61+ Quotes On Smarter, Faster, Better

“Smarter, Faster, Better” by Charles Duhigg urges the readers to explore and improvise the choices we make in life. The book focuses on boosting the efficiency of our choices and thus ensuring increased productivity and ultimately better results.

Here are Quotes On Smarter, Faster, Better

-Choices are essentially experiments we make in life. Every choice we make leads to a different result.

-Choices decide the path we take. They can motivate us to move forward or urge us from taking any further action. They control the flow of our journey.

-“Good choices instill confidence in us. They provide us with a sense of control and endow our actions with a larger meaning.

-The sense of control inspires the people involved to work harder and push themselves to their limits. This increases their confidence and their willingness to provide more input.”

-Imagination is the key to good choices. Imagination widens our perspective. It provides us with a wide range of ideas upon which we can base our choices.

-Imagination increases our sensitivity. We start to notice small details which were ignored before and the multitude of changes they can bring.

-Tiny elements can bring deviations in our life, altering the results completely and the increase in sensitivity helps us notice these elements.

-Self-narration improves our memory and sensitivity. Practicing self-narration over a prolonged period of time can give us a near eidetic memory.

-Visualization of our imaginations boosts our sensitivity. It increases our focus, makes us less vulnerable to distractions, and helps us notice every single detail.

-A well-rounded script is necessary to tread an easy path. This makes it easier to predict the possible results and then make a choice appropriately.

-Motivation is necessary to produce exemplary results. The individuals concerned need to be assured that their opinions will be respected and their mistakes would not be scorn upon.

-Motivation can be accounted as a skill. Like reading and writing, motivation can be learned and even honed.

Self-motivation is one of the most effective strategies for continuous growth and the only requirement for practicing it is the need for the user to believe that he or she has complete authority over what he or she does.

-Creativity is just connecting old experiences and synthesizing them to create a brand new one.

-Creativity cannot be forced. It comes with experience, imagination, and the desire to create something new.

-The higher the goals, the greater the success, we attain. Our goals determine our choices. They determine the path we are willing to take and thus they determine the success we attain.

-Higher goals if combined with smart thinking and a well-rounded plan can help bring the impossible within reach.

-Absolute prediction of the future is impossible. No matter how efficient the person is, no one can predict the future with certainty.

Quotes On Smarter, Faster, Better

-The presence of variables in the future acts as an inhibitor for many to take risks or act based on predictions.

-The thirst for certainty and the fear of loss are great in humans. This limits the choices they make and thus limits the success they ultimately achieve.

-Actions should have a reason. When we start a new task, we should have asked ourselves ‘Why’ beforehand. An action without a reason often does not produce satisfactory results.

-Determination and focus is necessary for success. Determined people achieve more success. They work harder and their promptness in completing the assigned tasks is admirable.

-Determination and focus measure the personality of a person. A person should have a goal to pursue and they must work relentlessly to achieve it.

-The instinct for control is innate in humans. A sense of authority is needed to be successful in our endeavors. Humans get their job done as long as they feel they are in control.

-Productivity is all about making certain choices in different ways. The choices we make and the way we implement them shape the results.

-The choices we make, the goals we ignore, the partners we choose, and the community we build or affiliate with deciding whether we are truly productive or merely busy.

-Leaders should be charismatic while talking. But what they need the most is the ability to listen patiently.

-Frequent Interruption will create frustrations in the other parties involved and ultimately lead to disruption of the team.

-Leaders should encourage their subordinates to express their problems, guide them to act in a non-judgmental manner, and resolve any inner conflict that arises, through open discussion.

-Stretch goals and Smart goals are both required for success. Stretch goals are basically the dreams we hope to accomplish.

-Smart goals are the ones we set after a thorough study of our own abilities and weaknesses and the levels of difficulty we can face.

-A disciplined mindset and a thoroughly developed plan is necessary to materialize the stretch goal. We should have enough drive to turn a dream into an objective.

-Commitment is the password to profit. Companies with committed employees have profited shortly after establishment. Commitment reduces the chance of any internal rivalry or feud.

-Companies want candidates can tell stories. The talent for narration comes from imagination and good imagination directly increases productivity.

-Designs stem from imagination. A well-thought idea could be revolutionary and will set the standard and pave the way for future developments.

-The art of transferring knowledge from one industry to another is creativity.

-Creating from scratch may be extremely difficult but combining experiences to create something new and revolutionary is possible and that is true creativity.

-Completion of Short Term objectives will give us a sense of closure but will ultimately hamper our progress.

-A Well planned long-term objective should be the prize we yearn for. Our goal should be difficult enough by our standards to ensure improvement.

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