“The Happy Mind” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The Happy Mind: A Simple Guide to Living a Happier Life Starting Today” is a self-help book written by Kevin Horsley.

The author provides help for all those who fail to recognize happiness in their life. He creates a fair platform and a fair set of rules to attain happiness in life while we are alive. 

Happy Mind Happy Life Quotes

-Happiness can escalate any time regardless of who you are or where do you belong to. Only if you are inclined to open your mind about being happy all the time. 

-Life is not being wealthy, glamorous, or intellectual. Life is about being healthy, happy, and compassionate. 

-Never strive for perfection, strive for the worth and value of the thing. 

-Don’t let the toxicity around you get your best. Let go of toxic attachments in your life. 

-To live and fulfill the purpose of your life it is important to be happy. 

-Root yourself deep into your inner peace that anybody’s presence or absence doesn’t disturb you. 

-Happiness is not an external occurrence that will traverse through your path. It is very much internal. It is about establishing your inner peace. 

-People generally believe that the jewel of happiness comes from materialistic things like adding things to a shopping cart or buying up luxury commodities. This economic happiness becomes never-ending once it starts.  

-While trying to find happiness in the objects and capitalistic things, you often end up losing yourself in the objects. 

-Money should be seen as the basic survival need in your life, not as the source of happiness. 

-The more you are attracted to gain power, the more you distant yourself from gaining true happiness. 

-You don’t need to go to the mountains or to the beaches to start your happiness.  It unveils itself when you start being grateful for what you have. 

-Life can be happy when you realize your worth and prioritize yourself. It can be a permanent feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment. It does not arrive by going to a significant adventurous place. It is very much within you. 

-The quest for being happy in life can be a tricky thing. It has a lot to do with taking possession of your mind. Be present at every moment, every day within yourself. 

-Happy people take things individually, think unusually and choose things differently. They mostly choose to stay positive in any kind of situation. 

-To stay happy, you need to enjoy the process of your journey, not just the outcome of it. 

-If you try to build your happiness on the things which are risky to lose again, you will never be happy. 

-A billion of small things, feelings, emotions yolk together to make a person feel happy. 

-You will make yourself a victim when you start finding happiness in your daily and basic needs. 

-Life is a series of good and bad things. It is a cycle of pure and evil. Happiness can be achieved by positively accepting the bad days and staying grounded on good days. 

-Happiness should be the pillar of strength for you on both good and bad days.

-True happiness always makes an individual independent and devoid of negative emotions. 

Best Happy Mind Happy Life Quotes

-The happy people also have bad days very often. But they chose not to be swayed away by the demon. They chose to see things positively. 

-You are not born with happiness or confidence. It is something which you work on yourself to achieve. 

-People who are happy are always open-minded concerning any kind of situation, and especially to the situation of misery. 

-To be happy, you should be equally aware that it is in your hands to make yourself happy. Your mind and your heart play a vital role in being happy. 

-Happy people are always happy to grasp the responsibilities. So to say, they don’t expect any incidents to shape their happy life. 

-The universe looks up to the person who always has a plan. 

-It is completely okay if you do not have any kind of plan right now. It is not an easy task to achieve a proper plan. Before starting the plan, you need to stay conscious of what you do in the moment or a day. 

-The purpose of your life should be to be grateful. Be Grateful for your senses, dear ones, and yourself. Gratitude leads to a perfect, happy place in your mind.

-Think very highly of your blessings and store them by writing in your gratitude list. Turn your every day into a special thanking day.

-It’s okay to feel low at times. Take some to rejuvenate within yourself. Take deep breathes or listen to that favorite song of yours. Make peace within yourself. 

-The experience of life is just a brief moment of elegance. So laugh more, live a bit more day by day. Stop worrying about the future. 

-Don’t entangle yourself within the joyless and monotonous schedule of your life. Include some fun activities to make it more interesting.  

-Question yourself from time to time. Change your schedule once you feel like you are getting a hold of it. Bring that newness in your life whenever you feel like your schedule is getting old. 

-Seize all the amazing moments of your life and recap those when you are having a bad day. It helps.

-Taking up conferences and meetings just for the sake of meetings is going to make you first on the unhappy list. Try to take meetings to fulfill your purpose or any purpose. 

-It seems very difficult to let go of the things you are used to or which are a part of your schedule. But remember that there is always a light after the dark tunnel. There will be more progress when you face your fears. 

-Toxic people tend to attract happy and content people all the time. For toxicity comes from ruining the happiness of others knowingly or unknowingly. Therefore don’t get attached to people very often. 

-Please expect yourself to get filthy, when you are present in between the cycle of toxic and dirty people. Ask yourself whether your actions are matching with the purpose of your life.

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