65+ The 360 Degree Leader Quotes by John C. Maxwell

“The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization” by John C. Maxwell is an inspirational book on leadership. The book talks about the myths and challenges of leadership we usually believe and how to deal with them.

The 360 Degree Leader Quotes

-A leader is not necessarily from the top. If you want to lead, you can lead from any position.

-You do not need to be the main character to become a leader.

-A leader succeeds in his job when he is able to make an impact on people or his followers.

-Not every person understands what it implies to influence others in every direction, only a true leader is what it takes to make that happen.

-It is necessary to get along with everybody to be a good leader rather being productive is important. When you are productive you can encourage people in a positive way.

-Becoming a 360-degree leader becomes an easy job when you are willing to work on your existing skills and learn some new ones.

-As a leader, you have to acknowledge the importance of leading from every direction.

-If something worked out for another person, it is not necessary that it will work out for you too. Stop following patterns every time and try to stand out.

-Do not wait for a title, position, or label to make you realize your worth. If you have the capability of becoming a leader you do not need labels and positions to tell you that.

-As a potential leader you have to understand the dynamics of leadership properly.

Effective leadership occurs when you understand that leadership is a choice you make, not what position you hold.

-Before acquiring a leadership position you have to learn as much as possible about leadership.

-You have to try out your skills and decision-making procedure when the stakes are small and have low risks otherwise it might get you into trouble when you handle bigger roles.

-Your credibility is questioned when you are in a higher position and you make mistakes. So, it is advisable to make mistakes at the lower steps and learn from them.

The 360 Degree Leader Quotes

-Stop daydreaming and start adopting skills, habits and generate thinking of the person you want to become.

-You cannot wait to start your preparation when the opportunities come, you should be well prepared to grab the opportunity when it knocks at your door.

-People without leadership experience have overestimated the power of a leadership title.

-Never think of leadership as a reward that a very esteemed personality can give you. Leadership is no reward, you have to earn it.

-All a position provides you is a chance, it is you who makes good or bad use of that position. Leadership does not come with a position but the position can come with leadership.

-A sign that you are a good leader is when you think of the organization and what changes you can bring you to become a leader.

-Without becoming a leader it is very easy to estimate that you are going to gain control of everything but it is not true.

-Your position, your power cannot protect you if you are regarded as a bad leader.

-Do not assume that everything is easy on the other side, on the top position. Sometimes things come with their own set of problems and issues.

-Never ever forget the importance of influence in leadership.

-If you are seeking freedom from your job then you are not meant to become a leader. Leadership is a solution but it is not your key to freedom.

-Do not become a leader only because you fantasize about becoming one. Leadership is much more than fantasies.

-Your responsibilities increase when you grow and move forward, it is a sign of leadership.

-When you move upwards, the pressure build-up is a lot more than expected and the effect of your decision weighs more.

-You reach your potential way before you lead or before being at the top. Being at the topmost position does not bring you potential.

-Always make efforts to become better at what you do, do not strive to be at the top of your firm.

-Sometimes people know that the highest position is unattainable but that should not stop you from becoming a leader.

-Frustration and anger does not lead you anywhere, rather it becomes a barrier to your dreams.

-Your contributions and the battles you fight to make you what you are.

-Neither underestimate nor let others underestimate your goals and targets. Goals are never small or big for a person.

-The ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude is not a sign of a great leader.

-Leadership is a challenging task, so buckle up and face those challenges.

-No one has the right to restrict you when you want to reach your goal. Do not let anyone influence you or even restrict you.

-Navigate through the issues you face and come up with a solution but never just give up and go home.

-Always try to be an initiator but be careful of exceeding your boundaries.

-Understanding the environment around you as a leader and making changes accordingly makes you a good leader.

-Always stay informed about what you do. Half-informed people are bound to fail in their job.

-Be satisfied enough with yourself that you do not have to wait for others to come and give you credit for your work.

-Accepting that leadership is very stressful and not working in order to release that stress is one of the biggest mistakes one can make as a leader.

-The most important thing one has to realize is that a leader at the top is made responsible for the success or failure of the entire firm.

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