Transformational Leadership: Inspire and Motivate

What is transformational leadership?

If you are ever in a part of a group, you must have seen that how a leader takes charge of every challenging situation. They help their team to go through every trouble by painting a vision of their goal. Every leader exhibits the ability of the team member to energized and motivate them. 

Every random person cannot be a leader. A person can become a successful leader who has a leadership quality that will make them walk with their team member. A person is who leads the way is not an actual leader.

A true leader has the power to work with their team members hand in hand. As per the bookish knowledge, there is a various style of leadership style.

Among which Transformational leadership is one of the basic leadership styles. And that’s what we will dive into here.

Explain Transformational Leadership

The transformational leadership style is considered to be one of the best leadership styles. And there are multiple reasons behind these particular beliefs. 

In a nutshell, one of the positive impacts of this specific leadership style is one, it motivates and encourages affirmative transformation among the team member of the group.  

Transformational leadership has the power to influence members to find a way for a problem standing on the same page of the common goal/ interest.

These changes make a significant impact on the team member’s relationships and assist them in obtaining their goal without any hassle. 

Here in this article, you will explore various information on transformational leadership style, and also you will get to learn how you infuse the transformational leadership policy in yourself. 

Let’s start with a clear overview of the transformational leadership style. 

Overview of Transformational Leadership style

You must have seen the various motivational videos and wanted to learn how to be a good leader, but most of the time, you may have failed.

Simply watching a motivational video will not give you a clear picture of leadership.

To be a good leader, you have to understand the mindset of the people with whom you are working.

There is a different style of leadership, among which transformational leadership has gained most of the trust from the people. What is transformational; leadership is? 

Transformational leadership is a style of leading a group in which a leader infuse characteristic such as passionate, emotional and Energetic.

In this leadership style, the leader keeps the employee motivated and encourages a creative and positive mindset.

This positive mindset of the team member helps the entire group to reach their goal and grow at the same time. A growing team always contributes to the future of the company. 

The leader following the transformational leadership style tries to set a good example before the member employee yet.

This example helps to enrich ownership, freedom, and company culture in the workplace.  Comparing to other leadership style, people following the transformational leadership doesn’t micromanage any task.

Transformational leadership style motivates the employee by keeping trust in the members. The leaders allow the employee to take the authority over the decision-making in the projects. 

Allowing control is a kind of team management style, as the leaders allow a particular space for the employee to make them more creative in seeking a solution for the aroused problems. 

Now that you know what transformational leadership is let’s jump a bit deep into the core of this leadership style. 

Background check of Transformational Leadership style 

 To know the style better, you have to glance at the core of the leadership style. 

James V. Downtown introduced the entire concept of this leadership style in the year 1973. But the extended version of transformational leadership is completed by James Burns 1978.

As Per the statement of James Burn – “Transformational leadership can be seen follower and leaders work together to step into the next level of motivation and morale.” 

In 1985, Mr. Bass added some more concepts into this leadership style by conjugating a technique to measure the level of success of transformational leadership.

This concept is also known as Bass’s Transformational Leadership theory. 

If you look at the definition of Transformational leadership as per Bass, you will learn that transformational leadership can be described relying on the effect of the leadership on the employee. 

Key Elements of Transformational Leadership Style 

Four elements can conjugate in transformational Leadership. Let’s have a look.  

Individualized Considerations 

This is the first element or pillar of the transformational Leadership Style.  In this style of leadership, the leader cares about the individual member of the team.

This kind of leader understands that team cannot reach its goal single-handed. The team member needs to work together, and caring individual member means you are encouraging and providing support to them. 

To maintain a good relationship with their employees. A good leader always keeps the path of communication open. In this way, team members their idea allows the leader to identify the contribution of every r. 

Intellectual Stimulation 

For any leader, facing challenges is not enough. Especially transformational leaders give their best to bring out the creative side of the member of the team.

They inspire them to seek a solution for the problem in the best possible and creative manner. 

Idealized Influence 

In this idealized influence transformational leadership style, the leader’s primary goal is to become a role model for the member working in the team.

When the leading person becomes a role model o for the member, out of love, respect, and trust, they follow all the ideas stimulated by the leader. 

In a nutshell, the leader successfully influences every individual by their work. 

Inspirational motivation 

Last but not least, Inspirational Motivation is another factor that conjugates her side of transformational Leadership.

It gives out a clear vision that is articulated to their followers. The leader helps the members to meet their commitment and passion for accomplishing their missions. 

Why Transformational Leadership Style?

Significance Of Leadership Style

Some common reasons that make the Transformational leadership style one of the best leadership styles. 

A person may have a degree or skills, but that doesn’t make him a proper team leader. A good leader needs to follow a particular style to lead the way for the member or follower.

There is a different style of leadership, among which Transformational Leadership is the best one.

There are many reasons behind considering the transformational leadership style one of the best.

Let’s have a look at the reason that make transformational leadership one of the best.

Many organizations suffer due to a lack of Transformational leadership

Many companies have failed to understand the relationship between job characteristics and transformational leadership, due to which they were unable to win their goal.

The transformational tasks inspire an affirmative mindset among the employee. This mindset helps the company to beat the market and reach the second level of success. 

Transformational leadership makes the work more meaningful

Believe it or not, transformational leadership makes the work more meaningful by offering significant autonomy.

When Transformational leadership is associated with teamwork, it makes the team member feel more self-congruent and valued.  

Transformational Leadership Assistance For Individual Support

Transformational leadership assists every individual employee to stay connected with the employers

Since transformational Leaders concentrates on accentuating the self-efficacy of the members, increasing self-efficacy among the employee help them focus in work. Moreover, this leadership increases social identification internally.

The employee starts feeling like they are initially a part of the organization they are working for.

Transformational leadership allows the individual development and growth of the followers 

When we are talking about transformational leadership, it is essential to mention that a leader has a lot of power that helps grow the follower. Leadership is not only about the growth of the leader or the company.

The main aim of effective leadership is to attain success with the help of the development of the employees. 

Hence it can be said that transformational leadership makes a significant impact on the individual employee. With a good leader, the employee gets an opportunity for self-improvement.

This leadership style assists the member for self-recognition so understand their strength and weakness and go beyond their limits to taste real success. 

You are in the middle of the article. And it can be expected that you have comprehended what transformational leadership is and what is the reason that makes this leadership style so much popular.

Now let’s move into the second portion of the article, and learn how you can implement transformational leadership in your workplace. 

An easy method to become a Transformational Leader in your life

If you want to become one of the best transformational leaders, you have to learn leadership, but before that, you have to understand the mindset behind the mind of the people working with you. Now let’s have a look at the skills that will make you transformational leadership. 

Set an inspiring and clear vision.

To become a leader, you should have a clear vision of your goal. If you don’t have one, probably, you cannot lead the way.

You have to think, why will people follow you?  There should be a constructive reason behind it.

To give them a sense, you have to develop and convey an inspiring vision to the people around you. 

Sit and think about your goal that will help your organization grow and shine in the more aim or vision should be why it won’t let you sleep until and unless you achieve it.

Don’t forget the image of the leader serves the purpose of the team.  

To create a vision, you have to comprehend the mindset and values of the people that you want to lead.

Hence, you have to make a clear idea about the resource and abilities of the company’s people by assessing the company you are working for.

And how will you do it? You can do it with the help of analyzing the environment.

Convince the individual to have faith in the vision 

When you are a leader, you are not alone; you are working with your team. Similarly, your vision is not only for you; it’s for your team as well. 

Hence you have to convince your team to keep trust in your plan of action. If they don’t have faith in it, you will never be successful in achieving success.  

With the help of the mission statement, you will require to appeal to the follower to value and encourage the idea.  One of the characteristics of transformational leaders is they have a brilliant power of storytelling.

And they use this storytelling technique to make the people understand the business vision you have aim for. 

If you think that it’s much, then you’re mistaken. While following the transformational leadership style, you have to show people the affirmative effect of the vision you have developed.

Your picture should conjugate in everyone’s life; this will help them understand the importance of the image.  

Deliver your vision in an appropriate approach. 

Unless and until your vision is implemented in the real-life, it is useless. Many leaders have made a vision but failed to put the right effort into delivering them. 

Then what is the right way of showing your image so that you don’t have to see any downfall?  

To give proper method in a transformational manner and make your vision effective, blend sensitive transformation management and project management.

This combination will assist you in delivering the transformation you will require with the assistance of the other member. 

Don’t forget to maintain good communication between the team members o that you don’t have to face any misunderstanding in the future. Every employee should have an idea of their job role and responsibilities.

Moreover, transformational leadership can grow best with self-discipline. Hence, you have to become an excellent example for your people. 

Try to get yourself updated with the people’s daily routine; this will make you more visible to the people following your idea of growth. 

Build trust-funded relationships with your people

A leader needs to focus their total concentration on the team member. One of the main characteristics of the leaders following the transformational leadership style is they work hard twice as a member so that they can help others to achieve the goal. 

 You have to focus on trust-building. If your employees don’t trust you, it is impossible to meet the goal. Hence it is advised to be honest and open while interacting with the teammate. 

Always make time to coach your team. This will help them to find and discover new aspects and solutions and. This coaching session will allow them to grow more self-confidence, and the people will start having faith in your ability. 


According to Jhon C. Maxwell, “Good leadership isn’t about advancing yourself; it’s all about advancing your team.” You can become a leader when you have a team. And without an effective team, it is impossible to lead.

Hence, when you are teaching, it is your responsibility to train your team to grow, and you can also taste the success. A transformational Leader aims at building a solid team, where nobody can understand who is the boss in it. 

Moreover, if you are seeking to follow the transitional leadership style, you have to realize that if you can inspire a person with your action and make them dream more, explore more, you can tag yourself to be a good leader. 


What is the role of transformational leadership in an organization? 

Transformational leadership plays a vital role in building a team to contribute to the future of the company efficiently. They work harder to encourage the team to be motivated, and every employee can have strong self-confidence and self-development. 

Can I study Transformational leadership?

Yes, you can learn to take the course on transformational leadership. Many institutes are offering transformational leadership courses for future leaders. 

Does Transformational leadership styles change the work culture? 

Yes, Transformational leadership aims at growing a positive environment. The leader’s primary focus is on building a team relationship. They focus on the individual growth of the team member. When a good and positive relationship is maintained between the employee automatically, it changes its work culture. 

What is the name of the leader who followed transformational leadership? 

  • Some of the names of the transformational leaders are 
    -Nelson Mandela 
    -Abraham Lincoln 
    -Margaret Thatcher 
    -Mahatma Gandhi 
    -Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose
    -Richard Branson 
    -Indra Nooyi
  • Name of the company that follows transformational leadership 


  • -IBM
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