and you can get access to content and services you want on the roux.

Well, here is the online professional certification, it will cost around $1, 500. However, the seats are numbered, and it’s designed for those who are serious cooks. If you want to be a culinary professional, you can apply here.

14. Edx

website to learn new skill

Edx is founded by MIT and Harvard University, This non-profit open-source learning platform offers around 200 diverse courses.

You can learn accounting basics,  supply chain management, learn Mandarin,  write a novel, etc. Well, there is no cost. However, you can do the small donation

Also, if you want to have the official certification of achievement for adding to your profile on Linkedin, you can pay$50 per course.

15. Drawspace

website to learn new skill

Drawspace is intranasally respected and one of the most comprehensive as well as largest art education platforms.

Here you can master the drawing skills like shading techniques, skitching people and animals, creating cartoons, acrylic painting, etc.

Around 15 % of the  428 drawspace lessons are free of cost. However, to learn deeper, you can get unlimited membership annually at $150.

16. Khan Academy

website to learn new skill

Kahn Academy is a non-profit platform for free and world-class education for everyone, regardless of who they are and where they are located.

 The online Academy offers instructional videos as well as exercises including different subjects like history, art history, math, science, computer programming, and economics.

It also  includes the prep for a test like

Here they offer online tools for teachers as well as parents who want to monitor their kid’s or student’s education and see their progress. The Academy offers free-of-cost education, but donations are welcomed.

Kahn Academy encourages those people who can afford to do the contribution so others who can’t afford can learn too.

17. Guides. Co

website to learn new skill

Guides. com is a marketplace that offers content based on small businesses,  work, and life.

Here they feature hundreds of different guides such as “ how to get the first 1k customers “ or “ Guide on kitchen organizer, “ etc.

The guys are structured as a book; it features interactive content, easy-to-navigate sections, and discussion forums that include every single page.

Well, the authors can update the guides anytime; unlike the books, the content here is updated and stays current.

Also, the site allows the companies carrying the mini-series branded to replace the existing white papers,  content, and ebooks.

Here guides can be free, but some of the content requires paying $200.

18. America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School

website to learn new skill

America’s test kitchen cooking school offers a catalog of over 200 courses based on different skills such as recipe lessons, cooking basics, technique lessons, in-depth courses, etc.

You can sharpen your kitchen or knife skills, or you can learn more about what your slow cooker can do.

If you want to become the grilling master or learn to properly roast vegetables, the well-established online cooking school offers all the things for you.

You can get a membership that allows access to personalized guidance and support from the instructors. It will cost $19.95 per month. If you want unlimited access for a year, you can also sign up for $179.95.

19. Learnist

website to learn new skill

Learnist is often referred to as Pinterest when it comes to online learning.  Well, this site is a crowdsourced platform for learning that features the learn boards. Here you get the images, text, videos, etc on different topics.

Well, it includes cooking, history, crafts, technology, arts, etc. Not only can you learn anything from here, maybe making latte art interests you or you want to learn skills for nailing the interview, here you can learn everything.

Most of the contests on learning are free of cost and user-generated, but now the learning offers the learn boards created by the experts at 99 cent perfume.

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