15 List Of Time Management Apps For Students

Time management is important for students as the skill helps them in managing their time for studies, including pursuing their interests, maintaining physical and mental health. 

To make it easier, there are different tools available but technology can be distracting especially when you have work to do. However, some of the tools can help in staying focused and they are budget-friendly too.

time management apps for student


One of the popular names, Evernote, is helpful for time management as students can organize their notes, schedules, research, and create their to-do lists. 

Also, everything can be done in one place which makes it more convenient to access. 

The app offers the sync to all of the devices, allowing the students to add the images, audio files, PDFs, etc to their notes. 

Within notes, the students can create their tasks and assign the due dates. Not just that, they can add the flags to keep their attention. 

They can delegate tasks to others and track all the progress they made. 

Evernote also offers a discount to students on their personal plans. 

It’s available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft windows. 


Well, this one is designed to prioritize the speed, and to those students who are looking for the same thing can consider 2Do. It is an ideal one to consider that you can look for.

The app gives the freedom for keeping track of simple entries or group tasks for offering a better workflow for complex projects. 

They have innovative, rapid sort, filter, search, etc like features. 

Those who are using the Mac version, they can get a quick entry that allows them to have access to their list regardless of where they are. 

You can sync it to all devices as they offer the cloud using services including Dropbox. 

You can get a student discount, also they offer a 20-day free trial to get access to the features. 

It’s available for Android, iOS, and macOS.

Focus Booster 

Focus Booster aims to help maximize productivity. 

The app however utilizes the technique of Pomodoro, it’s a time management methodology that is released on time sessions for keeping you focused on the tasks. 

You can track the number of sessions in Pomodoro they completed and also view how much they get their work done via the progress reports. 

With the help of tracking the progress, students can focus on improving their productivity. 

They offer you the free plan which is basically a starter plan, along with paid ones. 

It’s available for iOS, Microsoft Windows, Android, and Web. 

iStudiez Pro 

Students who are eager to get better at managing their time should consider using iStudiez Pro. 

The app offers the integration with the calendar, also allowing to schedule the assignment and other tasks by their date, priority, and course. 

You can enter the details of your item with the help of color-coding. 

On top of that, you can track the grades of each course and calculate the GPA. 

iStudiez Pro also syncs the data across the devices and includes the midgets for viewing all the tasks at one glance. 


With the help of my homework, students can help themselves in improving their habits related to studies and focus on academic performance. 

It comes with a free version, you can use this one to get the widgets for tracking the assignments and projects along with that you can set the deadline reminders too. 

However, if you want more features, you can get the paid one which enables you to attach the field and customizable themes along with a link to your calendar with sharing information.

With both versions, you can easily sync the data across multiple devices. It makes it easy to access your assignment and class information regardless of where you are. 

The app offers you the school version too which different intuitions can offer to their teachers and students. 

It is available for Android, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Google Chrome, and web.

Remember The Milk 

Remember the milk enables the students to prioritize their tasks depending on the due date, importance as well as other factors.

With that, you can use the color code items, tags, attach the files, and create the subtasks if the project is large in size.  It can help you in keeping things much better and arranged for your school related projects. 

The app comes with integration with several different programs including Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Dropbox, Evernote, etc. 

Students can sync this to their different devices. Also, they offer a free plan which includes pretty good features to help. 

It’s available for Android, macOS, Linux, Kindle Fire, iOS, Blackberry 10, Web, and Microsoft Windows. 

Focus Keeper 

Focus Keeper helps the students to have a better focus on their single tasks instead of worrying about everything at once. 

You can set the timer and filter out the background distraction by enabling the noises like falling rain or clock ticking. 

To track their progress, you can have a timer counter display at the bottom of your computer screen.

You can get the run reports to see the number of time sessions you completed successfully in weeks and months. 

It doesn’t have a free version but the price you paid for plans is affordable. 

This one is available for iOS and macOS. 


Forest is based on gamification for helping the student to focus on their task. 

Here you plant a virtual tree for every item or assignment on which you are working one. 

The longer you are on tasks, the more trees will grow. However, if you leave the tasks, the tree will die. 

Students can grow the forest if they are focused on getting their tasks done. 

Also, it appeals to those students who are looking to find balance in work and family obligations.

The app also partners with Trees to plant more real trees in the world. 

The app is free but it comes with in-app purchases. 

It is available for Android, Google Chrome and, iOS, 


Coach. me incorporates their behavioral design as well as psychology into the goal setting and mastery in a skill. 

The app can help in monitoring your progress and also encourage milestones. 

With the help of this app, you can also ask questions to the community members and get help when it’s needed. 

The app is community-based which adds accountability and you can get assistance when you are facing an obstacle. 

They also offer the services free of charge and have hired a personal coach to offer intensive help. 

It is available for Web, iOS, and Android. 

Any. do

To those students who want to be on top of their personal, student, and work obligations, Any.do is the best option to consider for time management. 

The app is centralized allowing you to track the tasks, reminders, and to-do list. Since it’s all in one place, you can easily get access without any hassle. 

The app also enables you to learn as well as to measure the progress of your complex projects 

You can sync across the device, the app also offers you the premium version where you get customizable themes, color-coding tasks, recurring reminders, and more advanced features. 

However, if you want to stick with the free version, it’s good as well. 

It is available for Microsoft Windows, Android, Huawei, Google Chrome, Web, and Android. 


This one is a social alarm that is helpful for reminding you when you need to get your work done. 

For example, if you need to get the math homework or project to complete. You can set the time and it will help you in getting reminders. 

Here you get the alert for checking if it’s done or not. This one is especially good for parents for making their kids self-regulate. 

The app is free but it comes with an app purchase/ 

Also, it’s available for Android and iOS. 

Microsoft To Do 

One of the famous names and easy to use, Microsoft offers an all-in-one task management app called Microsoft To-Do for helping you in being more manageable. 

Also, you can list the upcoming tasks, take notes, record the collections, plan the events or set reminders, etc. 

As for students, you can focus on productivity. And with that, you can also personalize the planner tools. 

You can sync the app with other Microsoft apps. And you can customize the list for adding a more personalized look. 

My Tasks 

The app is helpful as it’s a planner, organizer, and to-do list. You can get the app to check how your week is looking. 

The app features a planner for all of your tasks which are ongoing, a to-do list for the day, a voice recorder, synchronization options, and a smart calendar. 

With the help of My Tasks, you can create tasks on specialized data and work on them when you have time. 

It gives you more control over the events and if there are unsolved goals,  the app will remind you about them. 

Tick Tick 

If you are looking for the simplest one then you can consider getting a Tick Tick app for you. 

This helps you in creating the to-do list and task manager for scheduling, managing, focusing, and reminding regarding the deadlines. 

Tick Tick is also easy to use as it comes with personalized features and an intuitive design so you can use it without worrying about how to use it. 

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