“The New Psychology of Leadership” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The New Psychology of Leadership: Identity, Influence, and Power” by S. Alexander Haslam, Stephen D. Reicher, and Michael J. Platow is an inspirational book on leadership. This book studies the extent of issues relating to the process of leadership and briefs the readers about how to tackle these issues.

Here are some of the most important quotes from “The New Psychology Of Leadership”:

-Be aware of the significance of social identity, as it helps leaders know how they can utilize the idea by creating new identities in the organizations.

-It is very important for a leader to make his followers understand the value of diversity and impartiality.

-A leader must know how to make his followers feel enlightened and remain hopeful for the future.

-If a leader does not know ways to motivate others in order to make a difference in the world, he is not a true leader.

-Your virtues as a leader would not matter if you do not have a good bond or do not interact with your team members.

-If your performance level varies from task to task, it is very important for you to find out the reason behind this difference.

-A team member as a leader is much more successful in molding the identity and targets of a team than anyone who just directs people from the top.

-Knowing about leadership is very important but what is more important than that is knowing everything about followership.

-Leadership is partially about the skills of an individual and partially about the motivation you provide to other people.

-No matter what position you hold in a firm as a leader you have to make your team feel like they are your equals.

-Your followers are not beneath you, as a leader should feel like one of them. This helps you to tackle your problems together.

-You should try to become a friend of your members as well as their role model.

-You become a leader when you make people want to do things, it should not seem like a duty for them always.

-Leadership is something that helps you mold your skills, mindsets, and priorities.

-Sometimes people know that the highest position is unattainable but that should not stop you from becoming a leader.

-You are a leader only when you have a team. Focus on your team members, encourage them to go beyond their comfort zone.

-Forcing things, wrongfully inducing and raw power over your followers are a sign of failing at leadership.

-If you can motivate people to want to move in the right path, then they will pursue that even if the leader is absent.

-Instead of self-consumption, focus on self-rejuvenation because the later is more effective in the field of leadership.

-As a leader, you have to think ahead of your team in order to stay ahead of them and guide them.

-Your power of influencing other people is one of the fundamentals of leadership.

-Prepare yourself in such a manner that people will be pleased to listen to you and want you to become their leader.

-In case of leadership, there is a wide range of general and situational elements that impact on a leader’s capacity to influence others.

-What helps in decision making and reaching the desired goal is materializing one’s goals. It is a tool that leaders use in their lives

-The role of an innovative leader is to create a culturally safe space where others can get innovative ideas. 

-Leadership is not only an important part of society but it is also the main reason for any change that happens in our world.

-We carry some misconceptions regarding the practice and beliefs of leadership. Our main objective should be to clear these misconceptions.

-Working without enjoying does not produce leaders. It does not produce great organizations either.

-True leaders stand up for what is right and own up to their mistakes.

-Always explain to your teammates about their importance. Talk to them about how their contributions are important to the success and welfare of the whole organization.

-Personality is everything, it defines your work, gives you the power, and gives you the motivation to succeed.

-Idealise your leaders, do not make them your idol.

-True leadership makes you work on moderating, expanding, and concentrating on what is the importance of “we” in an organization.

-Have a perspective on how to handle a group and treat them in the right way.

-Do not become a partial performer because that will make you replaceable as your skills will remain incomplete.

–The real deal for any leader is to think of efficient ways to put up with the team and bring them together to work as a good team.

-Sometimes looking into your own history can give you great ideas, you do not have to look into others’ life to seek motivation.

-Power is one of the main recipes to look into the matters of leadership.

-Leadership is not about deriving consent it is rather about attaining the right kind of influence.

-Leaders should stay forth their group, but should never be so distant that in the end, they are out there all alone.

-Leaders are meant to lead us. It is very important to understand the essence of ‘us’ here.

-We realize our self-worth from the group we belong to. The group gives meaning to the leader’s self-worth.

-Power of leadership is better when it is shared among the organization. A single stakeholder of the power is not beneficial to everyone.

-Be fair to your followers, be honest to them about your opinions.

-Be a leader who provides the vision to others. If you are able to do so, you have won the battle. 

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