List Of 30 Best ‘Taking A Break’ Ideas

Taking breaks is now becoming crucial at workplaces, and many organizations are encouraging their employees to follow them.

The reasons are quite simple. Taking breaks helps you in boosting productivity. Your mind and body get the time to rest and reset for the next task.

According to the experts, taking breaks regardless of how low or short you are taking, it still has the same benefits and positive effects on your body as well as mind.

However, lots of people feel that even taking breaks, they are not achieving what they hoped for.

And that happens when you are taking the wrong kind of breaks. To know what break ideas can help you, keep reading the article!

But, Why Does Taking Breaks Seems So Difficult?

Taking breaks is important and most people are well aware of the benefits. Then what stops them?

You might also face such a situation when taking a break seems almost impossible. Well there are some personal reasons behind that, which includes :

You Are Too Busy

One of the most common reasons that people have for not taking breaks is having no time for that.

You have too much work that you are supposed to get done before the timeline. And you are late, so taking breaks seems like a waste of time for you.

People dismiss their breaks so they can get some of the work done. Well, in reality, it’s quite the opposite.

Even 5 minutes of break can help in boosting blood circulation and makes you more productive.

The reason is even if you are not at work, maybe it looks like your conscious mind is not thinking about it but your unconscious mind is active and continuously looking for the solution.

So you might have a situation where you waste hours to solve a problem but nothing happens.  Where taking a break helped you in finding the better solution and without taking too much time.

You Don’t Want To Disturb The Flow

It takes time, depending on person to person on how and when they start getting the flow while working.

You get so invested in work that you don’t even look at your clock. At such moments, it becomes really difficult to take a break.  The flow does feel really good.

But even though you have the flow,  your productivity does have its own diminishing time.  So even though you are inflow, your mind will still get tired.

The solution to this, instead of taking breaks like it’s some kind of rule. You can change the hours according to when you need it.

So when you are in flow, let yourself work. But when you feel like you need a break. Then go for it.

You Feel Guilty

That’s also a thing, and you might have faced such situations from time to time.  Well in different cultures, taking breaks is denoted as being lazy and someone who avoids the work.

Even though there are benefits of taking breaks, the continued nagging feeling disturbs your mind. And this causes guilt.

Reasoning with people might be tiring, but again taking breaks has proven benefits that should not be ignored.

You can convince more people to take breaks with you, or you can simply focus on yours.

You  Don’t Want To Lose Concentration

It gets frustrating when you finally build your focus and concentration, but you get something to disturb even a reminder of taking breaks.

Also, your mind takes around 30 minutes to build the same amount of concentration back.

So it’s obvious to feel scared and taking voluntary breaks seems like a bad idea to you. However, it is something you shouldn’t follow.

When you are taking voluntary breaks, you have freedom and control over time. Also, your brain can only focus for 20 to 45 minutes. And after the time get up, your mind starts to diminish the concertation

Also, continuity plays an important role.  Putting the habit of taking breaks into your life will make things easier for you.

List Best Take A Break From Work Ideas 

Regardless of what kind of work you do, maybe you’re a student or maybe an office worker,  there are different ways which can help you in enjoying your break.

Also, the idea improves the quality of your break so you feel actually satisfied and refreshed when you take the breaks instead of feeling like you wasted the time.

Here are some of the best ideas that you can consider for taking breaks.

1.Take A Bath

Taking a bath can help in calming the nervous system. Also reduces stress and anxiety which makes your body feel refreshed.

You can take a hot bath when you feel too tired. On top of that,  make it a luxury break for you by adding essential oils and scented candles around.

2. Listen To Favorite Songs

 Good music can help you in reducing depression,  elevating your mood, strengthening your memory, etc.

You can put on your favorite music and listen to them to get a stress-relieving break.

3. Light The Candle

There are some scented candles that help in reducing stress and anxiety. It includes lavender, cinnamon, and clary sage.

You can light the candles and enjoy the feeling, letting the scent make your head and body feel good.

4. Watch The Clouds

Cloud gazing is one of the excellent ways that connects you with nature. It helps in relieving the anxiety and stress that is caused by working too long.

Also, it boosts your imagination. The activity is fun, relaxing and allows you to notice all small yet important things around you.

5. Write Letter For Someone

It can be anyone, you can write a letter for yourself too. If not, write a letter to your family, friends, or someone who helped you when it was needed.

Put your gratitude in words and thank them for their help. It helps your mind to focus on the positive and happy side.

6. Learn Something New

What else do you like to do when you have time? Maybe you are into the creative side or building something.

Learning something new has its psychological effect. It gives a feeling of self-efficiency and competence.

7. Read The Books

There is a huge range of genres you can try, choose your favorite ones and take a break from reading pages.

You can fix how much you are going to read beforehand so you don’t get too invested which makes you skip the work.

8. Sit-In Nature

If you have a garden or place where you planted lots of plants, you can go there and sit.

If not then you can go to the nearest park you have. The point here is to let yourself connect with nature.

9.  Call Your Friends

Talking with your friend can give you an instant change of scenario. This is good for taking your mind off from work for a while.

However, it’s again one of the tasks that need to be made to make sure you don’t cross the time.

10. Take Deep Belly Breaths

Diaphragmatic breathing, also known as deep belly breaths, engages your diaphragm. It’s a dome-shaped sheet of muscle that you have at the bottom of the ribcage. Also, it’s a prime responsible for respiratory function.

So when you inhale, it helps the digraph contacts and moves it downward.

11. Write Your Journal

Journaling is a good stress reliever and an ideal option for breaks. You can write a journal; it helps in giving you clarity and better focus.

You can do a different type of journal, there are some of the famous ones right here :

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Dream Journal
  • Self Reflection Journal
  • Food Journal
  • Bullet journal

12. Eat Meal Without Getting Disturbed

Eat your food without getting distant, enjoy every taste and bite. Make sure you are eating slowly. If it helps,  you can use the music to make it more relaxing.

Eating your food slowly and in relation calms your mind. And also you get good digestion.

13.  Use Color Crayons

You might have used the crayons as kids? But what about now? Get some crayons for yourself and print out the different coloring sheets for yourself.

If you are creative, you can also make something for yourself.

14. Do Gentle Stretching

Sitting long is not good for your bones, also your muscles get too tense which causes soreness later.

You can find some good stretches for yourself on the internet. Choose some of the best ones that help you, and do it gently to keep yourself healthy while working.

15. Paint But Not On The Paper

Painting is like mediation for your mind. No doubt it gives your creative side a major boost.

But to get a fresh touch, you can use wood, glass, canvas, objects, metals, etc instead of paper for painting.

16. Groove On Your Favorite Music

You don’t have to be an amazing dancer, just put on the songs you like and do your dance.  It gives you nice stretching, but also the perfect solution to avoid the afternoon slump.

17.  Read & Watch Funny

Watching or reading something funny helps in evaluating your mind. It gives you a nice break by disconnecting you from work.

Also, you get the mind refreshment as laughing helps in reducing stress and anxiety.

18. Go On For Coffee Break

Instead of sitting all day, give yourself a break and visit your favorite coffee shop. Or you can set your coffee break at home.

Get your favorite blends, flavors, and snacks that you like. You can enjoy your break with your favorite coffee and aroma around it.

19. Pet Your Furry Friend

Do you have cats or dogs or maybe some other furry friends? Give your time and enjoy petting them.

It will bond you with them, also it will be a quick fix for your stressed day. Playing with a pet gives you happy feelings and vibes so it uplifts your mood.

20.  Visit The Market

Do you have a market around your locality? if yes then you can visit there and enjoy some time surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables

Do shopping if you want and it will give you a good walk as well.

21  Do Small Act Of Kindness

You can do a small act of kindness, maybe donate something you don’t use anymore to needy people.

Or you can offer a meal to someone who is hungry. Doing small acts like that even if you feel it’s nothing, but it will be a lot for those who are looking for help.

22. Go for a Bike Ride

If you are getting too distracted, it means your mind is beyond bored and stressed out. You can take your bike and go for the ride.

It will give you fresh air, also a nice exercise which energizes your brain and soul.

23. Unplug And Undo

Shut down whatever electronics you have, the point is to give yourself the time that does not include any kind of instruction.

Keep your items like your phone, tablet, and computer unplugged. Keep notifications off so you don’t get distracted. Spend the time in silence, without doing anything.

24.  Quite Your Monkey

When you are at work, you have a lot of things where you keep jumping from one thing to another.

It creates the state of the monkey mind which makes you feel restless and anxious. To calm yourself, you need to be aware of your thoughts.

Give yourself a few minutes, close your eyes and breathe.

25. Solve Something

Puzzles are good for the brain and concentration. Also, it gives a nice break for your mind and diverts your mind from the situation you’re in.

You can solve puzzles online, or get something from the market.

26. Treat YourSelf

Well, it might seem like a waste of time and something you shouldn’t do as it affects ‘ productivity’. However guilty pleasures are also important sometimes.

Instead of denying things that are getting oiled up and making you feel your wishes ignored,  take a break and treat yourself.

27. Say No

If you can’t do something or are unwilling to say yes, then start learning how to say no.

It can help you in declining things that waste your time and district.

Also, it’s not something you should feel guilty about. Saying no can help you in getting away from the headaches which are not yours.

28.  Little Procrastination Is Okay

Sometimes you can give in to your procrastination especially when you are in need of a good break.

Your body, brain, and emotions need a break from a pattern from time to time. It can make you feel refreshed and be more productive.

You can do things that you want to, or do nothing at all.

29. Find Something New

If you are feeling bored with the same things that keep happening, find something new. Maybe a hobby that you never thought of doing? Or you can drive somewhere, find a new locality or café?

This will add more excitement and finding something new will add one more thing to your list.

30.  Color Stuffs

Don’t stop yourself from coloring on paper, use different items and surfaces if you like. Create something, craft new items, and make it look colorful.

It helps in reducing stress and making things fun. Also, it’s good for a refreshing change and improving your creative side.

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