Unique Selling Proposition: Definition, Importance And Steps

For an entrepreneur, formulating a unique selling proposition is important for a business. The question is: what exactly is a USP, and how do you go about developing one for your business? How are you going to stand out in the competition? 

There is no way to deny the fact that smart marketing can make or break a product or service, irrespective of how big the company is. 

The answer to all these questions will give you an idea of why customers need to choose your brand.

What Is A Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition describes how unique your company is and how valuable it is to the target audience.

 It clearly indicates why a customer should do business with you rather than with your competitors.

Sometimes, a unique selling proposition becomes a selling point for a company. Though it is not the original term, it conveys the concept well. This is an essential aspect of your successful business planning. 

More than just window dressing, your unique selling proposition should align with your growth strategy and business values. 

Perhaps the most important is your unique selling proposition, which puts your business right, left, and center.

How To Communicate Your Own Unique Selling Proposition?

The USP is called the voice of the brand. A modern-day customer is tech-savvy, and it is more than a transactional relationship with your brand. 

They aim to have a positive experience with your brand even before they think of making a purchase.

Most brand consideration is happening online, but communication of USP is way beyond the online ads, as there has to be a degree of consistency across channels. 

Irrespective of wherever your consumer meets you, the brand values and purpose are to be communicated.

Beyond that, the customer should feel that the selling proposition moves with them in the experience of your brand as they shop around and wait for a delivery.

What Are The Steps For Defining Your Unique Selling Proposition?

To develop USP, you must start with the four qualities the customers should have.

Steps For Finding Your Selling Proposition 

  • Focus on your customer
  • Root in the business value 
  • Highlight the business strength
  • Position in making a contrast of your competition  

The focus has to be on the customers.

At the heart of a unique selling proposition is the customer. Customers face a multitude of choices and need to make decisions quickly. 

To win them over, you need to understand their challenges or needs and provide them with solutions.

  • How are the customers going to shop?
  • How do they intend to use your product or service?
  • What kind of interaction do they have online or with the virtual world?
  • How does the brand align with the day-to-day experiences of the customers?

Then write down what you are offering your customers. By making this statement, you gain insights about the overall marketing positioning, and as you develop your USP, it will change.

Embrace it in your business values.

The company was created for a reason. What are the company’s values, and how do you stand behind them? A unique selling proposition is more than a statement or a catchphrase to attract customers. 

It would be grounded in something meaningful and deep. Head back to the mission and vision statements and input the customer’s needs into them. The question is: how will USP communicate something unique that conveys the demand?

When you and your team plan to start something new, you need to revisit your unique selling points. You need to test your plan against the business values and the USP. This would keep the customer focused and ensure consistency in messaging.

Showcase your strengths.

Figuring out what your strengths are required some degree of brainstorming. An honest view of your weak points is necessary to know your strengths. You need to ask the question of what to do best.

You need to recall your 4 Ps: product, place, promotion, and price. Of late, a new P has been added into the mix, that is, people. 

Once you focus on your strengths, you can identify the definite characteristics of your business plan, values, etc.

Positioning itself in relation to your competitors

The USP should clearly attribute to the customers how you will meet their needs compared to the competitors. 

The key is to be aware of their strengths, outline your competitors’ strong and weak areas, and directly contrast them with what they are selling.

  • Are you providing your customers with a better online experience than your competitors?
  • Are your values and knowledge stronger than those of the competition?
  • Do you make the process of consumers accessing and paying for your products and services easily?
Unique Selling Proposition

Importance Of A Selling Proposition

The company’s crucial position within the market environment will be defined by its unique selling proposition or selling point. 

This will assist you in understanding the core of the company and the worth of the offer. This will force you to handle problems as soon as possible without difficulties or hassles.

Understanding the Product Uniqueness

Customers might not be aware of the differences between the products when they are ready to make a purchase. 

They might not be aware of which is best for them. Based on the selling pitch, your best option will be shown at this point. Once you recognize the distinctiveness of the item, you can buy it this time with more assurance.

There are some instances where it is difficult to comprehend the novelty of the goods being offered. You have selling proposal professionals on staff, and they will strive to simplify the situation for you. 

They will emphasize the features to assist you in making a decision as quickly as possible.

Example of Effective USP

You have an example of an effective USP, and in such a situation, one can utilize words like “innovative and improved.” To emphasize the novelty and uniqueness of the item, you can also use words like “more sophisticated.” These phrases can help enhance the sale value of the products and the services.

The phrases are employed to demonstrate the excellence and high standards of the goods and services offered. 

These are the words used to describe the superiority and USP of the essential goods on offer. Utilizing laudable suggestions and criticisms, the improved features are effectively projected.


A unique selling proposition focuses on a central thing that enables a business to stand apart from the competition. You need to have the best customer service, the lowest prices, or a wider selection of online products.

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