11 Time Management Apps for Daily Life

Time is precious, and no matter what you do, you always need more hours. It might be for reading your favorite book or trying something new. 

Time management is helpful as it keeps your time managed in order to get whatever your tasks are done without stressing and feeling burdened. 

However, to help you out there are different apps for time management that you can use in your daily life. 


Toggl is an app that you can consider using for tracking the time you spent on doing the tasks. Also here you can add the entries manually. 

Toggl also allows you to keep the entries organized by using different tags such as client, team, and project. 

At your own discretion, you can add notes so you can recall what you need to do on that date. 

Toggle is available for Mac, Android, and iOS.  You can also get the free version, if you want to get their premium version, they have paid plans. 

Why Consider  Toggl? 

Well if you are considering Toggl for daily life, here are some of the points on how it helps: 

  • You can see where you are spending time and doing what, this helps in having more understanding and finding ways to optimize the time.
  • You can also review the week, month, and year, it helps in seeing what is dragging your time. 
  • You can easily track your tasks, and it gives you much more control as it is an available app for mobile, desktop, and browser. It also offers the sync to all devices which saves time.


Harvest is an app which is for time and expense tracking. This helps in shifting the mindset as well as starting to think of time as a finite source. 

The app comes with robust time tracking features. The visuals are easy to understand and you can find where you are spending your time. 

It also integrates with other tools such as Trello, Asana, and GitHub. 

You can download for Windows devices, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

Why Consider Harvest?

Well, Harvest offers you the paid plans which you can consider for getting access to their features. Along with that, you should consider Harvest for : 

  • Harvest helps in getting paid by tracking the billable time. Also allows you to create invoices instantly that you can send to the clients. 
  • You can plan the future using their forecasting functionality. 
  • You can also see if your projects are on a budget with a glance, so you know if it’s pivot before it gets too late. 

Remember The Milk 

The app is based on the promise of the situation when you run to the grocery store to buy milk, but end up buying everything instead of milk. 

It has expanded beyond the list for grocery shopping. And it is a helpful time management app that can keep you more updated. 

It’s a to-do list app that allows you to organize the tasks by using their color-coded tags. 

Apart from that, you can break your larger projects into subtasks. Here you can use Google Drive or Dropbox, and share the attached files with others as well. 

The app also sends reminders using text, email, IM, and Twitter. 

You can use the app for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and browser extensions. You can get their free version and also get paid ones. 

Why Consider Remembering The Milk? 

There are different points why Remember The Milk can be helpful, it includes : 

  • You can organize the lists which include multiple tasks and use the smart list feature for creating the new list based on search. 
  • You can stay connected when you are not available, as it offers offline sync to different devices.
  • With the help of the app, you can build a list with unlimited numbers. 


Todoist is task management as well as an organized app that helps you in staying on top of whatever you need to do. 

You can use the calendar view as it helps in getting a glance at what your week and month look ahead. 

Here you can add the daily habits, recurring tasks as well as deadlines, so it avoids doing it manually. The repeating task is put to the schedule every time. 

You can use color-coded for prioritization, and it helps you in getting the satisfaction of the progress of your work and task completion. 

Todoist is available for the browser to add ons, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac    

Why Consider a Todoist? 

Todoist offers you the option of getting the app for free as well as paid. 

Well before that, here is why you need to consider it : 

  • Todoist integrates with different apps so it gives you the opportunity to be on top of whatever you are doing. 
  • You can offload the tasks of yours as it you get the team delegation features from the todoist. 
  • They offer you several templates from which you can choose, so it saves you time from building it from scratch. 


Well, this one is a bookmarking app that helps you in saving the web content so you can visit it later. 

No matter how productive you feel, there are high chances of getting distracted by the articles you find interesting to read online. 

With Pocket, you can save the articles in one place, or if there is something interesting to watch, you can save it for later. 

This helps in keeping all interesting things in one place and helps you in focusing on work. 

You can stay unplugged and save the content related to your work. Apart from this, you can browse content within the app. It recommends the contents based on your preference. 

The app works with more than 1500 different apps, so you can find interesting things and save them in your free time. 

It’s available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android along with browser extensions. 

Why Consider The Pocket? 

The Pocket offers you the sign-up for free. You can also consider using the paid plan which allows access to more features with no ads. 

Here is how it’s helpful: 

  • Pocket is helpful in stopping you from getting distracted, as you can save your things for later and use them most of the time. 
  • With this, you can keep your day organized and separate the work time from your free and learning time. 
  • Pocket makes it easy to find more content that is new and interesting for your related interests. 


Well, this one is a unique time management app that can help in maximizing time better. 

You can play the music and have sounds that are soothing. Also, they are scientifically proven for boosting your productivity and focus. 

You can choose the playlist depending on what you do, for example, if you are a student or entrepreneur, or type of learning and worker. It can be creative and logical. 

Depending on this, you have a specific type of playlist having music that will put you in a flow state. 

You need to add some of the information regarding yourself as it will help in optimizing the music for you. So you can hit the play sit and start doing your work. 

Focus@will is available for Android and Mac. You can sign for an individual account or a team account. 

Why To Consider Focus@will? 

The app is different as compared to the rest of the time management app, well you can consider this one for : 

  • It offers you the complete customized options which depend on the productivity state, you can find the music and sound that helps in working you best. 
  • It has been confirmed by accident and has their studies conducted. 
  • You can use the app across different devices and it’s uninterrupted. 


This one is a flexible project management web application that helps in sorting the task and collaborating with teammates. 

Well, it gets easy to mess up when you have a lot of emails to deal with, or a confusing spreadsheet but with the help of Trello, you can visualize the project as a list pinned to the bulletin boards but in digital form. 

With each list here you make is called cards, It represents different things depending on what you are aiming for, it can be tasks or ideas and goals. 

If you have a team, they can also add the checklist, attachment, comments and do the custom labels to cards. 

It is available for Mac and Windows, iOS, and Android. Also, you get the free version. But if you want to have more features, you can get the upgrade plan to business class and enterprise account.

Why Do You Consider Trello? 

You can consider using Trello as there are different things you can consider : 

  • Trello offers you the fully customizable as they can be good for different businesses and it depends on their needs. 
  • Trello also helps in keeping more organized by consolidating to projects and also helps in keeping more team communication in one place. 
  • Trello also helps in making your projects much easier to follow so you can digest the entire workflows in one glance.


MyLifeOrganized is not just a to-do list and it’s more just that. Use this as your daily planner app which is easily dragged as well as drop, star, flag, and organize tasks. It’s all in the most elegant, simple, and interface. 

If you are dealing with big projects, this app can help in resting the subtasks in order to motivate and help in getting it done better. 

This one is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. There are different pricing options you get to have access to the paid features. 

Why Do You Consider MyLifeOrganized?

MyLifeOrganized offers you paid features which include smart lists, this helps in using for deadlines, prioritizations, and tasks.  Here are some of the points to consider : 

  • With this you can help in keeping your task organized, also instead of tracking the progress, you can use this for breaking the big projects into small steps.
  • You can add the new task without entering the app and it can take care of everything.
  • It can help in staying on the task across different devices. If you are having paid subscribers, you can also get cloud-based access. 


This one is an innovative time tracking as well as schedule app which helps you in keeping tabs on the projects, with this you can also organize your workweek much more efficiently. 

Timely also helps you in the workweek in advance. You can estimate the time that you need to get your daily tasks done. 

With this, you can track the time that you need to tackle the daily work, compared to the predictions, and plan the next schedule for better results.

This one is available for Mac and Windows, iOS and Androids along with the browser application. 

Why To Consider Timely?

You can get the paid solo plans, however before you do it, here are some of the points : 

  • Timely help in keeping you more on track and gives a realistic idea of how much your time will take to get it done. 
  • Timely also helps you in holding them accountable for the amount of time so you can set aside for work. 
  • Timely help in understanding how that workweek plays out for you and can plan for next time. 


RescueTime is an app for time tracking and recording how as well as where you are spending it online. 

The productivity app helps in analyzing what you do in a day, so you can know about the time you have spent on the websites. 

If you want to remove distractions in life and focus on getting to work faster, you can use the app for discovering exactly which behavior you are back. 

To help in reaching your goals, Also with premium, the app can help in blocking sites temporarily so you can reduce the chances of procrastinating. 

RescueTimes is available for Linux, Windows, Android, and OS X. Well, you can get the lite version for free but they have the paid versions for getting the access features in premium. 

Why Consider RescueTime?

RescueTime helps you in getting more aware of the time you spend and also knowing how to control it. 

Well apart from that, here are the points you can consider : 

  • RescueTime can help you to stop the time wasted with reminders for altering when you are spending too much time on certain tasks. 
  • With the app, you can understand how you can spend the day by getting the daily highlight and in-depth resorts.
  • Rescuetime also helps you in getting the stuff done much faster and finding better ways to organize better. 


The shift is a tool for desktops that has the main focus for helping the email be more organized. It’s helpful especially when you have multiple accounts. Not just that, it comes with integration with apps including Airbnb, Calendly, and Trello. 

Well, the idea here is to shift quickly from one account to another by using a single click. 

This helps in switching the account completely instead of logging out and logging back for each platform. 

Here you get the free version for the Mac computers, but if you want to get the upgrade features, you get the pro and advance like paid plans. 

Time Management Apps For Daily Life

Why Consider Shift?

The shift is helpful and keeps you sane if you need to switch from one account to another throughout the day. 

Well also you get the points to consider it : 

  • The shift is a reliable way that can help you in freeing up your inbox. Here you can spend less time on sending one email. 
  • The shift can help in focusing on tasks that you have in hand instead of jumping from one to another. 
  • It helps your team to be more organized and offers streamlined access to different tools as well as apps. 

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