“The Coaching Habit” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More, and Change the Way You Lead Forever” by Michael Bungay Stanier is a very inspirational book on leadership. It emphasizes the importance of coaching as an essential component of leadership.

Here are some essential quotes from “The Coaching Habit”:

-Leadership comes with the technique of coaching. It is regarded as an important subject in the field of leadership.

-You might be receiving very productive coaching but what makes the difference is how you deliver it, how you coach other people.

-Your coaching technique must include the reality of your life.

-Never fear asking questions when you have a doubt. That is what gives in-depth knowledge you require in the specific subject.

-In today’s busy world you should be able to coach anyone in a very short period of time. Be time-efficient.

-An occasional and formal way of coaching seems wrong, instead of that coaching be a daily practice in an informal way.

-In order to be efficient in coaching you have to acknowledge and utilize the techniques of learning and using new habits in your life.

-One of the benefits of coaching includes that you do not have to work very hard and still have a great impact.

-Enhancing your coaching habit will help your team become more self-sufficient by building their independence and their capability.

-Everyone has a tendency of losing their encouragement and motivation to go ahead, but do 

not give at that moment it is just a test you need to pass.

-Do not lose your focus by getting overwhelmed. Keep your focus intact to make things work and create an impact on everyone.

-Your coaching ability lets you go out of your comfort zone and make things work out.

-Sometimes we get disconnected from work and the world, give it some time but do come back with a greater influence.

-Your potential can do wonders, always believe this statement. It gives you a breakthrough to a new and impactful way of working.

-Only having the knowledge and required elements for a certain thing is of no use. You have to act on it and make it happen.

-Try and distinguish between what is a lie or a myth and what is the actual advice you should be following. 

-It is good to ask more questions and it is also advisable to have a habit of telling less to people what they should or should not be doing.

-It is not mandatory that simple things always come easy.

-No matter how good your purpose is, we have to agree that it is very tough to change your old habits.

-There is a lot of information around us that mislead us and we can never figure that out, so it is advisable to be very careful.

-A motive, a provoke, a small habit, lots of practice and a plan are all you need to make a new habit.

-We might have this question at times that why do we need to change. The answer to this is that changes are required to yield better results from your performance.

-Your habits must be helpful to people you care about more than it helps you out.

-Figure out what provokes your old habits because that provocation might never let you change. 

-Always try to define something in a small and specific way, in that way you can convey what you want to and nobody gets bored of your long details.

-You can not complete a big action in one go. Instead of doing everything at once try doing smaller parts of the big action plan.

-Celebrate your success, you deserve it. You worked hard to achieve it so go ahead and celebrate.

-Durable systems build safety towards any kind of fail so that when something breaks down, the next step is to recover automatically. Make your habit a durable system.

-Always start with something that is easy. Take on those things and gradually see how they will increase.

-You build up resistance to different things as soon as you get new habits.

-Have the habit of breaking the ice. Try to start the conversation yourself.

-Coach for your and your team’s development and growth more than you coach for your performance.

-When you have a conversation with someone remember one thing, call them out to learn something and grow, rather than just getting things in order.

-Whenever you talk about someone, it is not them you are talking about. You talk about the bond you have with them and what role you have in that bond.

-If your patterns are not bringing out any modification, maybe it is time to modify these patterns.

-Ask questions to yourself too. Ask at times what you are doing? What do you think to do when everything fails? Do not worry, these answers will come to you and speak to you.

-When you are thinking of new ideas do not anything get to you and discourage you.

-When you seek the right answers to come up all you can do is ask the correct question.

-Do not attach a question mark when you are giving a piece of advice. It seems like you are doubting your own advice.

-Do not spend a long time and enormous effort on the wrong thing. It’s like you are the one pulling yourself back.

-Taking someone’s help when you require is not a bad thing to do.

-Keep your focus on the actual problem, not the first problem that comes in front of your eyes.

-It is of the utmost importance to fix things up before they go out of your hand.

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