25+ Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas For 2023

Recognizing and expressing gratitude towards employees is a powerful means to demonstrate your appreciation for their commitment and effort, particularly in the constantly changing virtual environment. 

Here, we’ll cover ten virtual employee appreciation ideas to help you thank your team and recognize their achievements in the new year of 2023. 

From virtual happy hours to recognition badges, these virtual employee appreciation ideas will help your team stay motivated and engaged while working remotely. 

In the modern workplace, employee appreciation is more important than ever. 

With remote work becoming increasingly popular, virtual employee appreciation is crucial to maintaining morale and fostering positive colleague relationships. 

Great Virtual Employee Appreciation Ideas

Here are 10 Awesome Virtual Employee Appreciation ideas in 2023:-

1) Schedule Weekly Check-ins 

Regular check-ins with employees can boost morale and keep employees connected. 

A weekly scheduled check-in is a great way to keep everyone informed, aligned on goals and objectives, and aware of potential issues or challenges.

These check-ins should be brief and focused on communicating openly, allowing employees to voice their concerns and ideas in a judgment-free environment.

2) Send personalized thank-you notes 

Expressing your appreciation for employees is a great way to make them feel valued. Sending personalized thank-you notes is an easy and effective way to do so. 

First, take the time to write a meaningful message acknowledging each employee’s hard work. Then, make it memorable by including a few words about how they helped your organization achieve its goals. 

This small gesture will show your employees that you genuinely appreciate their efforts.

3) Create a virtual happy hour 

Conducting a virtual happy hour is a practical approach to demonstrating your employees’ worth. 

Invite everyone for an hour of conversation and camaraderie over drinks. Encourage people to engage in non-work-related discussions and get to know each other better. 

This simple gesture will let your employees know you care about them and their well-being. It’s fun to end the workweek and show your employees they are valued.

4) Give employees a day off 

Giving employees a day off is an effective method of thanking them. Employees need time to rest, recharge, and take care of themselves. 

Giving them a day off from work allows them to do this while showing that you value their contributions. 

This may be performed as a one-time occurrence or yearly. In addition, providing employees with a day off can help boost morale, improve productivity, and foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation.

5) Promote a healthy work/life balance

The key to a productive and successful work environment is ensuring employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

Encouraging employees to disconnect from work and take breaks when needed can help ensure they are calm and energized. 

Additionally, you can provide flexible work hours so employees can adjust their schedules to fit their needs. 

Finally, allowing your employees to take vacation days to disconnect and recharge fully is essential. 

By promoting a healthy work/life balance, you will be able to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty.

6) Encourage employees to disconnect from work

A meaningful way for employers to show appreciation for their employees is to encourage them to disconnect from work. 

With the rise of remote working, ensuring employees can unplug from work and take a break is more important than ever. 

Creating distinct boundaries between work and personal life can help your employees refresh, return to work with renewed energy, and ultimately increase productivity.

Encourage regular breaks during the day and logging off at a particular time each night to help employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. 

Remind them that taking breaks and turning off work benefits their mental and physical health. This might involve a set lunchtime or a group event once a week. Additionally, remind your employees that they should only feel obligated to reply to emails after-hours if necessary.

7) Show your appreciation all year round

“Regardless of the season, it is vital to recognize and value your staff’s committed efforts and dedication..” 

Showing gratitude should be an ongoing process. Even small gestures can have a significant impact on your employees. 

Demonstrate to your employees that their work is valued all year round, in whatever way you see fit. 

For example, you can send regular emails thanking employees for their efforts, recognize them during team meetings, or provide verbal feedback whenever possible. 

You can also create surprise gift boxes filled with treats and other goodies to show appreciation.

8) Virtual Appreciation Wall

Create a virtual appreciation wall where employees can post their achievements, milestones, and contributions. 

This creates a sense of employee pride and accomplishment and promotes a culture of recognition and appreciation.

9) Virtual Employee Surprises

Surprise your employees with virtual gifts or tokens of appreciation such as e-gift cards, vouchers, or thank-you notes. 

This unexpected gesture can boost employee morale and motivation.

10) Virtual Mentorship Programs

Offer virtual mentorship programs where employees can connect with senior leaders or experienced colleagues to learn from their knowledge and expertise. 

This promotes professional growth and development.

11) Virtual Recognition Awards

Host a captivating virtual awards ceremony that celebrates employees’ exceptional achievements and contributions. Create an online platform where employees can nominate and vote for their peers in various categories.

From “Most Innovative Thinker” to “Team Player Extraordinaire,” recognize individuals or teams who have made a significant impact. Design virtual certificates or trophies that can be emailed or shared electronically with the winners.

During the virtual ceremony, announce the winners and express appreciation for their outstanding work, fostering a culture of recognition and motivation.

12) Virtual Wellness Challenges

Cultivate a healthy and connected workforce by organizing engaging virtual wellness challenges. These challenges can range from step-counting competitions to yoga sessions or even healthy cooking contests.

Provide employees with resources, such as fitness apps or online classes, to support their participation. Encourage team members to share their progress and experiences, fostering a sense of camaraderie and motivating each other to prioritize their well-being.

13) Virtual Team-building Activities

Strengthen collaboration and morale by planning interactive virtual team-building activities. Engage employees in online escape rooms, virtual scavenger hunts, or trivia contests to foster teamwork and build relationships.

These activities can be facilitated through video conferencing platforms or specialized team-building tools. Encourage open communication, problem-solving, and fun interactions to enhance team dynamics and create memorable experiences.

14) Virtual Learning Opportunities

Empower employees with virtual learning opportunities that enhance their professional development and skills. Provide access to virtual learning platforms, webinars, or online courses relevant to their roles or personal growth.

Encourage employees to share their newfound knowledge with their team through presentations or workshops, promoting a culture of continuous learning and skill-sharing.

15) Virtual Coffee Breaks

Create virtual coffee breaks as a platform for employees to gather online and foster social connections. Schedule regular informal sessions where colleagues can engage in casual conversations, share personal updates, and unwind from work-related tasks.

Encourage employees to bring their favorite beverage and create a relaxed atmosphere that replicates the experience of a physical coffee break, promoting social bonding and team cohesion.

16) Virtual Employee Appreciation Cards

Foster a culture of gratitude and appreciation by creating digital or e-cards that employees can send to express their recognition and appreciation for their colleagues.

Provide a variety of templates or customizable options that allow employees to personalize their messages. Encourage team members to acknowledge specific achievements, acts of kindness, or positive contributions, strengthening relationships and boosting morale.

17) Virtual Recognition Shout-outs

Establish a dedicated virtual platform, such as a chat channel or email thread, where employees can publicly recognize and appreciate their colleagues’ accomplishments and efforts.

Encourage team members to share success stories, express gratitude, or highlight exceptional teamwork. This ongoing recognition promotes a positive work environment and encourages a culture of appreciation and support.

18) Virtual Birthday Celebrations

Celebrate employees’ birthdays by hosting virtual parties or sending personalized virtual gifts. Coordinate virtual gatherings where team members can come together to celebrate the birthday individual with music, games, and shared memories.

Alternatively, send virtual gift cards, e-vouchers, or digital gifts tailored to each employee’s preferences. Encourage team members to share well wishes and celebrate the special day, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

19) Virtual Employee Spotlight

Showcase the achievements and contributions of individual employees or teams through a virtual employee spotlight program. Feature their success stories, notable projects, or personal journeys on your company’s website or internal communication channels.

This recognition not only celebrates their accomplishments but also inspires others and highlights the diverse talents within the organization.

20) Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Organize virtual volunteering initiatives that allow employees to contribute to remote activities and make a positive impact. Provide opportunities for employees to mentor students online, support charitable causes, or participate in virtual fundraising events.

Collaborate with organizations that offer remote volunteering opportunities and encourage employees to get involved. By engaging in virtual volunteering, employees can feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment while making a difference in their communities.

21) Virtual Book Club

Foster a culture of continuous learning and personal growth by starting a virtual book club for employees. Select books related to professional development, leadership, or any other topic of interest. Provide access to e-books or audiobooks to ensure easy participation.

Set a regular schedule for discussions where employees can share insights, engage in thoughtful conversations, and recommend future reading. This virtual book club encourages intellectual stimulation, knowledge sharing, and camaraderie among team members.

22) Virtual Recognition Wall

Create a virtual recognition wall or board where employees can express their appreciation for their colleagues. This can be accomplished through a shared document or an online collaboration tool.

Encourage employees to post messages, stories, or specific examples of how their peers have made a positive impact. The virtual recognition wall serves as a visual reminder of the valued contributions and efforts made by individuals within the organization, fostering a culture of appreciation and recognition.

23) Virtual Skill-sharing Sessions

Encourage employees to share their skills and expertise by organizing virtual skill-sharing sessions. Provide a platform for employees to offer short workshops or presentations on topics they are knowledgeable about.

These sessions can cover a range of subjects, from technical skills to personal hobbies or interests. Employees can learn from one another by facilitating these virtual skill-sharing sessions, promoting collaboration, and enhancing their professional growth.

24) Virtual Employee of the Month

Implement a virtual “Employee of the Month” program to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions within the organization. Allow employees to nominate their peers for consideration.

Announce the selected employee through a company-wide announcement, highlighting their accomplishments and the reasons behind their selection.

Recognize the chosen employee with a virtual badge or certificate, symbolizing their exceptional performance. This program motivates employees, boosts morale, and showcases the positive impact of their hard work.

25) Virtual Appreciation Video

Organize a heartwarming virtual appreciation video to express gratitude and recognition for employees. Invite team members to record short video messages expressing their genuine appreciation for their colleagues’ hard work and contributions.

Compile the recorded videos into a montage, carefully arranging them to create a meaningful and engaging narrative. Add thoughtful transitions, background music, and captions to enhance the viewing experience. Share the final video with the team during virtual company-wide meetings or other communication channels.

This virtual appreciation video serves as a powerful reminder of the collective appreciation within the organization, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie among employees.


What are some virtual employee appreciation events?

Virtual employee appreciation events can include virtual award ceremonies, online team lunches, virtual happy hours, virtual talent shows, and virtual wellness programs.

How can I personalize virtual appreciation efforts?

Personalizing virtual appreciation efforts involves tailoring the recognition to each employee’s preferences and interests.

This can be done by sending personalized messages, providing customized rewards, or organizing activities based on individual preferences.

Can virtual employees be recognized publicly?

Yes, virtual employees can be recognized publicly through virtual platforms.

This can include showcasing their achievements in company-wide emails, sharing success stories on social media, or featuring them in virtual town hall meetings.

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