20+ Amazing Tricks To Recharge Your Mid-Week Motivation

Well, there is no doubt that Monday is infamously hated, but a lot of people say that Wednesday is the hardest day that drains energy and motivation. 

These midweek blues not just impact mood, but also productivity, ambition, and creativity. 

If you are struggling to find the motivation to get through the mid-week and keep going, here are some amazing tricks that can rage you and make you productive for the whole week. 

Give Yourself A Reward 

When you are working, you are bound to get tired and at some point, your energy starts to drop. 

In order to recharge, you need to give yourself a read. It can be anything, depending on what you prefer, and makes you feel like a reward. 

You can sit and relax, since you are already halfway, there is no point in rushing.

You can do whatever brings you joy. You can spend time meditating, writing a notebook, or just relaxing. 

The idea is to do something that can help in reducing stress. As this is counted as one of the reasons for the mid-week slump. 

Break The Rule For Once 

You have been working in order, following the schedule, and doing repetitive mode.  

This monotonous life is making you feel bored and leads to a lack of motivation. 

In order to avoid this, you need to break the rule at least once. You can take a break and go do something that you don’t usually do during your weekdays. 

If it’s possible you can go visit the place you wanted and continue your work on weekends. 

However, it’s important that you take accountability for your work in order to establish a balance. 

Declutter The Work Space 

If you are working in the middle of clutter.  you are bound to feel unfocused and unproductive. 

Maybe it’s sticky notes, overcrowded cabinets, empty water bottles, damaged headphones, or marker pens. 

You need to clean your workspace, make sure you declutter, and make everyone organize. 

It will not just help you in cleaning the place but also be good for bringing back the concentration and focus you might have lost. 

You can also add things that can help you feel motivated and relaxed.  A Lot of people like to add greenery, this helps in feeling you are connected with nature.  So keep tiny plants near your desktop and water them every day. 

Consider Reading Something Inspiring 

Wednesday can be tough, either you are in a slump or feeling energetic. However, if you are having a down day, you need to find something that can bring back the motivation. 

And for that you need positive energy, this can help in lifting your spirit and deflecting the negative energy. 

For this, you can read books with inspiring thoughts or ideas. If you can’t read the book as you don’t have that much time to commit, you can find quotes that can help in inspiring you. 

Don’t Let Your First Half Define The Last

One of the best tricks that you should remember is not letting your first half of the week decide how the rest of the week is going to be. 

If your contractions hit rock bottom, this is because you had two days that drained the battery. 

But it doesn’t mean you can recharge it again and get back on track. So Don’t beat yourself for this and don’t give up.

Start With Something New 

Another trick that you can do is to start something new. Most people wait to start a new habit or change it until Monday. 

However mid-week slumps are the best time for switching gears and starting something new. 

With this, you are giving something to yourself to look forward to even when you are slogging through Monday and Tuesday. 

Since you already crossed the hardest part, you can ditch the stress and reward yourself. 

Focus On What You Love The Most 

If you are feeling that you can’t find something that recharges your mid-week motivation, then you should go back to what you actually love doing. 

Doing your favorite activities can help you in bringing happiness and wash away the funk. 

You can also go to the hobbit you once used to have, and try something again. 

With this, you are not investing energy to find something new. Also doing what you love can be helpful in motivating. 

Schedule Meeting With Family Or Friends 

Being socially distanced from your family and friends can also cause the underlying stress which is dragging your mid-week. 

So you can schedule a time that you want to spend with your family or friends. Not just you can pick someone whom you like to be with and enjoy your time with. 

This can help in switching you into a bad mood and give you the recharge you need to get over the midweek. 

Go For A Walk To Get Fresh Air 

One of the simple tricks that can help you in getting an instant mood fresh is to go for a walk and get some fresh air. 

You have already spent two highly tense days, and with a simple walk, you can get your spirit up. 

Also soaking up the vitamin D can also help increase the energy. 

You can go out for at least 15 minutes, but it can be 20 or 30 minutes. Make sure to not take your headphones. 

Instead of that, you need to tune in with the sounds of nature such as wind rustling leaves, birds chirping, etc. 

If you feel like you don’t want something too active, then you can simply sit outside as it’s enough to make you feel better. 

Throw Dance Party For Yourself 

There is nothing better than dancing to get out of the blues. So put your favorite music and ham out when you are alone. 

Put your music on full blast and let yourself go. This will put you in a better mood. 

You can ask the people around you to join and make it energetic for everyone who might be into this slug. 

Do Your Daily Exercise 

There is a devil on everyone’s shoulders who keeps saying to skip the day of workout and instead eat ice cream to make the day better. 

However, it’s important that you are not letting that devil control you. You need to do exercise as it will help you in making feel-good hormones such as endorphins. 

The workout floods the body with all of the good energies and helps you in relieving the built-up stress to make your day better. 

Exercise also helps you in preventing the midweek slump and helps you in staying in an energetic mood. 

Start With Something Small 

If you have a task, project, or step that you need to do, and it seems daunting and tough,  you might end up procrastinating. It’s better to divide those tasks into small steps and take only 5 to 10 minutes to do the first step. 

This can help you in getting in the flow, also refuel your motivation, and make it easier as well as fun. 

Play Music That Changes Your Mood Or Energy 

One of the easiest ways by which you can find your motivation back is to play the music. 

Depending on what you like, you can play the music and take a break and help yourself to feel inspired. 

Such breaks can help you in changing the perspective and making it more inspiring as well as open. 

Remind Of What You Are Actually Working For 

When you have low motivation during the midweek, you just wish to be back to bed and  with this, you can end up losing the will 

That’s why you need to remember exactly what you started to work for. So take some of the minutes and write down three top reasons due to why you are working at school, a job or a business. 

Mix Things According To What You like 

A rut can make you stuck mentally in the negative, so you need to mix things up.

Instead of sitting in a new spot every day, you can change your place. Listen to music or change podcasts. 

Doing simple variations can help you in renewing your motivation and add freshness to the work as well as the week, 

Make Sure To Be Kind 

It’s common to find yourself in a slump. It’s not just you but everyone gets this lack of motivation sometimes. 

So don’t beat yourself up because you fail and stumble. 

With this, you need to avoid getting into the trap of sleep beating as it won’t be going to do any benefit. instead of that, you feel worse and this leads to more negativity. 

You should support yourself as you do anyone else. Also, be kind to yourself when you get into such slumps. 

Dress Up For A Day 

No matter what you do, the clothes depict how you feel. 

For example, if you are working from home and wearing a pair of pajamas and a shirt, this makes you less productive as compared to wearing something much more professional. 

So make Wednesday your dress-up day and wear something nice. This can be treated to yourself and you can find the motivation to go one.

Amazing Tricks To Recharge Your Mid Week Motivation

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