“Style Your Mind For Success” Book Summary + Lessons + Inspiring Quotes

“Style Your Mind For Success” by Cara Alwill Leyba is an inspirational book that assists women entrepreneurs, who have lost their enthusiasm to rekindle it.

It helps them modify their businesses by upgrading their thoughts and getting a hang of their mindset.

Here are some profound quotes from “Style Your Mind For Success”:

-Changing one’s energy and the vibe is the utmost important thing before any change in their lives or businesses.

-New ideas, as well as success, comes to you when you have a positive perspective and a strong aura.

-You have a lot to offer this world when you know your worth and have self-confidence.

-Self-development and reinvention of one’s self brings out their best version.

-You know you are at your best when your past failures, weaknesses, and wrong beliefs stop bothering you. That is the highest point of your own achievement.

-A person should never forget where he/she started from, but that fact should not be holding them back from growing and going one step forward.

-Try and differentiate between being obliging and being exploited. Not everyone deserves your energy and time, so choose wisely.

-If you want your business to bloom then be your true self without any embarrassment and never try to copy someone else.

-Success does not always come with people liking you. There always be people who are going to hate on you for being you no matter what you do.

-You run a business only if you are a professional. Eliminating personal issues, focusing on your job, and getting the job done is all that it takes to be a professional.

-Your reliability keeps you in the business. Always give your best performance.

-If you want to draw the attention of clients you have to learn to love yourself and your own life. 

-First step of becoming an exemplary entrepreneur is having a vision. A vision is what makes all the difference in your business.

-Remember one thing forever, that everything cannot be in your control. Things that are meant for you are coming to you.

-Inspire yourself by proclaiming your goals every day.

-Clearing out our negative thoughts and affirming positive ones helps to cope up with the stress.

-Be around those people who help you grow and reciprocate your energy.

-Cutting out people who are negatively impacting your life, always works out for your interest.

-Pay attention to everything around you. Keep your environment positive and inspiring.

-It is totally normal to feel stuck for a moment. It gives you the faith to move on.

-It is you and only you who can choose what is it that you want to become.

-You may ask others for their opinion but always believe in your instincts. Never lose your vision for someone else’s opinion.

-Overanalyzing and thinking too much can destroy your creativity and your self-confidence.

-Comparing yourself to others is not going to help you achieve your goals. No one but you is your only competitor.

-Your business thrives when you keep renovating things surrounding you from time to time.

-An individual is successful when he is clear with his intentions.

-Begin your day by organizing and setting your targets for the day. An organized start leads you to a fruitful ending.

-Be pleased with what you have got instead of focusing on what you could not. Gratitude lets you stay focused on your goal.

-The biggest impacts come from small changes. Sometimes, the tiniest changes are what make you successful.

-Successful women never do things out of desperation. 

-It is of no value if, is in the end, you do not feel powerful. Your efforts, accomplishments would not matter if you are not feeling the power.

-You will feel your power when you do not let your distractions hold you back. Clear out things that are interrupting you.

-Self-forgiveness is a sign of a strong-minded person.

-Change is not brought about by static people. You have to face difficulties and grow to become the person you have always wanted to be.

-Success always comes after multiple failures. All you need to do is accept it and learn from it.

-Life-changing things happen when you step out and make them happen, only thinking of it is not going to make them happen. 

-A person’s vulnerability and transparency defeat their insecurities in the business.

-Opening up and sharing with the world is a tough thing to do, but when you master it you see the actual power of it.

-The most valuable element in the business is the integrity that you gain. 

-For women in business, empowerment comes when you share your truth with the world. Regardless of the judgments and disliking, be truthful.

-You will sense the negativity in a person when your confidence makes them uncomfortable.

-People start believing in you when you believe in your honesty.

-Society does not decide if you succeeded or not. No one but you hold the power of deciding your success.

-Stand out by nurturing your mindset and not by merely following someone else.

-Redefine success, have a vision of your own. It is okay if your success differs from its traditional definition.

-Work on cultivating a more stable control and growth of your mindset. 

-Be proud of your journey, your ups and downs after all you made it to the end on your own.

-Believe in the power of confidence, it does all the wonders.

-The person we have wanted to have always been within us. All it requires is the identification and letting that person take the charge of your success.

-Clear out all the hindrances from your business as well as your life and start applying new success rituals. 

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