“To-Do List Formula” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

The book “To-Do List Formula: A stress-Free Guide to creating to-do lists that work” written by Damon Znhariades focuses on the ways or the formulas that will help the people to do their job in a proper way with efficiency. The book helps many people to manage their work properly. 

Best quotes given by Damon Zahariades in the book “To-Do List Formula” are:

-There will be some people in your life that will always encourage you to do well in life and will advise you to take proper action.

-Sometimes you need to have the right verbs in your life to have proper execution.

-There are different choices in your life but the later choices will have more impact in your life because they imply specific actions.

-You have limited time for every task when you are assigned different tasks in a day.

-Sometimes you should not consider your task list as a tool to do all your work.

-People need to organise all of their tiny tasks with the help of the batch list.

-Sometimes you need to address the entire group of people at the same time and with a work session.

-Sometimes your work isn’t all about the indication of the time that it takes to complete it.

-You will always be in a confusion state when you don’t have the knowledge about the thing and how to do it and how long will it take if it is assigned to you.

-Sometimes you need to put why to every list of work and it is considered as the simplest way to find the perfect solution for it.

-While writing the tasks, write the reasons that are required to do the next tasks.

-Sometimes there are things that will help you motivate and extinguish and block your creativity when the things gain a foothold in your mind.

-Procrastination has an enemy and it is always the deadline that is given to you.

-We can lean towards inaction and they are without deadlines.

-Some people take deadlines very lightly thinking that deadlines are there to get imposed but deadlines have more things other that just getting imposed. 

-Sometimes we have more options in life in certain situations and we become more confused after having many options.

-The task list that you do will help you to manage and organise your tasks properly.

-Sometimes it is necessary to do brain dump for many tasks in order to make your things done.

-Sometimes people neglect to categorize the tasks and it is one of the mistakes they commit.

-Work is expanded to fill the time available for work completion.

-When you are mentally exhausted from making the decisions throughout the day, then you are in a state in which you are less able to make a good decision.

-There are many things which can be fixed by the help of verbs which need to be added by you.

-Sometimes there are many tasks and you don’t have to guess the type of activity that is being involved in it.

-You can separate your tasks on the basis of urgency and it is very necessary to do it.

-Sometimes try to not make your assignments in the board and this should be taken care of.

-People use a method in which they attach every task to a specific goal because they believe that every task has some specific purpose.

-There are many people around you who will forget the principles of the list that they have made.

-Sometimes people work on the things that matter to them in the long run instead of working on the things that will help them in the short run.

-When you have a proper list with you, then you can be more productive and you will also be able to do many things in a short period of time.

-Everytime you need to focus on activities that have high values and these activities will help you in achieving your goals.

-When you have divided your tasks properly you can have less stress.

-Nobody can have a do list with a proper strategy.

-You need to have focus and vision for your goals and this can be achieved by having a list which contains some tasks which are important.

-Your progress is sometimes measured by the amount of focus you had while preparing for it.

-People often think that keeping themselves busy is one of the best ways of being productive but this doesn’t work sometimes.

-You can manage your days with a load of work by a simple work list and it will help to do the work properly.

-Sometimes by the help of the task list you can complete your work before deadlines and it is very helpful.

-Sometimes people don’t like to be overwhelmed.

-We should try to focus on things that will help us to grow more in life.

-Try to do one work with your energy and try to give all your focus while doing it.

-We can even perform multiple tasks at a time but it is not always advisable to do so.

-You should know the reason for a task to be done and it should be submitted in time.

-Sometimes you have a long list which makes you confused.

-The list is referred to as a master list if all the tasks are possible and it is being done in time.

-Sometimes you should limit the scope of the task list so that it will benefit you. 

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