“The Making of a Leader” 65+ Inspiring Quotes

“The Making of a Leader: What Elite Sport Can Teach Us About Leadership, Management and Performance” by Tom Young is a very inspirational book on leadership.

Young here talks about how a leader handles and leads in situations of great pressure, it has some of the established sportspersons to talk about leadership.

famous quotes from “The Making Of A Leader”:

-The greatest quality a true leader can possess is never giving up, whatever the situation might be.

-Situations of pressure brings out your best. It shows your dedication as a leader.

-Your ability to handle situations at the time of need inspires others, makes them believe that even they can do it.

-You have to remain true to yourself and your values, these values make you what you are.

-Successfully managing things individually as well as for the team is a sign of a great leader.

-Stick to your principles. Your principles as a leader add value to your work and also to your personality.

-Remember, always be yourself no matter what. Believe in yourself and you will make a good leader.

-Encourage yourself and your team to give their best performance every single time.

-Inspire yourself, put in efforts, and see how positive results are guaranteed. 

-Sports is one of those fields of inspiration, which teach us about every aspect of our life. We not only learn about leadership but also team spirit, discipline, and how to handle hardships.

-To make it through a sports event you need two very important things, that are character and talent.

-Opportunities are limited for you, so buckle up and give your best and make that chance count.

-One on one conversation with a person who inspires you or a person who has something to teach you always proves its worth. You would never regret that experience.

-Another thing that sports teach is trusting in your team members. Show them that you have your trust in them and see them do wonders.

-Tough decisions can only be taken if you believe in your own philosophy and your confidence.

-Sports makes us believe that in which situations under pressure, a true and efficient knows how to make the best decisions.

-As a leader, your job is to take certain risks and make them work out so it becomes easy for your team members.

-If you can not inspire and influence people in the right direction, you can not become a leader.

-Your potential can do wonders, always believe this statement. It gives you a breakthrough to a new and impactful way of working.

-You have to try out your skills and decision-making procedure when the stakes are small and have low risks otherwise it might get you into trouble when you handle bigger roles.

-Always keep your intentions pure and strong in any form of relationship. Make people believe you, let them know that you do not have any hidden motives.

-It is very crucial to fix things up before they go out of your hand.

-The path to our goals becomes clearer when we get an understanding of how we recognize the world around us.

-Narrow your focus to achieve what you truly aimed at.

-Only visualizing goals does not make you achieve success, an action plan and motivation to accomplish it makes you achieve them.

-Empowerment comes to you when you have the ability to deal with tensity between the strength that brings security and adaptability that provides new opportunities.

-Your journey of leadership begins when you realize that everything has a high point and a low point.

-Try to figure out what it might be like inside the mind of an established leader. Get inspired by them and keep a thought process like them.

-Set your goals for the long term, discuss these goals with your team members and effectively work on it.

-Another thing we learn from these sports coaches is that we should fix our strategies and stick to these strategies.

-Your efforts, techniques, and certain rules are going to bring success and fame to you and that is a fact.

-Some of the lessons of leadership work everywhere, may it be sports or business management or life as a whole.

-Long-term efforts are going to bring you long-term success.

-The secret behind building a successful team is to understand and value every member of that particular team. Get to know your members as a leader, interact with them.

-One of the best ways to begin is by moving away from your comfort zone and quitting your old habits.

-It is okay to get some references when you are not sure where it is leading you to. We need people who see our efforts, who encourage and guide our early steps, and to pave the way.

-It is never inaccurate to seek an expert opinion. It is always beneficial to learn things from people who have experience in that field.

-The person we have wanted to have always been within us. All it requires is the identification and letting that person take the charge of your success.

-It is true that even after you attain success, you’ll learn a lot of things from your journey.

-Success is never a one-time thing. It will come to you every time when you have worked hard for it.

-Your practices and efforts will always pay off, they never go unnoticed. So do not ever give up in the middle of the process.

-It is not true that a true leader will have clear targets and a clear worked-out plan to attain success, but a true leader will always accept the challenges and take risks if necessary. 

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