20+ Time management Guide For Grocery Store Shopping

One of the time and money-wasting tasks can be grocery shopping since a lot of time you end up spending more than intended time and money during the trip. 

Grocery shopping can easily cost you at least $150 of the weekly budget, not forgetting the time you invest.  So you must be managing both time and money when you go to the grocery store. 

And for help, here are some of the effective and easy-to-follow tips for you.

Tips You Need For Time Managing The Grocery Store Trip

If you have a grocery store on your to-do list, and you need time for that, it’s important that you are aware of where you’re gonna spend time, what items you need, and how much you are having as a budget. 

There are different tips which make your shopping time much more efficient and time-saving as well as money. 

Here are some of the tips for your help : 

Make Your Master list 

The basic yet important tip that you should follow is writing down the items you want to purchase during the trip to the grocery. 

If you are not making it, it gives you much more control over what you are going to purchase.

So when you are going grocery shopping,  use a master grocery list.  It’s not just convenient, but a reusable grocery list of all items that you purchase on a daily basis. 

You can make reference to your master grocery list every time you make a shopping list. It also helps you in remembering every single item you need. 

create reusable grocery list

With this, you can save a lot of time. Just get your master list and check what you have in the fridge, freezer, and pantry to know what you need to purchase from the grocery store. 

Consider Eating At Home Meals 

If you are looking to save your money and time, you can also start cooking at home. 

To save time on planning your meals every day, do it beforehand. Use planners for listing what you want, choose healthy, tasty, and quick-to-make meals. 

There are different styles: traditional, wholesome,  no flour or sugar, slower cooker, or instant pot. 

Also, different services provide you with the whole planning and send you meal ingredients at your doorstep. 

  • Well depending on what you prefer, you can create your planning monthly or weekly.
  • Also, choose meals and recipes that you want to cook on a specific week and month. 
  • Either you can shop or order the groceries using the list.
  • Follow your recipes and enjoy your stress-free cooking. 

Eating home meals not just saves time but also saves money. It’s good for your mind and you get healthy meals for yourself. 

Consider Using a Grocery Delivery Service 

There are different grocery delivery services you get, with this you can make your list using their app and the employee will do the shopping on your behalf.

Not just that, they deliver it right to your doorstep within a time. 

Also when you are shopping, chances are the price to purchase is slightly higher, also you need to block at least 2 to 3 hours for shopping. 

If your grocery store is far, you need to drive which takes much more time and money. 

benefits having store shop on your behalf

With such services, you can focus on your work without worrying about going grocery shopping. 

Pick Less Busy Time For Shopping 

If you are planning to go shopping on the weekend, you might be aware of how crowded the whole place gets, including aisles, parking lots, and checkout lanes. 

Here you are required to stay longer and a lot of times you don’t get the item you were looking for. 

So for this, start shopping when there are non-peak hours, this will help you in saving a lot of time. 

So you can track the time when you are visiting local grocery stores, for example, 

  • Your grocery store between 4 – 5:00 in the afternoon is less crowded 
  • Or mauve it’s a day after 8: 00 at night
  • As for your weekdays before you do your shopping at 10 am or before 9 am. 

However keep in mind that if you are shopping at night, some of the services might be closed. 

Consider Going For Shopping Alone 

Unless you have really helpful and efficient friends or family members, it’s better that you go shopping for yourself. 

Bringing more people means you are going to spend more time in distractions and waiting around as they look for more items. 

Shopping alone can eliminate the potential arguments that happen while purchasing and what I get. 

It includes leaving kids and spouses at home.

Go With What Your List Says 

How many times have you bought something you don’t even need when grocery shopping? 

It happens a lot, so create a list that we derailed. 

The secret is putting the blinders on and shopping what the list says. 

Even though it sounds easy, everything looks beyond tempting when you are in the store.  So it requires willpower to avoid all those things. 

It can turn your 20-minute grocery run into 1-hour mindless wandering. 

When you are going according to a list, it helps you spend less money on impulse purchases. 

Plan For Biweekly Shopping 

The less often you are visiting grocery stores, the more time you are going to save, and for this to be the case you need to switch to biweekly shopping trips. 

Instead of going on every week, you can schedule the time biweekly.  However, this might take time to get used to, but once you start shopping twice a month, you can see the benefits. 

Also, you can stock up on your staple items for making food stretch, and also use them when they are on sale. 

Go For Smaller Stores 

Small stores have less time to wait for checkout. Also, they have much lesser frills and distractions; you can end your shopping in much less time. 

You can switch to a smaller store at least for some trips, which will help you balance the time and money you are spending. 

Use The Freezer Cooking 

Well, you might be wondering how freezer cooking is going to save you time, but let’s say you are spending an hour preparing meals to keep in the freezer once a month. 

With this, you are saving time on shopping trips in the future as you have purchased ingredients at once. 

You will be pleased with this as you already have the dinners ready, much more hassle-free. Not just it shortens your shopping list and help you in saving time from cooking from scratch. 

Take Benefits From Grocery Store App 

Many grocery stores also have an app that you can use for shopping.  There are different ones, depending on what you feel like and it can help you in saving huge amounts of time. 

There are different things you can consider. Here are some of the points you can use : 

  • See what items or regular items are on sale.
  • Consider making a list based on it.
  • Creating your digital shopping list
  • Clip digital coupons fast
  • Scroll through the weekly ad
  • Search for items on the price and aisle where it is 
  • Place the order for your item on pickup
  • Refill the prescription 

Pick Right Lane For Checkout

Well, it’s important that you are smart when you are choosing the right checkout lane. 

When you are choosing the wrong checkout lane,  you not only have to wait for a really long time, but it’s frustrating and annoying as well. 

To choose the right and fastest one, here are some of the tips such as : 

  • Always pick the lane as well as fewer people even if they have more items in the cart; the actual payment transaction will add 1 minute. 
  • Get familiar with the cashier in order to be faster and get in line.
  • Scope out the customers who are in front of you; look for those customers who are moving much faster and unloading and reloading the cart.  
  • Avoid choosing the one who is acting picky or being chatty.
  • Never go to the lane if the light is flashing since it shows they are waiting for the manager.
  • Try to consider using the other options that can help you understand how to check out much easier. 

Turn Off Your Phone Notification 

Grocery shopping is just going to take a lot of time, also you need to stop reacting to every notification that you get on the phone. 

That’s why make sure you should be mindful of reacting to external circumstances. 

This will help in feeling much more in control and also stay focused on what task you have at hand. 

When you are going shopping, make sure to avoid getting distracted by text messages, Facebook notifications, or news headlines. 

So keep the phone silent, and put the 30 – 45 minutes away so you can do the shopping with complete peace. 

Keep Previous Meal Plans And Shopping List Safe

You can do this when you make a list of your own or use the service plans.

You can hang onto those plans and coordinate shopping lists, this can help you in shortening the planning time much faster. 

mistakes avoid meal planning

Come up with at least 6 to 12 meal plans weekly, and make a list that includes all the ingredients you need to make those items. 

Consider Using Self Checkouts 

Many stores already have a system that offers self-service checkout. 

This can help you in saving the time that you spend on checkouts. 

Not only does it help in shortening the queue, but also you get eh control over the speed of items you want to purchase.

With this, you get a quick checkout, regardless of how many items you have purchased. 

Don’t Get Distracted  By Sales

There are times when you see sales on other items, and it does seem smart to purchase as the price is lower, but it can be counterproductive. 

Sticking with your shopping list is much smarter than getting distracted by those sale stickers. 

Grocery stores often bring your attention to products that are not selling. This makes sense as they don’t want to face losses on investments they made on those items. 

However, a lot of the time, it works as you end up discovering something new and fall in love with it. But more often, you add items you don’t even need. 

Pay Attention To Frequently Bought Item Sales

Look out for the items you purchase on a daily basis; you can see when there are sales and consider purchasing items when they’re offered at a low price. 

Also, even when you purchase items at a store, take them with you. It doesn’t mean the deal is done. 

If the product is on sale for more than 30 days after you purchase it, they can give you the difference without asking a question. 

Schedule The Sales Day Of the Local Store

Local stores are much more efficient when it comes to time-saving, so when you are visiting next time, make sure you ask about the days when they make the sales and when it ends. 

You can schedule your day at those times. Also, you can use the sales day for your shopping. Since it’s your local store, it will take much less time and save money.

Consider Buying A Case

If there are some items you can purchase in bulk, consider doing it. It will help you in saving time to go shopping next time, and also reduce the numbers on the shopping list. 

Also, you can consider buying in case of those items that you are using in a good amount on a daily basis, such as toilet paper, sparkling waters 

things you can buy in bulk

Not only can you get bulk items at a lower price, but you can also spend less time shopping and save money too.

However, when you are buying in bulk, make sure you consider what you want and also what suits the bulk shopping; for example, some items should never purchase in bulk like : 

  • Chips and soda
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Snacks or candy 
  • Frozen foods
  • Condiments
  • Spices

Go For Early Trips On Day 

One of the tricks that can help you cut back on how much you are spending and investing time in shopping is going early. 

Not just you get a much more hassle-free experience as there will be fewer people and crowds. But you can get fresh items, see the discounts and determine what to purchase. 

Re-Check Your Grocery Shopping List 

When you are going grocery shopping, make sure you check the list you have in hand. 

There might be some items either missing or added twice. Also, reform the habits you have; for example, you might purchase jars of mayonnaise even though you have them in your pantry. 

So take a few minutes before you leave for shopping, check what items you need to purchase,  check the meal plans, and scan your pantry as well as your fridge.

Never Go Hungry For Shopping 

When you are going grocery shopping, make sure you have eaten and feel fresh.  As when you are hungry, you tend to purchase a lot of quick food and snacks to eat that you don’t even need. 

This adds items you haven’t planned, increasing your budget and time as more items will lead to wasting time on purchasing and checkout. 

Quick Steps For Creating An Organized Grocery List 

Since having a grocery list holds so much importance when it comes to saving time, it’s important that you know the right way to create one for you. 

Here are some basic steps that can help you also save time and hassle in finding the right way to create an organized grocery list. 

Step 1: Have A Running List 

When you are creating a grocery list, make sure you keep a to-buy list somewhere.

Use the running list to keep tabs on what items you need to purchase or in-store, not just that, include all eh items you suppose to purchase.

Step 2: Create Your Meal Plan 

Meal planning can help you in ensuring you have a planned week on hand with an idea of what you will cook.  So you save time on deciding on a daily basis. 

But it also saves time on shopping, as you don’t have to run to the store to get items for your meals to cook.

It helps you stay much more organized, healthy, and stress-free as you planned beforehand. 

You can also consider choosing a theme, so it can help in getting drivers food but you can purchase items according to it. 

meal plan theme ideas to create

Step 3: Keep Your Inventory Of Staple  Items

The first step is to go through all the pantry and fridge items you have.  533Well, they take inventory of staple items that need to be replenished, such as eggs, butter, milk, etc. 

Put such items on high priority as you are going to use them on a daily basis. 

Step 4:  Look For The Coupons 

You can look for coupons or special offers that can help you save time and money. You can stock up on items much cheaper. 

Step 5: Print The Grocery List 

There are different printables you get for grocery lists; this helps you save time and effort.  But also, you can divide items into categories based on what you use and what is important. 

This also saves time on creating those lost over and over. 

Step 6:  Organize It By Aisle 

Well, when you are going to a familiar grocery store, and you know the aisle they have, you can list items according to that. 

And keep one kind of item in one place so you can purchase all items from one aisle and then move next instead of switching between aisles over and over again. 

Step 7: Specify What Quantity You Want 

The quantity is important when you are purchasing the item. Also, you need to specify the quality when you are creating the list,

Step 8: Keep It Handy 

After creating the list, don’t forget about your counter. Keep it somewhere you can easily access. 

You can also use the apps or phone to not forget the list accidentally when you are going shopping.

If you use paper, put it in your fridge or somewhere you can easily see. 

List Of Hacks For Pocket And Time Friendly Grocery Shopping 

Have you ever noticed how much you have budgeted for groceries and how much time you spend ins the store getting all items purchased/ 

Well, grocery shopping is considered one of the significant expenses, and you can’t avoid going to the store. 

However, to make it more pocket-friendly and time-friendly, here are some of the points that might help. 

  • You will buy fewer things like snacks and extra items when you have a full stomach.
  • Never leave the house without having a  list, and stick with it. 
  • Plan your meals for the entire week before you go shopping, and keep items you are going to use. This minimizes the amount of your purchase with no wastage.
  • Shop once a week; this will spend less time and get your items enough.
  • Shop from stores you are familiar with when you are in a hurry stressed, or tired; it will help you in getting things faster.
  • Plan meals so you can use leftovers or freeze them for the next day.
  • Package your treats, snacks, and juices.
  • Buy less packed, contentious food and less canned.
  • Clean the cupboard and fridge to know what you need to buy,
  • Keep your food storage cupboards and drawers organized. 
  • Cut your fruits and vegetables as you will spend some time here, but it will help in saving stress for later. 
  • Try creating new foods, this will be less expensive, and you can use the right ingredients for it.
  • Cook for yourself, learn what you like, and try baking.
  • Consider purchasing small sizes if needed. 
  • Even if it’s a sale, there are high chances you don’t need those items.

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