Why Is Warren Buffett So Successful?

Who is Warren Buffett? Warren Buffett is known as one of the richest men in the world; his assets are worth more than US $86.6 billion, as recorded in 2019.

Well, the main source of his income is Berkshire Hathaway which is a conglomerate holding company. It’s located in Omaha, Nebraska.

He is an American business magnate, philanthropist, and investor.  The businessman started h by selling newspapers when he was 11 years old. Now he is 90 years old with no intention of retiring.

His philosophy of value in investments influenced investors across the world.  Also, he is knowns as the most successful investor of the 20th century.

Even though he is among the richest men, he pledged to donate 99% of his wealth to charity.

Well, the new entrepreneurs can learn a lot from them as he is the living template that using old school techniques sometimes works too.

Warren Buffett personality type You Should Know

 Some things make Warren Buffet different from others. Others well know his professional work. However, there is his personality style you should be learning about too – 


Well is synonymous with restraint, but there is a complex meaning. It’s a capacity that restrains you from being impulsive to do things that might easy or too alluring for you. 

Warren is a collector, not a stamp or coin but a money collector.  He treasured his collection similarly to anyone who treasures their objects, but having the frugality towards not spending it helps him in accumulated more. 


The conscience in humans are structured about how you judge yourself related to your success and failure 

Churchill says that success is when you go from failure to failure but don’t lose your enthusiasm. Buffett has a similar kind of concern which help him in making decision better. 

Also, it helps in recovering from mistakes and doing the things that are right. With this, he can live with the mistakes that he made. 

Cutting Your Coat 

Well, the idiom has its deep meaning, which means pertaining to the inner resources.  It also means embracing the parameters that you have with your resource instead of looking to recede the limits. 

However, it does not defeat instruction that diminishes the potential you have. But it’s accepting reality and trusting the resources instead of relying on outer elements. 

This gives you much more confidence and sticking with what you know. 

Thinking Independently 

According to Buffett, public opinion holds no substitute for thought. A large part of their thinking and success goes to his ability to think undependable. 

He’s one of those people who doesn’t let his thoughts be swayed by anyone else though, regardless of who they are and how much power they hold.  

warren Buffett’s leadership style Traits

Warren Buffett might be the most successful investor In history; apart from being the richest man, he has different leadership traits that helped him in becoming what he is right now.

Well, the treats include:

Believe in Fundamental Values

Where the financing world often gets driven by greed and fear, Warren always believed in the fundamental values and stuck with them until the end.

He stands firm with his values, saying that investing in stocks is similar to investing in business directly. If the business can get profitable in the long run, then the stock will do the same

However, in the age of new technology, there are different theories. But even then, it’s important to have the fundamental leadership  principle of discipline, character, and vision,

The new theories can come and go, but the government leadership will last longer.

Live simply

Even though he is a billionaire, Warren lives his life with simplicity.  In his house, he only has one telephone, and for work, he uses cycles.

The reason behind this is that many leaders get distracted when they start possessing many materialistic things in their life. I get too much that the motivation behind their business starts to get clouded.

Give Back To Society & Community

Buffett commented that he would donate 99% of his wealth to the Gates Foundation.

He doesn’t believe in spending all his wealth. Instead, his objective is to acclimate it, which is admirable.

The leader can impact big in the society he lives in; it can be a positive and successful change that can strengthen the leadership.

Open  And Effective Communication

He is a firm believer that leaders should always have clear thoughts so that they can present non-technical ways among their peers.

He takes this very seriously, as open communication brings more opportunities to the businessman. You Get more people and connect well with them, making your vision more distributed among the people.

It’s important to have effective communication and an open approach so the people can directly come to you.

Lessons That New Entrepreneurs Should Take From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is an inspiring and motivational personality. Anyone who wants to be successful in their life can learn a lot of lessons from him.

Even when he turned 84 years old, he commented that he was having more fun than he ever had. The reason was his love for the work. For him, it was getting better and better.

Well, to the new entrepreneurs who just started or looking for an approach that can lead them to success like Warren Buffett, here are some of the important lessons you should know.

Love Your Work

As Warren Buffet said, there will be a time when you should start what you like; you take the job you love. It will make you jump out of bed every morning.

Taking a job that you don’t like is something you shouldn’t do. It will look good on a resume, but the desire to work will slow down as time goes on.

When you listen to his interviews, Warren seems like a perfect example of someone who is passionate about what he does.

According to him, any job that doesn’t make you feel enthusiastic about it, it’s not worth even thinking about.

Take Wise Selection Of Business Associates

Warren says it’s better to be around someone better than you.  So when you pick the business associate, ensure you do it wisely.

Always choose who has better behavior than you. When you surround yourself with such people, you naturally drift in their direction.

Warren was able to find people who were successful and talented using basic networking skills.

He kept a connection with them and got inspiration from their success.  When you hang out with people who are mediocre, you never get the inspiration to do something greater and better.

Learn The Effective Communication

Communication is important in life; you might be able to do it when you are in school. However you are not able to communicate well in business, it will end any changes you have to grow and potential.

Warren wrote about the importance of communication in his shareholder letter in Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

You will get the nontechnical language, clarity of thoughts, and message that Warren does without using much jargon.

Also, there is a huge role played in his success due to his innate knowledge.

However, Warren Buffet had terrible public speaking fear, and to get rid of that, he had to enroll in different classes.

So when you look for effective communication, it’s important to ensure it’s easy and simple to understand. No matter what you write, the language should always be easy to understand, even if it’s a memo.

Don’t Do Micro Managing

Warren says hiring is important to do it well, but managing should always be little.

He believes a great leader should always focus on spotting and hiring great talent.

But let them get on with whatever they required; he never interfered and empowered them by providing them with independent feelings.

Focus On Transparency As It’s Appreciated

There are lots of reasons why Bill Gates admires Warren. And one of the reasons is his sensitivity towards the taxation-like issue. Warren is transparent even when it comes to this.

Well, the businessman says that transparency is something that always gets appreciation. And it pays off handsomely regardless of which field you are interested in.

Employees are tired of getting surprises from their supervisors. And on top of that, the demand for delivering the truth is also growing.

So for business is better to keep transparency as it builds trust and people feel more at ease doing business with them.

Manage Time Wisely

It’s important for businessman to value their time. Also, manage the time; it can’t happen until you start saying no.  Warren says that you can’t let other people set the agenda of your life.

The billionaire believes in having the time for serendipity. He showed his diary, which was remarkably empty when he was having lunch with Guy Spier. Well, he was the one who prepared an amount of $650,000 to pay for lunch with Warren Buffet.

However, the money was given to charity.

Warren explained that time management gives him the freedom to spend his time in the ways that he wants to do it. Also, he learned how to say so no when it was needed.

The leaders can manage their time more effectively, organize their office space, online, and emails to get more time in hand.

Be Ready For Risks

Buffet says that risks are important. However, he followed the basic principles when he looked at the rosy factors.

Well, he avoids doing any investment opportunities that bring catastrophe risks. He focused on investing in deals where the probability is high, and risks are lowered.

Also, he wants that entrepreneurs should learn from their mistakes, as he did.  Buffett made some of the major costly errors when he made investments with US Airways,  Energy Future  Holding, and ConocoPhillips or COP.

But to become a successful leader, it’s important to learn from the mistakes and use them to make better decisions in the future.

Those who avoid failures are not successful leaders.

Buffett comments that he made a lot of mistakes and will do more in the future. Mistakes are part of the game; it’s just important to make sure that when things go wrong, the outcomes are the right ones.

Treat Equally

The investor says that nobody should be left behind. And to become a good leader, it’s important to treat everyone equally. Also, favoritism should be avoided at all costs.

Buffet’s golden rule says the leader should reach out to competent, silent workers.

It’s important that your employee or team members feel equally treated. For this, you will need better communication and an open environment where approaching you is easy for them.

What Reasons Behind Warren Buffet That Made Him Successfully?

Well, to know what made Warren Buffett so successful that his name is virtually synonymous with the success of Wall Street.

Not only is he a great businessman but one of the most popular investors with many things that make him expect.

However, here are some of the reasons that played a crucial role in his success.

  • Buffet maintained a narrow research focus on the industry where he had most of the knowledge.

  • He values proven the businesses who were brand-named over high reading potential.
    He bets on time-tested businesses with tight competition.

  • He has a trustworthy team that is a must-have for investment purposes. He values the team of highly competent and trustworthy teams to grow its business. 

  • He invested in a dividend stock, which hugely impacted his success. 

  • Buffett does one of the most powerful things in investment: doing nothing.

    He let the investment play out and let the compounding work do its magic. 

  • He has surrounded himself with investors who are competent and have potential. 

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