35+ Time Management Tips for Housewife To Be Productive

Time management and good planning can help in doing more things within a much shorter period. Regardless of where you are and what you do, time management is needed. 

The same goes for the housewife, as a good homemaker has the ability to adapt, tweak and along with regards as well as create a new system depending on the situation. 

So to become a productive housewife, you have to learn how to adapt, adopt and renew. And here is when you will need proper time management. 

How Can a Housewife Use Time Management In Their Lifestyle? 

Time management is an excellent technique that can help housewives to adapt to a healthy way of managing their day. 

It helps in improving their lifestyle as it gives the satisfaction of more quality work done.  With time management, procrastination and laziness can be avoided. 

Also, it gives you space to add things that bring joy and happiness to you. 

benefits of time management for housewife

However, with time management, the housewife can also learn how to manage their time well and it includes pointers like : 

This helps in committing to getting the work done but not getting distracted while doing it.

Having an eating schedule can help in knowing which task it will take and how much time. 

With a routine and system, it makes it easier for the housewife to know where their time is going. 

Decluttering the room at a time, and removing things that are not needed help in clearing the room but without causing too much hassle. 

Along with learning the right way of managing time, time management also helps in knowing how you can be efficient. it includes : 

  • Getting organized and creating responsibilities in the corner in the center where you can see it. 
  • Keeping track of events and important appointments.
  • Listing everyone’s sphere responsibilities. 
  • Having A birthday calendar to remember.
  • Having a gratitude section where everyone gives their tribute.
  • Keeping a section to write down the memo and important notice. 
  • Center place where to keep the calendar, keys, and time schedules. 

With that, time management can be used in categorizing the tasks in sections to understand what should be done and when. There might be important tasks that you have to do on a daily basis, but you don’t have time since it adds tasks that could be done later. 

For example, you can divide your tasks into three categories, it can be in daily, weekly and monthly tasks. 

You can find shortcut ways to get more work done. Also, you can identify the hot spots that you need to do on a daily basis. 

So the categorized list might look like this – 

List Of Everyday Tasks 

  • Cleaning the kitchen ( hot spot)
  • Cleaning the bathroom ( hotspot)
  • Preparing the meals ( hot spot )
  • Sweeping the dirt and crumbs
  • If needed, vacuuming it
  • Feeding the pets 
  • Dusting in case it’s dirty 
  • Laundry 

List Of Week Tasks – 

  • Deep cleaning room but at a time.
  • Dusting the window sills, doors, picture frames, and floor. 
  • Special care with laundry, washing bed linen, and delicate items. 
  • Mopping and vacuuming floors
  • Watering plants
  • Taking out trash 
  • Wiping and cleaning 

List Of Monthly Tasks – 

  • Cleaning windows 
  • Cleaning upholstery
  • Attend to the furniture 
  • Bathing pets 
  • Defrosting and cleaning freezer as well as a refrigerator
  • Cleaning behind and under the stove and fridge.
  • Cleaning the filters and stove extractor fan
  • Dust the blinds and ceiling fans.
  •  Washing the carpets 
  • Cleaning curtains 

List Of Tips For Housewife To Manage Their Time Well 

Well once you are done understanding how time management can help you in being productive and managing a better lifestyle. 

Here are some of the tips that you can use for managing your time well, and it includes : 

tips for the housewife to do time management

Start With Making Your Bed 

It’s not much related to time management but to creating a habit to get the first thing done which will help you in time management. 

With this, 2-minute simple habits can help you in putting in a much more positive mindset and keep you in that way the whole day. 

It helps you in being productive and you start your day on one lovely note. Also, you get one task done from the list which is making your bed so you have more time to do others. 

Have A Good Breakfast

Eating a good breakfast is a must, especially for a housewife who tends to skip this a lot. 

You need to focus on what you are eating for breakfast. With a decent breakfast, you can feel yourself and have the energy to start your day. 

Also, you don’t have to eat something too fancy, simple options will also work. 

Make Your To-Do List 

Like the example given above, you need to compose your to-do list for the day, week, and month. 

This can help you in staying much more productive. Also, its staff says to cross things off once you are done with the work. 

And it’s even addictive! so it depends on where you want to make your list, you can use paper or apps.   With apps, you have a feature to add more to the list and check them off when you are done. 

Learn What Is Important 

When it comes to housewife life,  everything you do seems important and not so important at the same time. So you need to have a better idea of what is actually important and what can be done later. 

Also, it helps you in being aware of prioritizing your day and time. 

With that, you are not spending your day on something that you believe is important but it’s not as valuable. 

When you are constructing your to-do list, you can start putting what is needed on top to have a better understanding. 

Limit What Distracts You 

There are tons of things that can be distracting you, it can be the new show you are watching, updates on social media, or your friend to whom you need to talk to. 

Since you can always avoid some of the distractions, you can limit the time you are spending on it, for example, don’t watch tv when you are working and keep your phone away so you don’t have something else to focus on while you do your work. 

Clean Your Surrounding 

The next important thing is that you should focus on keeping your surroundings clean. 

It can be the workspace or the environment around you, you need to declutter it and keep it clean to be productive. 

Also, the mind can’t focus efficiently well if the surrounding is too dirty. 

Sometimes Saying No Is Important

However, at first, it can be something you’re not comfortable with, especially when you are a housewife who tends to say yes to everything. 

But you also notice that by saying no, you are gaining more control over time and have space to get your work done. 

Also even though it might sound harsh sometimes, when you start doing it, it can get easier. 

When you are busy or have deadlines, you need to focus on how you can save time in order to get your work done within the time you have, 

Allocate Your Time In Better Way 

Apply the time slots, use this in your day, and add time for the breaks. 

You can allocate which work needs to be done and when you should stop. This gives a time frame that guides your work instead of letting things go on their own. 

Allocating time and work can help in making your day much clear, also you have a practical idea of what you can do and what you need to delegate. 

Add Break Times 

Along with allocating your tasks, you also need to add time for giving yourself breaks. 

When you are a housewife, you might think that you don’t need a break, but it’s important to have time for it. 

With the set time for a break, you need to enjoy every second of it. 

Eat Appropriate Food 

In order to make sure that you get the energy and help in better focusing, you need to eat the right food at the right time. 

Eating the wrong food can make you feel sluggish and tired. It affects your day and makes you feel less productive. 

So eat fresh food and healthy foods to make sure you feel good. 

Feel Comfortable In Your Role

The way you feel about the role of being a housewife, the way it will affect productivity. 

So you need to be comfortable and happy, it will help you in improving the way of doing the work and also dealing with the stress that it brings. 

You need to take the role seriously, however being comfortable and accepting is important too. 

Consider Listening To Music 

Some people enjoy doing the work with the help of music and some people don’t. 

So you need to make sure to choose what makes you feel comfortable.  On another hand, you can find it easy to work with. 

Sleep On Time At Night

Getting a sufficient amount of sleep can help you increase energy and highlight your mood. 

When you have not got the sleep in the proper way,  this can help you in bringing your best version. 

While you are sleep-deprived, it affects your productivity too. That’s why you need better concrete and better work effectively.

So make sure you need to catch up on at least 7 to 9 hours of proper sleep. 

Limit Your Multitasking 

Some people are great when it comes to multitasking, especially most housewives as they have to handle multiple things at the same time. 

But on the other hand, you find it much more effective when you focus on one thing and get it done. 

Surprisingly it makes you more productive as compared to multitasking. 

Have What Inspires You 

There is no doubt that being a housewife is not an easy task, you need to handle multiple responsibilities along with taking care of your family. 

It can quickly turn stressful if you have nothing to inspire you. So make sure you surround yourself with thighs that help you in inspiration and things that motivate you. 

Do You Proper Planning According To Family

This is important because you need to do the planning according to what your family needs. 

If you are not able to do it, then you need to make a whole week of planning, at least you should do it daily. 

As for doing the daily planning, you need to categorize things that go with your schedule. 

This can help you in short things for the rest of the day. Daily planning you can do at night for the next day. 

Set Your Morning Routine 

The morning routine can be a lifesaver, especially for the housewife. There is no doubt that the mornings are the worst. You need to take care of your husband at work, and kids at school, and manage everything else. 

You need to get success to set the morning routine in a smart way, this will set everything automatically because you have prioritized things. 

Since you have more energy in the morning, you can do things in a much better and more productive way.

Fix Time For Distractions

You can’t avoid the distraction, so fix the time.  If you need to watch tv, social media, etc, Find the time that you can use. 

This will help you in maintaining time and productivity along with managing distractions. 

You can fix the time and this will help you in solving most things. 

Be Smart With Choosing Work 

Select the productive time for yourself when you feel like you have more energy and are productive. 

Save this time, you can only take five minutes to do the work. Don’t delay for tomorrow, however, you can manage this if there is some kind of sudden issue you have. 

Identify What Is Not Wanted And Unnecessary 

Identify those things in your schedule that take a lot of time and spoil planning. You need to see if they are actually adding that level of value to your work and lifestyle, but if they are not then you need to eliminate it. 

You can consider doing random calls and gossiping about one of those things where you are wasting a lot of time but have no value added to it. 

Give Yourself Love And Appreciation 

When you’re following a schedule, maintain your work along with the house. Doing everything that an ideal housewife should do, well it will get exhausting at some point. 

That’s why you need to give yourself the love and application that you deserve. Since housewife work is not as appreciated as any working life, the work is a free service where you get no salary or paid holidays. 

You need to give yourself those merits on your own, enjoy the life of being a housewife and appreciate the goals you are achieving. 

Create a Habit Of Writing It Down 

When you are handling multiple things on your own, you are bound to forget a few basic things. Sometimes, these are important things. That’s why you should create the habit of writing it down. 

Somehow you think that you will remember it later but you don’t remember it. 

So you need to write it down, every small to important thing should be written in case you forget it.

You can hang a dry-erase board, and have sticky notes and notepads. However, to make it easy, you can keep calendars or apps to make it handier. 

Having a Schedule Is Important

Even if you think you don’t have a schedule right now, you do. However, it’s not good as you might see a lot of pending work that is actually important. 

The point of creating a schedule is to get your important things done fast in the day and then move to rest. 

So when you have a good schedule, you are much more productive, using your energy in the right way, and being happy. 

Keep Yourself Top Of Clutter 

Clutter makes you less productive, so when your home is cluttered, you spend more time cleaning and moving things around. 

It wastes time, as you should be doing things that need your attention. The same goes for a cluttered workplace as you have a hard time tracking things and have important points to remember. 

Having a clean and organized place helps you in getting work much faster. 

Have Prioritized To-Do List 

Well, you do have a to-do list but it can be completely endless since you have added everything to it. 

Such to do can get easily overwhelmed and you need to aerate the most priority work from it. 

And that’s why you need to create a to-do list that includes all the prioritized work in it that you need to do. 

Start with the top three things that you must get done in a day and then rearrange other work. 

Get Things Done In One Go 

Try to get things done in one go, it will reduce the time that you spend doing those things over again. 

For example, making meals is lengthy work. But by preparing meals beforehand such as cutting vegetables, having the ingredients etc can help in saving a lot of time. 

Also, you need to focus on one thing when you are doing work, so you don’t have to stress about unfinished tasks. 

Allow Time For Unexpected Events 

The life of a housewife can be surprisingly eventful, you don’t know what will happen today. It can be unexpected guests or sudden calls from your kids’ school. There are a million other things that can happen, and you haven’t prepared for it and don’t have time. 

In other words, it can ruin what schedule you have and plan. To save yourself from this, you need to have allocated time for all unexpected times. Being flexible will help and arranging things as things go can make it easier. 

Keep Yourself Unavailable While You Focus 

You can easily get unfocused if there is a neighbor who wants to talk to you, a sudden call from your best friend, your favorite show is airing a new episode, etc. 

Since you live in a world of distraction, you need to keep yourself unavailable when you are doing your work.  Give yourself hours when you don’t let anyone disturb you no matter what happens. 

Sub Category If It’s Too Messy 

Well, there are different things that you have to do, it could be cleaning, making meals, doing your work or looking after your family. 

You can’t focus on everything at once and that’s why you need to carry one job. 

However, even after categorizing things, there are still tons of tasks you need to handle. It quickly turns overwhelming and you have no idea where to start. 

So the best way is to subcategorize, if it’s cleaning, then divide it into sections.  For example, bathroom, room, kids’ room, kitchen, living area, etc. 

Focus on cleaning one thing at one time, and make sure you complete everything so you don’t have to visit again. 

Then move on to another one. This way, not you are doing your work much more efficiently but also this is giving you direction too. And this helps in reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

Have Family And Kids Time 

Not just doing the chores is your responsibility but making sure your family has your attention and love is also important. 

You need to have time for them too. Also adding small actions can help in making the bond stronger and much healthier, it includes : 

  • Plan how you will spend the scheduled time, and add activities and other things to make it memorable. 
  • Welcome your kids with a smile and hug.
  • Keep the atmosphere healthy, and positioned.
  • Enjoy meals with your spouse and kids.
  • Go for short trips such as walking to the park, picnics, etc to have quality family time.
  • Include them in your schedule, give them responsibilities too so you don’t have to do everything and they also have a sense of responsibility.
  • Be there for them, listen, and understand what they are talking about. 
  • Do small things like making sandwiches, talking about school, the office, and your day, and sharing small details together. 

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