“The Rudest Book Ever” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The Rudest Book Ever” by Shwetabh Gangwar lists out a set of principles for people to live by if they want to avoid all the unnecessary trauma they deal with. The author does not sugarcoat anything, he is straightforward and honest.

Here are some profound quotes from “The Rudest Book Ever”:

-Don’t assume that just because someone is older than you, that they have their lives all figured out. Everyone gets there in their in their own time.

-You need to accept the fact that rejections happen, that they are normal. Don’t take it to your heart, don’t try to figure out what that person is thinking. People are people, who knows goes in that mind of theirs.

-You don’t need everyone’s approval and assent all the time. Pursue something you are passionate about, find a purpose and work towards fulfilling that purpose for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

-Most people were at their happiest when they were young and carefree without any worry. Responsibilities and duties. They experimented with challenging the structure and indulging in activities with a reward system.

-Not all old men are wise. Think carefully while implementing any advice, don’t follow them blindly.

-Professionally, you become special because of your skills. You feel special when you have mastered yet another skill and are ready to upgrade again.

-More likely than not, one’s status overshadows one’s personal identity. Your status should not decide how you operate, rather you should decide what you should do with the status you have at your disposal.

-The people who have experience, positions and power are only sources to learn from. Observe their abilities and learn from them and after that leave them alone. Learn when to stop.

-People with an utter lack of self awareness make the highly dangerous assumption that they don’t need to learn anything because they think that they know everything there is to know.

-The people who dole out relationship advice and are dating gurus are the ones who are usually rejected the most which affects their egos.

-Nobody is born as an idiot or a genius. These attributes are developed over time with considerable efforts. Make sure you are putting in efforts in the right direction.

-Make yourself clear to people. People always underestimate the importance of clarity in situations. It saves you a lot of miscommunication and confusion.

-If you simply learn something line by line without using your own thinking and judgement then you are only imitating. Using your brain to study a situation will make it a fruitful exercise.

-More often than not the intelligent people are the ones who make decisions based on thinking and logic rather than on feelings. Inculcating the habit of thinking is how you ensure that you don’t mess up your life.

-Don’t rely on others to confirm that you are unique and special. If you do so then it means that you don’t truly believe that you deserve being special. Believe in your abilities and others will believe in you.

-You know most people don’t really care how you are doing. You have a lot of relationships in your life but only a few of then actually see you and care for you. Cherish then always.

-To the world you are like a product. You have hopes attached to you; hopes of a good career, personality, relationship and finances. The better you score on all these parameters the better product you are.

-Sometimes a person has to set aside his ego and learn how to open up and learn things.

-Children learn by absorbing their surroundings. They should be taught how to think on their own not what to think. 

-If you teach kids how to think then when presented with an alien concept, they will be curious about knowing more about it rather than just disregarding the idea as fake because they have been taught otherwise.

-A person who has been taught what to think will go about asking others for solutions for his problems rather than think of a plausible solution himself.                                                         

-People should take the responsibility of having a baby more seriously. A baby is not just sweet tiny thing that will change their lives, it is going to need a lot of attention and sacrifices.

-You need to find something which gives you satisfaction and connects with you at a deeper level. Many high achieving people hate their jobs. They have been equipped academically but the human connection is lost.

-Parents are not only responsible for helping you become a capable working person but they are also responsible for making you a capable and efficient thinker.

-You have a brain, so use it to minimize the troubles in your life not to roll about in your worries forever.

-You see specialness is something which is earned. You don’t get it by simply doing one great act. You have to persistently keep doing good.

-You have what it takes to achieve whatever you want. Put all your belief in this statement and you will find that you can get over any obstacle.

-Do the things you want to do for yourself. Find satisfaction in impressing yourself and not the whole world.

-All the things you do, even the small ones, impact the world in one way of the other. You must strive to become a better person so that you can do better for your loved ones and your surroundings.

-If I have to say it in one line: People are weird.

-It is not your job to understand everybody and adjust according to their needs. First you need to understand and take care of yourself.

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